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Chapter 80

Chapter 80: Auland Empire

'The Whisper of the Demons' is the prelude to the 7 Trials of Eich, as well as the start of everything .


Along with the awakening of the Will of Chaos, the cults that worship the Malevolent Gods of Chaos as well as the servants of Demons will start to cause chaos and unease across the entire continent . Then, when all of the Ancient Elemental Gods would be released, the Elemental Tide will arrive . As a result, the entire world will change .


Other than an exponential increase in the amount of Elemental Lifeforms and Magical Beasts and the experts of every race and tribe coming out from their seclusion, it also increases the possibility of the Undead Emperors returning to the main continent from the Undead Dimensions . Even more so, the arrival of the Elemental Tide builds the foundation for the invasion of the Demonic army against the Main Dimension in the future .


At the same time, the idealists and the ambitious will start to make their moves . Among the group, those who bring about the greatest threat are those who desire to build their own country, the evil cultists who welcome the descend of the Malevolent Gods as well as the ambitious Underground City Lords who wish to return back to the Surface .


The prelude to this all has started not too long ago . Other than the unlucky fellow in the Underground World who was weakened to the brink of death and devoured the moment he was released, the other Elemental Gods will be released, bringing a large amount of Elemental Lifeforms to this world .


Of course, if it wasn't for the Epic mission that was brought by the plot of the prelude, I wouldn't be able to revive so perfectly .


Ten years later, when the next Trial, 'The Vulture of War', starts, under the movement of schemers and the ambitious, the entire continent would be plunged into chaos .


Then, the question would be what exactly happened in this ten years .


Firstly, it would be the appearance of young talents in each countries . The emergence of new equipment and new armies caused a frenzied increase in the military power of the countries, causing the nobles of large countries to be tempted by greed . At the same time, some organisations and individuals were fanning the flames of war by the side, such as the nephew of an Emperor being murdered by assassins bearing the name of some smaller countries, thus providing the spark for the large countries who were already craving for war .


Initially, the war only involved the annexation of smaller states by larger countries . But, as victories started to pile up, these countries started to fervently desire war . When endless greed and profits from war blinded the eyes of the Emperor and nobles, when the newly titled Knight Lords need to be given their own land, when the strength of these countries were growing stronger by the day, the Vulture of War was already circling the skies of the entire Human world .


In the end, it is just the maxim that extreme prosperity will lead to destruction being proved true once again . When the Surface society occupied mainly by the Humans develop to a certain point, the larger nations would crave to climb even higher . Perhaps, they wish to become the legendary Emperor whose name will be marked in history as the man who unified the entire Human society, or maybe they crave to become the dominant leader of an area . Even without schemers inciting them, the outbreak of war would have eventually happened .


To those who are standing at the pinnacle of the world, it is also about time for them to reap the fruits of their harvest as well . Thus, the Sacred War follows closely by the end of the war and the horns of war are blown once again .


The Great World War . When the large nations bring their subordinate states to initiate a full-blown war against others, there are even people who prophesied happily that after the war, a new Empire will sweep the entire continent, bringing the Human society to greater heights .


But then, cruel reality slapped these large countries in their face, telling them that this world isn't a one-player game among humans but a web game PK among different races .


The Elf Kingdoms will lead different tribes and rise up against the humans . Ignoring the common assaults of Beastman Tribes and such, the invasion of the Underground Alliance caused the human countries who are 100 times greater in terms of quantity to witness the sight of Gold-rank serving as cannon fodder, giant Dragons launching assaults one after another, Legends filling the entire battlefield and SemiGods roaming all about .


The Human army who outnumber their enemies by 100 times didn't even have the time to mock their large disparity in quantity of military forces when they experienced what suppression through individual abilities mean, what it means for an individual to be able to defeat a hundred, for ten to ward off an army of ten thousand, what it means for the command team to be wiped even before the start of war, what it means for an order of Knights to charge through the city walls .


Even a division chief might not be as powerful as a veteran soldier of the opposing force . This war was really hopeless for them . If it wasn't for the Underground Alliance Army falling into internal conflicts over the spoils of war, if it wasn't for the large countries sacrificing the interests of smaller countries without hesitation to exchange land for time through bringing temporary satisfaction to the Underground Alliance to make them fall into internal conflict and postponing the final battle as a result, the war would probably be long over .


Then, the Undead Calamity struck . Those ancient and perennial Undead SemiGods who were banished to foreign dimensions stepped onto the stage, making the humans even more aware of the pain of lacking top-tier powers and the ridiculousness of comparing quantity of cannon fodders against the army of the Undead Calamity .


As for the invasion of Demons and the last few trials, in reality, it is just adding a few additional knives into the tattered Eich Continent . It was already at the brink of death and would have died even if it was just left there .


