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The Empress' Livestream - Chapter 146

Published at 30th of June 2019 08:40:38 PM

Chapter 146

Normally, a person that was so disloyal, hopped to different jobs so much, and always took advantage of their old boss would be cast aside by the people . Yet, Qiguan Rang was highly valued by the current emperor .

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Gu Min had said before that Qiguan Rang was widely despised in history regardless of if it was military matters or as the current emperor’s advisor . His relationship with other people was terrible and his rise in the ranks was all due to the current emperor’s protection .

Liu She studied Qiguan Rang carefully, as though he was trying to look for something on his face .

Gu Min had created a mystery about the future emperor before her death . The Great Ancestor of the future emperor never had an empress, and the harem was empty as well . History had also stated that the emperor did not have a male consort, and yet, they had a daughter . The imperial mausoleum had an unknown male body .

This begged the question of who Jiang emperor’s father was .

Based on what Gu Min had said, it seemed that the later ages had made all sorts of guesses and theories about the man by the emperor’s side .

Qiguan Rang was among the top ten . The reason was that the current emperor trusted and protected him . It would have given him many benefits . He ended up dying a natural death, despite all the things he had done .

As long as one was disloyal once, they would never be able to break that image of themselves .

Many people found Qiguan Rang unloyal and would have tried to backstab him; yet, the current emperor had ordered everyone to shut up about it and it was written into history .

“The world is a big place . Other than me, who is worthy to be called the lord of justice?”

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Qiguan Rang had once said that “only a worthy lord deserved to rule,” and the emperor had said that only she was worthy to be a lord .

In other words, who would Qiguan Rang be loyal to other than her?

Liu She ran that thought through his mind a few times and found nothing out of the ordinary . He calmly replied, “Wenzheng? That’s a good name . ”

Good… his a**!

Qiguan Rang did not live up to his courtesy name (based on what Gu Min had said) . Where was the worthiness, compliance, remonstrate with one’s superior, or even the upright reputation?

Qiguan Rang had no idea about the turmoil going through Liu She’s mind .

“Be at ease . Gongcao and I are of the same rank, so you are my junior…” Liu She changed the topic . “Lanting had mentioned to me that Gongcao’s residence has a wonderful, younger man . I guess he meant Wenzheng . ”

Even though the man Qiguan Rang idolized seemed to be amiable and approachable, he felt like something was amiss .

He had some knowledge on things but Liu She had not tested or instructed him . The moment he met him, it was like Liu She had already seen through him . Liu She’s actions were sincere; it had not seemed as though he was feigning civility .

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Before Qiguan Rang could analyze things further, Liu She called the housekeeper over and asked what Jiang Pengji was doing .

Wei Yuan was very pleased and quickly said, “I still have some things to discuss with Zhongqing . Wenzheng, visit Lanting on my behalf . ”

As for what the discussion was about, only Wei Yuan and Liu She knew .

The current Dongqing was on the verge of collapse and there were still people leading befuddled lives . Wei Yuan was anxious and could only come to Liu She for some information . He had also wanted to check on Liu She’s connection to the Mengs . He still wanted revenge on Meng Liang .

“You’ve met my father?”

Qiguan Rang followed the housekeeper to Jiang Pengji’s study room . The moment he took a step in, he was floored by her lazy posture . She was leaning against a small desk and her hair was pulled back behind her head . She looked like she had just woken up . Beside her were stacks of books and bamboo scrolls haphazardly piled together .

“Yes . ”

Qiguan Rang walked forward and sat near her . The two had met only twice, but they felt at ease with one another .

Jiang Pengji straightened up and smiled . “How was it?”

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Qiguan Rang deliberately considered his words .

“Officer Liu is amiable . It doesn’t feel as hard to approach him about what rumors have gone around . I heard about how he had changed Xu County, so I thought he would be invasive, obstinate, or have some bold visions, but he’s actually very benevolent . ”

“And then?” Jiang Pengji asked .

Qiguan Rang smiled . “I think he should have some aides who are swift and ruthless in their actions . Based on my observations, officer Liu is too kind-hearted to be able to change Xu County . He would need some ruthless aides to take charge . ”

Both Qiguan Rang and Jiang Pengji were able to deduce how a person would react to a situation based on their temperament .

Xu County was a tough place . It needed a ruthless governor to weed out the bad seeds for life to grow .

Based on Liu She’s temperament, if he did not have any aides helping him, Jiang Pengji thought he would have chosen the more peaceful approach .

“Maybe . But I never heard about any aides from father, and he doesn’t talk about work at home . Tell me, what did he talk to you about? What was his expression?” Jiang Pengji made friends based on her instincts and judgement . Qiguan Rang was the same as her and thus, the two felt very at ease with each other . Because of that, Qiguan Rang’s impression of Jiang Pengji was much better .

He was quiet for awhile before he began to describe everything that had happened .

“That means that father was very satisfied and interested in you?”

Qiguan Rang’s expression turned self-deprecating .

He was very aware of his status . If Wei Yuan was not interested in having him as his son-in-law, he was just a regular folk from the border . Half of his blood was from the north of Xinjiang, which made his position in society awkward . When he was younger, he was ridiculed and despised for being a mixed blood .

He did not see himself as a lower class citizen, so would not accept it if others saw him that way .

“Lanting, you overestimate me . I’m just a regular folk, how could I get officer Liu to regard me favorably?”

“Then do you mean to say that you think you aren’t worthy of anything?” Jiang Pengji quickly replied .

Qiguan Rang choked on her words and wanted to reach for his fan before he realized he did not bring it .

“Even if those words I said are supposed to be humble, I would not really think of myself as worthless . ”

“Then what are you worried about? You’re worthy, so why can’t my father regard you favorably?”

Qiguan Rang was speechless .

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