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Published at 10th of December 2016 11:01:23 PM

Chapter 18

The Other World’s Water is Really Unsuitable for the Skin!?

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Sea .

It is the mother of life, the birthplace, and the source . Seawater contains saline, that salt is necessary and indispensable to the life of humans . There seems to be a place that has a land without a sea that exchanges silver for the same weight of salt .


«Do you want to say anything to me?» (Andre)

“I made things without thinking well ……… . Please help ………” (Cias)


Andre and I say the complete same words as yesterday .

The room that was built first thing in the morning was a brand new kitchen .

In the sink, there are all kinds of seafood such as fish, shrimp, crab, squid, octopus, and creatures with unknown names . As well as tiny fingerlings that vigorously jump about in Paimon’s hands .

To explain why this situation has come to be, we have to go back in time a little bit .



Morning . It’s morning .

I have met the morning for the first time in my life . When thinking so, it is quite moving .

Crawling out from the fur that Paimon was burrowed in before, I look about the room .
It’s a digression, but the fur smells wonderful .

Empty . It’s nothing but a white room, but there is a degree of dreariness . Furniture such as the glass table, porcelain tableware, and the silver spoons and forks are inorganic substances that were able to be made easily . However, there was just nothing I could do about the bed .

Or if, in the same way as the school uniform, it is installed in the smartphone in advance, I might have managed to do it . However, without that, even if I try to prepare fibers of inorganic matter, unfortunately I do not seem to have knowledge of synthetic fibers .

Haa~……… Not to even say a bed, I at least want a futon .

It is because the stone floor is hard .

Because I slept on the stone floor, I stretch out some of the painful places and I say a greeting to Andre, which was placed on the folded uniform .


“Morning, Andre . ” (Cias)

«Good morning, master . During master’s sleep I had a lot of free time . From tomorrow on when I have free time, I want to sing a song to distract myself . » (Andre)

“You know a song?” (Cias)

«Boeー» (Andre)

“Why is it the jaian style!?” (Cias)

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(Darknari: what I could find out is that it is a festal lyrical poem)

«Voeeeeee!» (Andre)

“Hard rock!!” (Cias)


For some reason I get exhausted from the morning . Is it age? I am still 0 years old though……… .

For the time being, I see the results of what I did before I went to bed yesterday .


“Oh! It recovered nicely . ”


I chuckle when I see that my [MP] made a complete recovery .

[Fountain of Magic] can increase MP, additionally, it is possible to store it . And going by what god was saying, last night, I was able to store my MP .

Though the problem was recovery, thanks to the [Fountain of Magic] there is also the effect of increasing the amount of recovery, so there is a complete recovery after sleeping overnight .

With this the amount of MP that can be used is doubled .

Having gotten nothing but magic blessings from god, I want to be full of MP at all times .


“Alright . I will store about 1/5 again . ” (Cias)


While praying that the time to use this does not come if possible, I put on my folded school uniform .


“Good morning, Cias-sama, Andre . ” (Paimon)


Today as well, Paimon is innocence . I can be relieved .


“Morning, Paimon . ” (Cias)

«Good morning, Paimon . » (Andre)


Leaving the bedroom I bumped into Paimon who was leaving the living room .

The school uniform given to her yesterday suited her awfully well .

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Besides short hair, she has well-organized and dignified facial features, it was the charm of a crossdressing beauty .

Umm, unlike when I was wrapping the poncho or mantle like cloth, the body looks feminine .

Especially, the breasts .

B? C?

Although not very full, and not to be too self-asserting, it is not modest enough to say that it is said to be modest .

This is……… . Quite……… .


«Old man . » (Andre)

“I don’t understand any of that at all . I deny it, it is a false charge, I firmly protest . ” (Cias)


Good grief, as ever Andre is a troublesome guy .

Paimon has the dried meat and black bread in her hands .

Like yesterday, it seems that she is planning to prepare the meals . However, that dried meat and bread is insanely hard . It might be possible to restore them with hot water, or it could be eaten by dunking it in soup .


“I’m sorry, breakfast is not done yet . I will prepare it from now on . ” (Paimon)


So, while bowing apologetically, Paimon is about to leave .


“Ah, please wait for a moment . Andre, has the water already come here?” (Cias)


Our lifeline . The confirmation of the waterworks’ situation is assessed by Andre .


«Yes . It passed through the above ground part this morning . »(Andre)

“Oh!! Good, good, with this water can be used normally from today on!!” (Cias)


Yesterday, the smartphone made water for the use of the toilets and baths . This report is nothing but good news, as every single one of those is difficult .

Although it is supposed to be like that…


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«I hope that’s the case………» (Andre)


Andre’s words, I felt like it contains a dark laugh somewhere in there .



I decided to make the kitchen immediately .

I will freely use every single knowledge I have and make up a system kitchen as much as I can .

Refrigerator with a water attribute . Stove with a fire attribute . Ventilating fan with a wind attribute . In addition, there is special magic for the microwave . There is no electronics .

Space-time magic, rather than warming the ingredients, it returns it to a warm state, it is more of a superb performance than a microwave oven .

By the way, it is impossible to turn back the time for living things with space-time magic . Because only things without life can be returned, it is ineffectual for such things as reviving the dead and restoring youth .

With this and that, I get carried away with making it and the degree of risk becomes 5 .

In the entire dungeon, the kitchen has the highest degree of risk . Andre, again, said a complaint .

I also think I went overboard somewhat .


“Well then, first the water . ” (Cias)


I murmur, heading for the water supply . It’s fine as it is connected properly to the water supply .


The faucet made of silver is turned and water flowed out vigorously .
Success .

Since I was born, being able to master [Create] so smoothly, I thought I couldn’t until now, then *shaa* *shaaa* the water is flowing .

The flowing water flows as it is into the underground sewer system and into the reservoir pond . The organic matter in the sewage that is collected in the reservoir will be absorbed by the dungeon after a while .

However, since only soap, detergent and so on are left in the reservoir pond, things made by the smartphone are made to disappear automatically .


“Ha ha . How’s that, Andre . I am not always failing, you know?” (Cias)

«Is that so . I am looking forward to what you say after 5 minutes . » (Andre)

“It is amazing!! Water comes out!!” (Paimon)


This smartphone . Learn a little from the innocence of Paimon . She is a really adorable fellow with such sparkling eyes .


“Then, without delay . ” (Cias)


I slowly picked up a glass . Honestly, I’m thirsty .

Yesterday, the water that Paimon gave me was somewhat cloudy, so much so that I didn’t feel like gulping down the rest .

Water was poured to the brim into the glass .

I brought it to my mouth .



At that time…

From within the faucet…


I caught sight of a fingerling dashing out .

For an instant, my mind became pure white .

However, it is not possible to stop any longer . My lips are already touching the edge of the cup .

Why was the water that Paimon had cloudy? It is because it was not proper clean water .

According to her, it seems that boiling and disinfecting was properly done, but if it is not distilled, impurities will remain mixed into the water .

And now, why did a fish dash out from the faucet?

It is simple .




It’s still just seawater .


«Do you want to say anything to me?» (Andre)

“I made things without thinking well ……… . Please help ………” (Cias)


To the degree of my foolishness, I want to cry a little .

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