The Empress' Livestream - Chapter 214

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Chapter 214

Xu Ke said helplessly, “What you said is right, but this still cannot erase the risk you’ve taken . Though you didn’t get injured, it doesn’t mean what you’ve done is totally safe . I only hope that you will never be that rash anymore . Look before you leap . ”

Although it couldn’t be said that he knew much about Jiang Pengji, he still knew that his langjun was so unmanageable and it was futile to dissuade her .

If he didn’t get to the bottom of it at the moment and let it pass, however, he would know the consequences without a doubt .

“I know! I know! No matter what I do in the future, I will definitely think twice before I act . All right?”

Jiang Pengji readily promised Xu Ke with her two fingers pointing to the sky that she would think twice in the future as long as he would stop chattering and let it pass .

She was a typical kind of person who admitted her mistakes actively, while she never corrected them .

“Now, let’s talk about the deployment first…”

After a dry cough, Jiang Pengji promptly shifted the subject to avoid being caught out by Xu Ke . She didn’t know how to deal with motherly people like him .

Xu Ke sighed softly . He couldn’t do anything, after all .

Speaking of serious things, Xu Ke also turned severe . He carefully looked over the layout of the bandits’ village and came to a conclusion .

“The rambling layout indicates that these bandits are just a disorderly mob…”

Actually, most of the bandits who lived in the mountains near Hejian County were disorganized and undisciplined . With brute force and superiority in numbers, they burned, killed, and looted wherever they went . Unlike them who risked their lives every day, the defenseless, ordinary people were no match for them naturally .

Although Jiang Pengji had trained the small-scale troop for only one month, they were far better than the bandits concerning organization and discipline . All the armies had received preliminary systematic training, and there were some veterans brought by Meng Hun among them . Thus, even though they hadn’t killed people before, their cooperation and efficiency would be better than the bandits .

Jiang Pengji said, “That’s why we start with this village . Let these rookies practice their skills, then they will not suffer from their hands trembling when they chop off people’s heads later . Xiaoyu, don’t underestimate Hejian County by its size . It’s a place where many undiscovered talents gather . ”

Xu Ke focused all his mind on the deployment, and he sensed an implication in Jiang Pengji’s words .

“Langjun, you mean…?”

“As the saying goes, to achieve a goal, one should start with the easiest part . For us, to suppress the bandits, we need to start with the weak ones . Only in this way can our troops strengthen up,” Jiang Pengji said, “It shares the same theory with killing the monsters for an upgrade in games . I have searched the nearby bandit sites . There are more than one hundred, with nearly one hundred thousand bandits . The reason why the troops of Hejian County haven’t eradicated such a huge hidden danger is that it is beyond their ability . ”

Meng Hun was startled and responded, “Over one hundred villages? With nearly one hundred thousand bandits…”

How could the guards of Hejian County let such a huge hidden danger develop freely?

That was incredible .

Jiang Pengji pointed to the first rough cloth and said, “Look at these mountains . The steep and lofty mountains, as well as the dense forests, provide a natural amulet for them . Ordinary people would be thankful if they didn’t get lost, not to mention searching the terrain and finding the location of the bandit sites . Besides the complex terrain, another reason that the guards of Hejian County couldn’t do anything with the bandits is that the bandits share a great deal of information and insist on the principle of mutual benefits . ”

Once, the armies of Hejian County had been sent out to suppress the bandits, but only had found the bandits’ sites empty; they had all gone when they had gotten there .

Moreover, relying on their excellent understanding of the terrain, the bandits had caused Hejian County great losses with ambushes several times .

“How could they be so rampant?” Xu Ke looked over the brief drawings on the rough cloth carefully and said, “If so, we can’t let any one of the bandits flee . We should kill them out or capture all of them . Things will turn ticklish even one of them flee . ”

Jiang Pengji’s goal was not just to eradicate one bandit village; she intended to clean up all the bandits .

Other dens would be alert to the danger if they accidentally let any bandits flee . Then it would be difficult to take the next step .

“That’s true . We can’t underestimate any bandit villages even if they are still negligible now,” Jiang Pengji said seriously, “We can summon some of the bandits to surrender as appropriate, but put quality before quantity . Those bandits who are incorrigible or have committed felonies before should be killed without a doubt . There is no use to summon those kinds of people who will only bring down our troops . ”

Meng Hun and Xu Ke felt a killing intent when Jiang Pengji said that they should be killed without a doubt .

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Xu Ke had already known Jiang Pengji ‘s scheme for expanding the troops, so he only frowned at her actions without objection .

Unlike him, Meng Hun raised a sense of heroism .

He clenched his fists and praised Jiang Pengji . “Langjun, you have an admirable breadth of mind . ”

People’s idea at that time was to kill the bandits that had been caught as soon as possible . Otherwise, it would become a potential danger, just like warming a snake in their bosom .

But Jiang Pengji was willing to summon some of the bandits to surrender . Although it would be on a selective base, it was still regarded as an act of unnecessary mercy in the eyes of Meng Hun .

The audience in the live stream room felt that their values were entirely different from those of the streamer and her two subordinates .

Moshang Huakai Huanhuangui: “I thought Meng Hun and Xu Ke misunderstood the streamer . It is not about mercy . She lacks both money and people, and that’s why she chooses to suppress the bandits . Poor bandits! The bad luck just falls from the roof itself . Later, they will worry not only about their lives, but also about the destiny of working for the streamer for the rest of their lives . ”

Laosiji Lianmeng: “What’s horrible is not working for the streamer, but feeling grateful while working for her . ”

Cuteness Overloaded: “LOL . The above two comments are just osm!”

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Breeze-Like Words: “Hoo Hoo, that’s not a big deal! After eradicating the bandits, everything rummaged by them will also belong to the streamer . To be honest, it’s not easy for the bandits to survive because the wealth they saved through periling plunders will be plundered by other people eventually . ”

Jiang Pengji took a glance at the bullet screens in the live stream room and then went on talking about deployment with a bland expression .

The so-called discussion was just her listening to Xu Ke as well as Meng Hun’s complement her .

The action of suppressing the bandits was a practice not only for the troops but also for Xu Ke and Meng Hun .

After all, Meng Hun was a former captain of his family . He had led forces, attended wars, and suppressed bandits, which equaled him as an experienced soldier .

Compared with Meng Hun, Xu Ke was just a rookie . It was impossible to win a war without any experience, even if he was talented .

“…According to Langjun’s map, the bandits will be most likely try to escape from these three points . I suggest sending out three armies to ambush nearby these three points . Once any bandits escape, they could kill them directly with bows . Six bandits are patrolling near the entrance . We must kill them as quickly as possible to avoid alerting the other bandits…”