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Published at 23rd of November 2018 08:15:44 AM

Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Rescued

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How did you know to come in my time of crisis?
As I was held by Wilhelm-sama’s sturdy body, questions ran in my heart .
It had not yet been a full day since I was taken away . No, I had lost consciousness on the way, so maybe a day had passed . But going by bodily sensations, it was the very day I was kidnapped .
And yet, there were dozens of knights at the back headed by Wilhelm-sama .


「Carol, are you alright? 」

「Y-Yes, I……」

Gently, Wilhelm-sama’s strong fingers touched my cheek .
It was the spot Robert struck earlier . It slightly hurt and was probably swollen .
Wilhelm-sama gritted his teeth .

「If only I had noticed sooner, you would not have suffered like this……」


「Carol, it is alright now . As long as you are with me, no one will harm Carol」

「T-Thank you very much……」

Being hugged by Wilhelm-sama like this made my heart pound .
It was as if the situation earlier where I could have been defiled by Robert was only a bad dream .
Wilhelm-sama coming to my rescue in my time of crisis, I wonder if it was alright to have this much happiness .

「S-Stop right there, Caro……h-haa!? 」

Then I heard Robert’s voice behind me .
It truly looked to be Robert’s miscalculation that everyone of the Order was lined up like this . I did not even know why they were here, either .
However .
Everyone of the Order—Wilhelm-sama, came to my rescue .

「It was you after all, Robert」

「H-How…did the Order……! 」

「You were trusted to change from your ways . Your conduct, which betrayed even Dukeridd and was left to your whole family, had been pardoned」

Robert stepped back . However, at Wilhelm-sama’s raised hand, everyone of the Order surrounded Robert .
As expected of everyone of the Order whose life companion was their training, Robert’s resistance would be futile .

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「Yes, sir! Carol! It is good you are okay! 」

「E-Elder brother……」

I was separated from Wilhelm-sama and was hugged by my elder brother .
Of course my brother would have been worried about me, too .
Despite the situation, I felt reluctant to part with Wilhelm-sama .


「Gu, w-why……? 」

「You raised your hand against Carol」


With a voice filled with rage, Wilhelm-sama approached Robert .
And strongly swung up his right arm .
It struck Robert’s cheek .

「Gwah……! 」

「Seriously reflect . There is no one left to protect you」

Amazing . Robert was flung away .
Wilhelm-sama, the knight captain, truly possessed incredible power .
But I am happy .
Wilhelm-sama was not just anyone .
Because he got angry that a hand was raised against me .

「Arrest him! 」

「Yes, sir! 」

Following Wilhelm-sama’s instructions, the knights restrained Robert .
Nonetheless, Wilhelm-sama’s single blow was extremely effective . With a purupuru, Robert was trembling like a newborn deer .
Perhaps he was not even conscious .
I watched as Robert was carried away by three knights .

「Investigate inside the manor . If there other collaborators, capture them as well」

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「Yes, sir! 」

With Wilhelm-sama’s instructions, the knights entered the manor .
I certainly had not considered it, but there was a possibility of there being conspirators . Since nobody appeared besides Robert, it did not cross my mind .
But Wilhelm-sama considered it, as expected .

「With this, we can be at ease . Carol, it is good that you are safe」

「Thank you very much, Wilhelm-sama」

「Good grief, when I heard Carol was kidnapped, my blood ran cold . Please do not make me worry like this anymore」

Wilhelm-sama’s strong hand stroked my head .
It was rough palm, but it was very comforting . I want to relish in it forever .
When that hand was released, I felt so disappointed .

Then .
Thwack, a hand from behind hit my head .

「Carol! How dare you make us worry! 」


「Geez! You didn’t come no matter how much time passed, so I got worried and went to check on you, and you were kidnapped! What an absent-minded idiot! 」

My head which was warmed and comforted by Wilhelm-sama’s palm was ruined .
But Zack had also been worried about me .

「Zack, do not say that . This case’s fault lies in Robert’s vice . You should not blame Carol」


「Still, it is true we were worried . So, from now on, you can tell me when Lady Natalia is on a day off . I will send an escort from the Order」

「I understand, Wilhelm-sama」

I was sincerely grateful for Wilhelm-sama’s kind offer .
Because I was still allowed to come to the Order from here on .
I thought, perhaps this time, I might be told not to come to the Chivalric Order anymore .

「Wa~a, but it is truly great you are safe, Carol . I wanted to show it to you, too . The Captain’s state when he heard Carol was kidnapped」

「Is that so? 」

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「O-Oi, Albert! 」

I truly felt regretful I made him worry that much about me .
Yet, my brother appeared to be having a lot of fun . Was Wilhelm-sama’s state that terrible?

「You see, the Captain summoned all off-duty troops, notified all those in patrol as well, and directed the entire army of the Order to search for Carol . A terrible abuse of authority, yes? 」

「My……is that so」

「That could only mean the Captain truly cares about Carol」

My .
That made me extremely happy .
Would my feelings be finally answered?

「Captain, there is no one else in the manor! 」

「There seems to be no collaborators other than the ones we captured earlier! 」

「I-I see . Alright, then, seize the evidence and withdraw」

「Yes sir! 」

It seemed the knights began preparations to return .
I was really grateful to all the knights who worked for my sake .
But there was not anything I could do in return .
If possible, I would like to express my gratitude .

「Now then, Carol . Let us return」

「Y-Yes, Wilhelm-sama……ouch! 」

「Hm, what is the matter? 」

When I tried to walk, my right foot hurt .
I must have sprained it somehow when I ran to the entrance hall .

「What’s this? Didn’t you twist your ankle」

「Please do not arbitrarily touch a lady’s foot, Zack」

「……No, you, a lady? 」

I chided Zack who touched my foot without permission .
Zack’s attitude lately seemed to be extremely sloppy .

「Well then, Carol, allow me to carry you on my back」

「T-That, Wilhelm-sama, such a thing! 」

「Then, I’ll do it」

「Zack should stay back! 」

「Woah, what’s this difference……」

I truly felt regretful for troubling Wilhelm-sama like this .
But with my foot like this, descending the mountain would be tough .
In that case, it might be best to accept Wilhelm-sama’s kind offer .

「Well……do not hesitate, Carol . Now, get on my back」

「Y-Yes . Well then……」

While enduring my aching foot, I would borrow Wilhelm-sama’s back .
It was a sturdy, wide back . Even if I lean all my weight into it, it seemed to accept everything .

「Then, let us return . Carol」

「Yes, Wilhelm-sama」

To Wilhelm-sama saying so over his shoulder, my heart thumped .
Wilhelm-sama was this close the day he rescued me, when I almost got kidnapped by ruffians back when I was seven .
At that time, I pretended to sleep and waited for Wilhelm-sama .
However .


「Hm? 」

I slightly leaned forward .
And, chu, kissed Wilhelm-sama’s cheek .

「Thank you very much, Wilhelm-sama」

「Wh……! H-Hm……! 」

My second kiss .
His beard really was a little prickly .

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