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Chapter 414: 414

The air suddenly became frosty, as if something was weighing on their minds . It was frigid and frightening . Ning Xueyan pulled at the corner of her sleeve with her hands, and then she became silent, together with the others .

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Ning Qingshan felt as if she was sitting on pins and needles . She felt a cold gaze falling on her, and the blood vessels all over her body seemed to have been constricted .

“Is she the co-consort you have chosen?” His decadent sound was pleasing, but it made people shiver for no reason, especially when he questioned Ning Qingshan . Ning Qingshan held the fan in her hand tightly, not daring to move . Beads of sweat appeared on her forehead . She did not think that it was unusual to lower her head, but now she felt so weighed down .

She wanted to see Ning Xueyan’s reaction, but it was hard for her to turn her head sideways .

“Yes, she is the co-consort my father chose for me,” Ao Mingyu answered, with a gentle smile on his face . Nobody noticed that he suddenly froze . He looked at Ning Qingshan, and there was a trace of killing intent in his eyes .

Every time he saw Ao Chenyi, he felt a tremendous psychological burden . It seemed that no matter where he went, he would always be the focus of attention . Even if he did not speak, he was still the center of attention . Just like when his father became the emperor, he rarely talked about the emperor’s younger brother, nor did he proclaim this in writing . But even so, everyone still knew that he was the emperor’s younger brother, the next emperor who had been chosen by the late emperor .

However, he, the real Prince, was embarrassed because of his identity . This was the shame of the current emperor’s sons . Therefore, as long as it was possible, he would take the throne back from Ao Chenyi…

“Come here and let me have a look at you . ” Ao Chenyi nodded and looked at Ning Qingshan coldly .

Ning Qingshan and everyone else had greeted him , but now he was asking her to go to him alone, with such a casual attitude . Ao Mingyu’s face did not change, but his hands in his sleeves were clenched, and the veins were bulging .

Ning Qingshan felt that she should have stood up and responded gracefully, but she could not help tensing up instead . She certainly knew Prince Yi . She had seen him from a distance at the party . However, he could kill without batting an eyelid, and was moody . She might get into big trouble if she was not careful .

She suppressed her fear, lowered her head, and came toward Ao Chenyi . She knelt and greeted him . Even though she had greeted him earlier she did not dare to greet him casually this time .

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It was rare to see Ning Qingshan being so staid . Ning Xueyan secretly glanced at him, and looked into his long and narrow eyes . Although his eyes were still cold, Ning Xueyan could see a trace of sarcasm in them . She lowered her head hurriedly . This man was good at making mischief .

“I heard that the Third Young Lady Ning is as beautiful as a flower . She is gentle, elegant, and filial . Please raise your head and let me have a look to see if the rumor is true,” Ao Chenyi said coldly .

Ning Qingshan held the fan tightly and raised her head stiffly . She also wanted to show her bravery so that the Third Prince would think highly of her . But it was good enough for her not to tremble when facing Prince Yi’s imposing manner . She had lived in the palace for a period of time and had seen the emperor . But now, she felt that Prince Yi was even more aggressive than the emperor .

She straightened her body to make herself appear natural and raised her head slightly, sitting quietly without looking sideways . It was already best to keep still . If she wanted to put on an act again, her cowardice would be evident .

“Well, you’re good-looking . Mingyu, she looks better than the two you gave me last time . ” Ao Chenyi’s long and narrow eyes fell on Ning Qingshan’s face . He seemed to look at her from head to toe, with some curiosity . Finally, he turned to Ao Mingyu, who was standing beside him, and said this .

Ao Mingyu’s eyes flashed with rage as Prince Yi compared the third Prince’s future co-consort to a dancing whore . From her perspective, Ning Xueyan could see that Ao Mingyu clenched his fists wiithin his drooping sleeves . But soon, he unclenched his fists, as if Ning Xueyan had been mistaken earlier .

Ao Mingwan sat on one side and seemed to be interested in the teacup in his hand . He was looking at the patterns on his cup intently . He looked repeatedly at it and did not seem to notice anything unusual .

Ning Lingyun was so scared that she did not dare to breathe . Ning Huaijing also lowered his head, so one could not see his facial expression . But at least, he looked his usual self .

“Yes, thank you for your praise, Uncle . ” Ao Mingyu had calmed down, ignoring the grievance on Ning Qingshan’s face, and said this lightly .

“Well, I should go . Mingyu and Mingwan, do you want to stay in the Lord Protector’s Manor for a while, or go back with me . ” Ao Chenyi stood up, with a faint smile in his dark eyes . He waved his wide sleeves, and the blooming Manjusaka seemed to come alive, revealing a kind of bloodthirsty evilness .

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He hardly seemed to notice that Ning Qingshan, the Third Prince’s co-consort-to-be, was still kneeling .

“I’ll go back with you . ”

“I’m willing to go back with you . ” The Third Prince and the Fourth Prince answered .

