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Published at 27th of July 2017 09:42:53 PM

Chapter 3

Must Live for the Best

A familiar sound reminds Yu Ling Long the girl’s name .

“Xuan Cao, what’s up with you?” Yu Ling Long finally managed to broke free from her hug, after all getting hugged by someone who was wet shouldn’t be comfortable .

Xuan Cao was Yu Ling Long’s close maidservant, ever since she was small Xuan Cao followed her, she wasn’t really welcomed by Madam Mu when she first came to Yu Courtyard, she lived her days with nothing to eat and nothing to wear, it was Xuan Cao who had always stole food from the kitchen, only then could they barely lived their days .

Yu Ling Long knew, Xuan Cao was the only one who was actually nice to her in the whole courtyard .

Hearing from other people about Madam Mu planning to drug Yu Ling Long, Xuan Cao was worried and waited in the heavy rain outside for the whole night, then only can she see Yu Ling Long .

“Miss, wuuuu(Crying) ——” Having seen the unharmed miss, Xuan Cao was happy enough to cry so much that she couldn’t say anything else .

Seeing this delicate girl crying for her sake, Yu Ling Long couldn’t help but to feel compassionate . This girl might not know yet, the real miss that she once knew was already gone, instead what came was her who came from the future .

“Do not cry, look at your clothes all wet, go change . ” She wasn’t really used to say something nice as this, her tone couldn’t help but feel off .

Xuan Cao stopped her own tears, looking up to Yu Ling Long, while looking at her, she froze up .

Miss, something doesn’t feel the same……

Xuan Cao who grown up with Yu Ling Long ever since they were small was aware that something is different . Usually, after a big disaster, Miss would already have hugged her and cry with her, but now, Xuan Cao looking at her calm and cold face of the alienated miss, she suddenly felt unfamiliar with her .

Her expression, Xuan Cao had never ever seen it .

Maybe miss was shocked, changing who she was?

Yu Ling Long was obviously ignoring Xuan Cao’s detective eyes, she looked around the room, just by looking around, she knew that this it was the most remote place in the courtyard, if she really had died here, there might be no one in years to come here and discover and take away her corpse .

This Madam Mu, isn’t generally heartless . Just to cure her own daughter, she was willing to sacrifice another life .

But unluckily she happened to be the Yu Courtyard’s concubine’s child, she still had to live under Madam Mu’s hand in the future, having reminded her identity is still her illegitimate daughter, Yu Ling Long was able to easily make a conclusion: Her path as an ancient concubine’s child would be filled with hardships and suffering .

Yu Ling Long’s bright red mouth made a cold smile, this is great, she just loves having to live challenging lives!

Ignoring Xuan Cao’s surprising look, Yu Ling Long went outside the room, not looking back while saying: “If you don’t want to be bitten by scorpions, you should hurry and come out!” .

Xuan Cao was too worried about Yu Ling Long’s state, she did not realize a group of scorpions was coming, when she was aware, she was aware that the ground was filled with danger, she screamed, quickly running out of the room .

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This was Yu Ling Long’s first night ever since coming from the future, she thought that lying down on a stiff and cold wooden bed would be hard to sleep on, but she actually slept soundly immediately after lying down on the pillow .

In her dream, she was back inside the narrow tunnel, but only this time she was walking in the opposite direction, it was the same hazy light, when she was getting closer to the light, her heart was jumping faster, her subconscious seems to know, the other side of the light, had what kind of scene……

“……Meizi, I will always love you……” a very familiar voice, as usual, it was saying sweet nothings, kissing her lightly and heavily, all over her body .

In distraught, she isn’t the all-powerful mighty gang community’s big sister anymore, she is nothing more but an ordinary woman now, a happy woman .

That’s right, any more awesome a woman can be, being in front of the man you love are all the same, they would be very gentle, similarly, anymore shrewd a woman can be, in front of love, are all the same, they would be blind to it .

“…… Leave the business to me, just be my obedient wife, be a happy woman……” a comfortable and gentle voice, made her feel very happy .

Yes, it was that day, she gave away all the industrial companies that she once owned to him, leaving him to handle everything, she even prepared a huge buffet, first it was to announce that she had retired, secondly, it was also to set up her status in the gang community .

“Darling…… you are so nice……”

Before finishing her sentence, she suddenly realized a cold pain was felt from her left chest!

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she pushed away his hug subconsciously, she looked down surprisingly, only to see a knife that was stabbed into her heart!


She couldn’t believe what she saw in front of her, as she was dizzy, she only felt that everything in front of him was a pitch black, her warm and soft quilt could also become so heavy and cold .

Before her will was dispersed, she only saw his cold smile .

“Yu Mei, thank you for working hard for me! Right now, I can finally be with my one and only true love justifiably . ”

He was actually using her!

From the start until the end, she was only living under her lies!

He cheated her feelings for him, taking away everything from her, in the end, he even tried to take away her life!

Filled with anger that was about to burst, she can only hate her without being able to do anything while her soul wits away……

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“Ah——” she got up slowly, cold sweat, was already soaked into her clothes .

So it was like this, it was actually like this!

Inside the darkness, her deep eyes blinking into the faint coldness . She actually trusted that man, that cunning man!

“Miss, what happened!” The old curtains were lifted up, revealing the panicking Xuan Cao’s face .

The dripping sound of the rain from outside the window pulled her back to reality, at this moment, she wasn’t the big sister of the gang community anymore, she was now the concubine’s not the favourable child of this ancient era, Yu Ling Long . Someone helpless, a woman who can’t even solve problems of basic necessities!

Looking at the dim sunlight that was entering through the window, Yu Ling Long actually smiled, even inside the dim sunlight, as always her smile was bright .

“Miss…… . ” Xuan Cao was really scared by Yu Ling Long, ever since escaping from the room that was filled with scorpions, she doesn’t recognize miss anymore .

Such as the moment where she smiled confidently, it was something that the miss never had before .

Yu Ling Long lied down slowly, a pair of cold and deep eyes staring at the ceiling, it was as if she was thinking a new scenery .

“Starting tomorrow, we would have good lives to live . ”

Since God had set up a new life for her, whether it was a goodwill arrangement, or it was filled with malicious intent or a joke, She Yu Ling Long, will accept the identity she has now, she must live well, live it to the fullest, and also live an awesome life .

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