The Empress' Livestream - Chapter 155

Published at 30th of June 2019 08:40:13 PM
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Chapter 155

Qiguan Rang’s fingers were covered by his sleeves and tapping his knees . He

leisurely closed his eyes as if he was taking a nap .
Jiang Pengji had been annoyed, but after listening to him further, she began to
reflect upon herself . As she contemplated, she suddenly recalled her teacher and
senior, also the Leading General of Corps Seven, coming to her .
The old general told her, “You are not my only student, nor my favorite, either . Still,
despite your ill temper, I understand you and chose you to be the next general . I trust
that you can become an ideal successor . You are the only one who can do it . ”
He had so much trust in her, but she disappointed him at last . Before that night, she
could not understand why she failed .
“The tactics to rule…” she mumbled, starting to understand something .
Perceiving her expressions, Qiguan Rang observed more attentively while he
remained in his indifferent pose . “Lanting, you should know what to hide and what to
reveal . Even the closest relationships and the most loyal hearts cannot bear the
weight of persisting secrets . Luckily, Xiaoyu seems unaware of your concealment
this time . ”
Xu Ke was perhaps too young or unsensitive in the aspect .
It was understandable for Jiang Pengji to make such a mistake . Qiguan Rang
appreciated her willingness to rectify herself . She was not the kind of langjuns who
never heeded to advice .
Xu Ke, too, was not a stubborn youngster that could not be changed . Although he
had just forgotten his position and had said something wrong, he was clever enough
to correct himself in time . Qiguan Rang believed he would play an indispensable role
for Jiang Pengji when the two had got along for more time . Xu Ke would accumulate
experience and grow into a mature, observant man .
As for Jiang Pengji, Qiguan Rang found her attitude even better than he had
assumed .
Jiang Pengji looked at him . “Why are you telling me this?”
He spoke the truth . “I thought you needed it . ”
Being a common officer did not require such skills, but he could see the ambitious
soul underneath her harmless appearance . She would need his advice .
After meeting various potential candidates, Qiguan Rang found Liu Xi the best option
for his future career . She was witty and observant . She could be generous at one

time and intimidating at another, depending on the circumstances . Still, the most
crucial requirement was not fulfilled…
Jiang Pengji rolled her eyes, but replied, “Thank you . I’ll invite you to our home for
dinner next time . ”
Her smile was frozen by Qiguan Rang’s response . He pointed out, “We’ve only met
recently, but I know you won’t invite me without a purpose . ”
“…” Since when had she become so uncreditable? Why was he so on guard?
She did not know that it was because of the poor military chief . Yet, she admitted he
was right to be alarmed . She did invite him for another reason .
So she said, “Well, it’s mainly to say thank you . ”
Qiguan Rang lazily turned his eyes and gave her a look as if to say, “I knew it . ”
“Then what’s the minor objective?”
After a moment of hesitation, she mentioned her plan . “Meng Liang is latching onto
me for my mother’s attention . He’s learned nothing all these years, but he is really
good at leading people astray . Do you think I should fall into his trap?”
Her statement roused Qiguan Rang’s sympathy for the teen . “What do you think?”

“Spoiled children like food, wine, women, or gambling . Cuisine and alcohol don’t
appeal to Meng Liang, but he won’t say no to women and games . He won’t take me
to brothels because Mother will notice the fragrance, so…”
“Gambling houses are the most likely?”
“Things will be much simpler then . ”
“Gambling houses are full of people from various backgrounds . Meng Hun won’t
miss the chance to kidnap Meng Liang . ”
Qiguan Rang was silent for Meng Hun . He could already guess what would follow .
Once Meng Liang brought her to gambling houses, where rumors flew, Meng Hun
would learn about it quickly and attempt to kidnap Meng Liang . In return for her
“kindness,” the military chief would let Jiang Pengji leave unharmed .
When she returned home as if nothing had happened and then ordered a girl to
leave in disguise as her “cousin,” no one could blame the Liu’s for Meng Liang’s
death . All fingers would be pointed at Meng Hun and his companions .
She could then meet Meng Hun again with another identity and persuade him to
make Meng Liang write a letter for grains from his house .

As soon as they received the grain, Jiang Pengji would “kill” Meng Hun and his team
and give them new identities . Meng Hun would be grateful for her help .
In the end, the whole story would appear to be the military chief murdering Meng
Liang, and the Liu’s would be irrelevant .
How pure her image would remain! Others would respect her for fighting kidnappers
and avenging Meng Liang’s death, while Meng Hun would do anything for her after
they were deemed safe .
Everyone would be deceived!
Qiguan Rang had never met someone as cunning as her, but her temperament
suited his taste . He could already see how the poor Meng Liang would die in her
scheme .
“I don’t care if Meng Liang dies; what’s important is the grain . How much do you
think I should ask for?”
Before Qiguan Rang replied, she heard ticking sounds from the computer . “System
upgrade completed!”