Seeing that they wanted to go back with him, Ao Chenyi nodded with satisfaction . He waved his wide sleeves and was about to go out, but stopped when he passed by Ning Xueyan . He turned his head to look at Ning Xueyan and said disapprovingly, “This pair of jade Ruyi Sceptre among the betrothal gifts is a gift from me to the consort . The servants sent it to the wrong place . I have to go to Lord Peace’s Manor now . ”

Ning Xueyan knew that he was talking to her, because he wanted to explain why he suddenly appeared in Lord Protector’s Manor today . Immediately, Ning Xueyan calmed down, lowered her head, and said lightly, “Yes!”

Seeing that he was about to leave, Ning Xueyan reminded him again, “Prince Yi, My Third Sister…”

“Oh, Third Young Lady, you can get up now!” Ao Chenyi seemed to have noticed only now that Ning Qingshan was still kneeling, so he waved his hand in a lazy but elegant way .

His cavalier attitude made Ning Qingshan feel like an ant . She bit her lip subconsciously . She had always thought that she was superior to others . If she did not need those in the Lord Protector’s Manor, she would not have to pretend to be so polite and compliant . Now, she was suppressed by Ao Chenyi and did not even dare to look at his eyes .

How could Ning Xueyan speak so quietly and even dare to remind the bloodthirsty childe? Why couldn’t she have done that? What’s more, she even needed Ning Xueyan to remind him that she was still kneeling . What would the Third Prince think of her? He would feel that she was timid and incompetent .

She could not be so useless .

She could not let the Third Prince look down on her, and she could not let Ning Xueyan, the bi*ch, surpass her . Both of them were co-consorts . In terms of status, she was not much lower than Ning Xueyan .

She gritted her teeth and raised her eyes, trying to look straight at Prince Yi . However, she could not help, but shiver the moment she raised her head . She could not control herself and let out a low cry .

She had secretly seen Prince Yi from a distance . She only felt that he was a very handsome young man, but was extremely grim . However, observing from a distance was not comparable to looking directly at him .

His facial features were extremely delicate . He was handsome and a little enchanting, but his looks were weird and grim . His long and narrow eyes were so profound that they seemed to absorb all the light, so people dared not look directly at him . Even if he did not say anything, Ning Qingshan felt stifled .

She could not help turning her head, and subconsciously clutched the fan in her hand . However, because she was too scared, she could not hold on to it firmly . With a hiss, the fan in her hand was torn apart . The beautiful face of the young lady on the fan was shredded from the middle, and showed an inexplicable sly expression .

Ning Qingshan had acted recklessly . She suddenly lowered her head and touched the ground with her forehead hard, and said in a trembling voice, “Prince Yi, please forgive me for my rudeness!”

“How dare you!” Ao Chenyi said casually . He looked at Ning Qingshan with dark eyes, lifted the corners of his mouth, and strode away . Ao Mingyu followed him and looked at Ning Qingshan, with anger in his eyes . He did not expect Ning Qingshan to be able to face up to Ao Chenyi, but at least she did not need to be in such a panicky state . She could not even hold her composure and even tore the fan in her hand .

She looked panic-stricken, which was even worse than Ning Lingyun, who had been trembling slightly beside her . She made him lose face in front of Ao Chenyi .

His gaze flickered and fell on Ning Xueyan, who stood at the side . Although she lowered her head and narrowed her eyes, she looked calm . Her eyes were full of complicated emotions . She might not have a good temperament, but at least she was able to face it calmly . Ao Chenyi’s words just now not only showed why he came to Lord Protector’s Manor, but also showed his contempt for Ning Xueyan .

He was taking back the betrothal gifts he had already given at will . He even said that he would send it to the Commandery Princess Xianyun of the Lord Peace’s Manor . No matter what it was, it was a great shame for a woman . She had calmly accepted the fact without any show of anger or grievance .

She was graceful and did not forget to remind Ao Chenyi about Ning Qingshan, who was kneeling at the side and had been ignored .

Even a man could not remain so calm in front of Ao Chenyi . No official could truly say that he was not afraid of Ao Chenyi and could be completely calm in front of him .

But a woman like her was ignored by Ao Chenyi . Not only was she isolated, but she had also been humiliated . The betrothal gifts sent to the Lord Protector’s Manor were taken back . He felt angry . How could he treat her like this? How could he put her in such an awkward situation?

Initially, he wondered if Ao Chenyi was interested in Ning Xueyan . Now, he felt aggrieved and angry for her . A woman like her deserved better, and he could have given it to her .

Ao Mingyu gritted his teeth and followed Ao Chenyi out, with a trace of gloom in his eyes . Ao Mingwan stopped at Ning Xueyan’s feet, ignored her, and walked out .

When the three masters left, a large crowd of people outside left with them . The pavilion suddenly quieted down .

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