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Chapter 30

Chapter 30​ Oh, Hero from the South

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Behindthe mask of the hero called Ramone, Kinjou Yuuta protected the inhabitants of the island from the Santana .

Attaching a bracelet passed down by his ancestors onto his wrist, he was able to manipulate spirits, thus giving birth to the hero Ramone . He mastered the art of karate at a young age with the help of his grandfather .


The Santana stole the souls of humans . Yuuta learned that they have been attacking people and stealing their souls since the Ryukyu dynasty (EDN: The Ryukyu dynasty is the time when an independent kingdom unified and ruled Okinawa and nearby islands . Or so Wiki says) . Yuuta’s ancestors also protected the people of the island .

According to the legend, the Santana had stopped appearing after a certain time . Surely though, if they were to reappear, it would be disastrous to the people of Ryukyu .

Supposedly, the Santana’s activities ceased due to them having collected enough souls to sustain their base, Niraikanai (EDN: a mythical place in Ryukyun religion…says Wiki) .

The legend also predicted, however, that with the advance in human technology and science, Niraikanai would be found and disturbed . That would be the day the Santana would attack humans again .

Although now, it was the fault of the humans, Yuuta didn’t hesitate on taking them down . He pitied the Santana, but he lived a normal life – he had family, friends and a lover .  His only goal was to protect the society in which his loved ones lived in . For the Santana who threatened this, he had no choice but to stop them .

Yuuta knew that currently, the Santana’s base was temporary and that they needed to replenish the souls regularly .

He had noticed that the Santana could only increase until a number of ten from his previous battles with them since they were conserving energy .

Naturally though, the Santana did increase their numbers when they were below ten . He never found a day where their numbers decreased .

With the divine protection and guidance from the spirits of Ryukyu, Yuuta acquired the ability to determine the location if somebody was attacked . The Santana steals human souls . He detects them, protects civilians and defeats the Santana .


There were formally ten Santanas, but with his effort, he managed to reduce their numbers to six . They may try to repopulate, but he just defeated equally the amount of creatures born . This had always been the case .

But for some reason, they didn’t show themselves for a while . They also didn’t attack humans for their souls .


Without any signs of movement, Yuuta couldn’t detect the Santana . It’s good that they stopped attacking people, but without him taking them down, their numbers could significantly increase .

After all the trouble I went through to reduce their numbers? That’s not a laughing matter .

Yuuta was lost in his thoughts . He decided to investigate .

He was in the dark for quite a bit, but he managed to stumble upon some information .

He looked for news within the prefecture around the web, and found an article about the Santana being sighted .

{I saw them in the abandoned village near the cliff . }

He thought of ignoring this, but other people also relayed the same information .

{I saw them with my friend . }

{There should be a cave route leading to an underground area beneath the sea . }

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{According to rumors, that was apparently the Santana’s base . }


Those rumors weren’t only spread online . It was also well spread in the real world .

Okinawa isn’t a huge island, so rumors spread really fast . The online source also seems suspicious .

There’s no way I can trust this .

But, there’s no demerit in investigating it… And I can’t just leave that as it is .

The entrance beside the cliff was really hard to get into . A normal civilian would have trouble, but Yuuta got in easily .

He transformed and went in the cave .

(TLN: The word “transformed” surprised me quite a bit . I think he’s like a power ranger or something . We’ll see . )

At that moment he noticed .

The rumors appear to be true…


There was an ancient dark aura emitting from within the cave . The spirits were restless within .

This is the Santana’s base… .

Yuuta proceeded further .

In the end, I can only rely on myself . Now that I found their base, there’s no choice but to eliminate them completely . They are beings that shouldn’t exist in modern society . This is all for peace .


My grandmother always said [you’re too short tempered] but that’s what the real Yuuta would do .

Yuuta completely transformed into Ramone and proceeded to attack…


Dealing with the surprised Santana, he dealt a back blow to one of them .


A Santana was blown away spinning .

It was their leader that got blown away . It was still wearing the bracelet where souls were contained .

Due to the attack, the beads glowed brightly blue and got flew away . He realized that if you dealt enough damage, he was able to free a human’s soul . With his attack, he once again saved many souls .