Along with endless deaths, the war continued to intensify . By the time the Goddess of Order and Goddess of Chaos personally fought on the front line, everything came to an end .


Truthfully, every time I see this part of 'history', a feeling of helplessness arises from the depths of my heart, depleting all of my motivation . In the face of the overwhelming circumstances of history, my strength as an individual is negligible .


Prevent the outbreak of war? I am not that naive . However, those that I can do, I have done .


For example, under the will of the citizens of the Underground World, the invasion of the Surface cannot be avoided . However, with Liu Huang Mountain City leading the pack, at least we would have a larger say in decision-making and will not be on the passive end . As long as we settle it properly, there is still a possibility of cooperating together with the Surface against the Trials .


Also, the variable that I personally created, the Xiluo Empire, has served a bizarre purpose -- The Undead Catastrophe from the several Undead Dimensions has been brought forward .


Initially, it should begin only after seventy years and not at a maximum of thirty years from now that Decars informed me . For this, I should be thankful for the efforts of the Head of the Council of Dark Night, the Second Senator Feyland .


It is a bad thing though? No, it is actually good news .


As the Elemental Tide engulfs the world, it becomes easier and easier to connect dimensions together . It is impossible for the Undead Emperors who have been eyeing the main continent for a long time to not to come . Rather, if they were to arrive earlier, it would cause the internal conflict on Eich to end early, allowing the warring forces to band together against the powerful external forces .


Besides, to forcefully enter the Main Dimension during the beginning phase of the Elemental Tide, the powers of the Undead Emperors and their forces would take a hit . At the very least, the 3 Undead Emperors who have reached the level of true Gods would definitely be unable to enter . If so, the scale of the Undead Calamity would be much smaller than that depicted in history, thus bringing the possibility of dealing against them batch after batch .


So, I ordered the Royal Faction to make peace with Feyland and focus all of their efforts to make the invasion from the foreign dimensions occur as early as possible .


It would be best if it occurs before the invasion of the Underground World begins . That way, using cooperating against the Undeads as an excuse, it wouldn't be difficult for us to get the humans to give up a plot of land or to steal it from the hands of the Undead Calamity . Perhaps, after the war, both parties can achieve co-existence and accrue sufficient military power to deal with the troubles that would occur afterwards .


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Of course, this is assuming the best case scenario of the invasion of the Undead Calamity being brought forward . The worst case scenario is that we might not be able to even survive the Undead Calamity, causing an early loss in the game . On the other hand, if the Underground Alliance goes out of control or if an agreement with the Humans fails to go through, then facing the Undead Calamity and Underground Alliance simultaneously, we would also be crushed .


"Sigh, there are too many catastrophes in the future . Since there isn't much hope from the start, then I might as well try to make a last stand . "


Auland Empire . With a history of seven hundred years, it can considered the youngest of all superpower countries .


However, they aren't the weakest of the bunch . On the other hand, after a few generations of wise kings who made good decisions, the country became wealthy and powerful and there are vague signs that they may surpass the existing superpowers .


The capital, Kagersi City, is one of the greatest city in the entire Eich Continent and is built along a river . It is split into eight main districts and its population numbers almost ten million . Of the eight districts, the Pearl District has a population of three million and is known as the Nocturnal City .


If we had to describe Auland Empire, then 'extravagant' would probably be the most suitable adjective .


Also, the countless oil lamps along the river, the magic-powered searchlights, the luxurious carriages on the streets, the cruises and cargo ships on the river, the refined ladies dressed in elegant clothes strolling by the river and merchant parties who came from all around the world, all of these brings an astonishing amount of liveliness to this city .


Now that the inauguration ceremony of the new Emperor is by the corner, colorful flags and jewels are hung on the trees by the river, an especially expensive silk carpet is laid on the main street and even the gold-plated oil lamps along the road was powered by the expensive mermaid oil . While causing the visiting tourists to criticise the 'loaded host', they couldn't help to envy Auland Capital's wealthiness and strength .


The reason why this inauguration ceremony is made so grand isn't just for their reputation . Previously, having twenty-six subordinate states have already made it a big country . Now, if the number were to increase to forty-two subordinate states, the Auland Capital would be able to shake off its reputation as a political upstart and become an influential superpower in the entire world .


Of course, there are some people who doesn't wish for it to happen . Black water runs through his veins as he prepares to bring chaos and destruction .
TL: Idea of how black water flows in the blood of villains .


However, he is currently in a dilemma . After all, to meet someone from the same hometown in a foreign country is a rare joy in life . However, he really wants to pretend to be unacquainted with these old friends .
TL: Old friends -> finding a word for someone who originates from the same village, a bit milder than friends


"As expected of Pearl City, it really is extravagant . To think they even give free pearls to passers-by . "


"Stop talking so much nonsense and quickly take them!"


Alright, they are Gnome Yingou and Kabala, familiar faces from Liu Huang Mountain City . They have set their sights on the jewels that are used to decorate the trees . Despite being surrounded by onlookers who were pointing at them, criticising them, but they continued filling their shabby sack happily .


"Ohhhh, high quality mermaid oil . Such a waste . It would serve a much better purpose as an additive in my combustion material for me . " (Hoyle)

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He recognises the people in front of him, but he would rather not know them . Indeed, they have set forth for Auland Capital in hope for a great windfall through their gifts . Looking at the date, they should have long arrived . However, to be able to meet in such a big city without any prior appointments, in a way, it could be considered as a cursed fate .


"You thieving bastards! It is you lot again! You are robbing in daytime now?"


"What? Thief? What are you talking about? Aren't these put by the road for people to take?"


"Yeah, just because you said that it is yours doesn't mean it is yours . If you were to call out to it now, will it reply you?"


Alright, even as the Gnome Kabala shouts back confidently, his movements hadn't slowed in the least . Very quickly, he fills his sack to the brink and flees with it .


"Cough cough, don't escape . You bunch of bastards!"


These shameless experts from the Underground World had honed their agility through frequent clashes with the Liu Huang Mountain City Town Security, so it was impossible for those normal human security personnel to catch up with them . They panted heavily as they ran but the gap only widens .


"Come and chase us . "


"Haaa, days without the Town Security is really lonely, like a winter night . "


"Hah, I, Kabala, am unmatched now . . . ouch!"


Alright, Kabala, who was a famous expert at digging, slips and falls onto the muddy ground .


"Kabala, what happened, what happened? I told you that after digging a hole, you must fill it up! Is this retribution? Also, who was the one who threw that watermelon skin, such lack of social conscience . Kabala still owes old Hoyle 100,000 gold coins . If you accidentally killed him, are you all sure you all can pay for it?"
TL: Sounds weird but Hoyle is referring himself in a third person view .


Alright, the first part of the furious rant is still reasonable but it gradually gets twisted towards the end .


"It isn't 100,00, it’s a 100! It’s only 100! Besides, you shortie obviously cheated in cards last night, I won't even return you that 100 . "


Even when his forehead swelled up, Gnome Kabala struggles with all his might to use his index finger to point a '1' . He was afraid that this old Dwarf who doesn't have the slightest sense of shame would make use of this opportunity to push this gigantic debt onto him . Indeed, if Kabala really had 100,000 gold coins, he wouldn't have to go to the extent to dragging that shabby sack all around town to fill it with those decorations .

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TL: He pointed to one to show '1' hundred (one hundred) . What Hoyle said was '10' ten thousand (万)


Those are indeed jewels, but they were of low quality, so they aren’t really worth much money . Only Yingou, Kabala and the other Gnomes who view wealth as important as their life would do such a thing .


Alright, I can't stand watching on at such a sight . Apparently, there is someone who found such a sight even more unbearable than me .


"You bastards! Causing trouble even in other cities!"


"Town Security's big silly lass! How can this be? Didn't you all head to the South of the continent?"


"Damn it, there is also that mad dog!"


"Who is a mad dog! Don't come up with random nicknames for other people! Momo has a nice name . "


"Big silly lass? Alright, I understand . "


The two former Town Security members clench their fists and block them from the front and the back while the other few experts from the Hall of Judgement pressures them from the side . The three short fellows fall into despair .


"Don't hit my face!"


"Not the face!"


"You don't even want your face anymore, do you think it is possible for me to not hit it?"
TL: In Chinese, there is a phrase that literally translates to ‘throw face (diu lian)’’ which means shameful .


Now, even the onlookers were amused by this farce . Making use of this opportunity, I put on a silver mask and smiles as I approach the few security personnel who were watching the show .


"It is a pleasant night, gentlemen! Today's skyline is quite beautiful, isn't it? May I ask where is the embassy hall for East Mist Communal Country?"

Alright, clarifications a bit because some parts are unclear .

Elemental Tide is sort of like 'amount of mana' in the world though that is not exactly precise . For example, when the realm of Elemental Gods are connected to the world, 'mana' will flow in from their realm to the Main Dimension, causing an increase in mana . Also, due to less mana being in the world, more powerful beings are unable to descend onto the main dimension . For one, the portal between the Main Dimension and Undead Dimension wouldn't be as stable, so the amount of Undeads that can cross at a period of time is limited . (That is also what he means by being able to deal with the Undeads batch by batch)

Make a last stand -> The literal phrase used here is to treat (heal) a dead horse as though it is a living one . Meaning: Since it is already dead, so we might as well try everything to save it .