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They were tougher than usual . They didn’t die from the fiery fist strike .


The Santana fired out water from their mouth towards him . They were stronger and more deadly than a normal rifle .


He managed to dodge it, but he grazed his left arm . He started running while enveloped in pain .

They’re one hell of a bunch…

There’s no way a Guardian could withstand them . Even the Organization of Metallica stationed in the island can’t do anything against them .

[You damn fish-men! Today, I’ll rip you to…]


The battle raged on for quite a while .

He kept fighting and struggled against them one after the other .

I’ll rip you apart no matter what happens, I’ll erase their faces off this planet . They are beings that shouldn’t have existed from the start .

Chop, punch, kick, grab, back kick, elbow, low kick, shove, and penetrate .

Yuuta kept repeating his karate techniques with the air of a man serving justice .


They shot their hard scales towards him .

I can’t be defeated here…

My fist are what protects the people of this island . They are the symbol of hope for them…

Ramone proceeded to attack their leader .


Mustering all of his power, he hit an underling hardly in the head . The head shot and got buried in the ground . Ramone created a small crater .

[…Haa…Haa…You’re all… that’s left…]


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Only one of them was left, and it was the Santana’s leader .

Yuuta was already covered in wounds, but he couldn’t afford to miss one of them .

Evil… Beasts that only lead society to the wrong path and end up destroying the world…need to be annihilated .


[I’m coming for you with the last of my strength!]

His fist burned fiercely .

I’ll gamble everything unto this strike . If I miss, I won’t have any power left . I’ll surely lose . But there’s no other option .

Borrowing the power of the spirits, mustering the courage to serve justice, his spirit burned with fire .

Focusing all of his power onto his fist, he leapt towards the leader .

[Kukko!! Ramone!!!]

The leader, in his own way, gathered his strength and attacked Ramone with full force .


One strike .

The fist that burned fiercely, which was Ramone’s ultimate move, was similar to the Justice Hammer Beetle had . Their attacks exploded .


[It’s finished… I win!]

Before the leader managed to hit Ramone, he side stepped and managed to hit the leader in full force at his chest .

Engulfed in flames, the leader got blown away, unable to get back up . Given a few minutes, he should burn throughout .

[I did it! I…really did it…!]

Yuuta was too tired from the attack . His legs were shaking . He ended up kneeling . He was at his limit . There was no strength left to even gather the power of the spirits .

But, it really didn’t matter . With this he won . The wretched Santana are now annihilated .

Ill rest my body… a bit… I’ll go home, and let grandma make goya chanpuru (EDN: Okinawan stir fry of bittermelon, tofu, egg and pork)… A bottle of beer would also be nice…

The hero Ramone was glad that the battle was over .


Clap clap clap clap .

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It was then he heard a mysterious sound from afar .

It seemed like an applause .

He was very far within the Santana’s base . There was no way other humans could get here . Therefore there was no way he could be hearing applauses .

Clap clap clap clap .

The sound didn’t stop .

[What the hell is happening…]

He tried to turn around but he was too weak . He managed to turn while still on his knees . He confirmed where the sound came from .

There .

A slender looking man was sarcastically applauding . Behind him were more men equipped with guns .

They were all wearing black . He recognized those costumes . He fought against them and saw them on T . V for a few times . He knows them .

[That was quite splendid Ramone . ]

The slender looking man called out to him .

Who the hell is this guy…?

He was apparently the leader of the group . Ramone saw his expression… He was grinning .

He had a huge grin on his face, but in Ramone’s eyes, he was a really cold blooded individual . His piercing eyes were enough to send shivers down his spine .

At the back of his mind, Yuuta already knew . The ones in black were evil beings .

But even without relying on his stock knowledge, he knew the slender looking man was incomparable to the others .

He was the embodiment of [Evil] .


[…Who are you guys…?! What do you want?!]

Yuuta tried to get up .

The slender looking man looked at him and called out .

[We are Metallica . A proud evil organization . Oh, hero from the south, this where you’ll meet your end . ]

The slender looking man proclaimed boldly .

As a master of karate and a spirit wielder, Kinjou Yuuta felt a kind of fear he never experienced before .

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