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Chapter 172

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To be honest, she did not want to bother about these matters . But as a member of Changjing Kingdom, she had to deal with such problems .

If she allowed the matters to escalate, even her kin in Hua’s Mansion would get implicated .

“Let’s go back to the capital after daybreak,” Yun Shimo said quietly . He walked over and put his hands into Hua Qiyue’s basin, rinsing them . His hands were as fair as in the past .

Hua Qiyue gave him a jealous glance . This guy’s hands were even prettier than a woman’s . They made her so jealous!

Hua Qiyue said no more . She went directly into her room . She wanted to pack up and return to the capital at once .

Besides, there was nothing here for her . She could leave the mess to be dealt with by the Crown Prince and his men .

Hua Qiyue swiftly packed her clothes . Someone knocked on her door . She turned back and saw a dashing man standing outside, watching her quietly .

“Going back now?”

“Yes . I don’t wish to stay,” Hua Qiyue replied quietly . The scene which the hare spoke about materialized in her mind . He had even allowed the Princess to hug him naked . If the matter leaked out, it would…

Although she bore some grievance in her heart, this man was certainly a chick magnet . If a woman did not attract his liking, she would come after Hua Qiyue, raving and provoking her .

“Well, did the hare tell you anything?” Yun Shimo was not pleased with Hua Qiyue’s cold attitude . He knew that it was the hare’s fault .

“Yes, it did . ” Hua Qiyue did not wish to lie . “After the Princess returns to the capital, she will not let the matter rest . You’d better think about how to deal with her . ”

She was neither enraged nor surprised . She dealt with it with indifference . She made Yun Shimo suddenly feel quite apprehensive .

After all, Changjing Kingdom had always advocated for strict non-intimacy between the sexes . He had been so intimate with the Princess . She would probably not let him off lightly .

“I have my plans . ”

“Haha, lass, are you leaving now?” The hare suddenly appeared on the window-sill, crouching lazily there .

Seeing the hare, Yun Shimo’s face turned black . “Sir, were you such a nosy parker in the past? It must be why they trapped you in the Death Tactical Deployment!”

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The hare heard him and started to narrow its reddish eyes . Then, it gave a yawn .

It pretended not to hear, continuing to crouch lazily there .

After Hua Qiyue packed her clothes, she took her bundle and left for the outside . Yun Shimo followed silently behind her . He knew she was feeling awful and did not say more .

The Crown Prince and the others were outside giving orders to the villagers, getting them to clear the mess at the village entrance . When he saw Hua Qiyue walk out with her bundle, he asked, “Qiyue, are you leaving now?”

Huangfu Shenglin’s eyes were full of tenderness . When he saw Yun Shimo, however, the light in his eyes dimmed .

“Yes . I don’t really feel good . Perhaps something’s happened in the capital, so I must hurry back . The evil beast was killed . There’s nothing left for me to do . ” Hua Qiyue smiled, her radiant smile resembling a summer flower, making Yun Shimo feel quite aggrieved .

She was actually smiling so radiantly at the others . Yet his expression was so cold…

“Take care along the way . I will look you up after I return to the palace,” Huangfu Shenglin said gently . “I have to thank you this time . If it weren’t for you and Prince Nan, we would have all died under the claws of that evil beast . ”

“Your Highness is too polite . I take my leave!” Hua Qiyue smiled . Then she executed Mourning Steps and instantly vanished from the company’s sight . Yun Shimo also disappeared, following closely after her, together with the silent hare .

Huangfu Shenglin’s eyes were downcast . Although he did not love Hua Qiyue that much, the woman was much more powerful than he was in Qi Art . He could not take it lying down .

He thought that this time, he would have time alone with Hua Qiyue, which could help them develop feelings . But Hua Qiyue did not open her heart to him . He did not have time to get close to her because of Yun Shimo’s presence .

Forget it . Leave everything to fate!

If she was an ordinary woman, Huangfu Shenglin believed he would certainly overcome her . But she was not . He could only let nature take its course .


While Hua Qiyue was traveling, Tianci was in the yard practicing Qi Art . Caining and Caiqing were by his side, giving him pointers .

“Young master, rest first . You’ve been training for a long time . ” Caiqing saw Tianci’s sweaty forehead and his heart ached somewhat .

Caining and Caiqing had been in Hua’s Mansion for a long time . They had developed feelings for everyone and everything there .

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So, they had treated Tianci with true sincerity .

Tianci wiped his forehead and started to nod and grin . “Brother Caiqing, I want to eat a watermelon!”

“Alright . I’ll get Sister Youshui to bring you one . ” Caiqing answered . He quickly walked out of the courtyard and found Youshui and the other maids preparing lunch in the kitchen .

Tianci was sitting by the side, resting . Caining suddenly discovered someone loitering suspiciously outside the yard . He bellowed and the person slipped away noiselessly .

Caining felt something was amiss and immediately ran after that person . There was only Tianci left sitting in the yard . He stretched out his hand, grabbed a peach and started to munch .

Suddenly, Tianci widened his eyes . He saw someone flash across the sky .

The person was in a fluttering white robe, with a face almost identical to Hua Qiyue’s . Tianci stood up in joy . “Mom… mom’s back? But why did she just flash past? Was she running after something? I heard that she was out killing an evil beast . Is the beast hiding here in the capital?”

Tianci raced out quickly with his peach . He was afraid the people in the courtyard would restrict his movements outside, so he took a detour to the backyard . He left Hua’s Mansion without alerting anyone .

He went after the white figure which had disappeared . He wanted to see Hua Qiyue as soon as possible .

When he raced into the bustling streets of the capital, he met with Princess Qianyang’s imperial carriage . Princess Qianyang was in the carriage . Layers of thin gauze were hanging down from the carriage canopy at an angle, fluttering with the rocking carriage .

Tianci immediately saw a woman in white bound by Princess Qianyang’s side . And that woman was Hua Qiyue!

Tianci was shocked . He did not expect his mother to be bound since she was so powerful . He could not help but cry out, “Mom!”

He stepped out without saying anything, a Spiritual sword in his hand . He got up the horse fiercely and stabbed at the Princess .

“Bold little thief . How dare you assassinate Her Highness!”

“There’s an assassin here! Take him down, quick!”

The Princess’s guards were astonished . After all, she had just returned to the capital and was the darling of the Emperor . They were entrusted with the task of escorting her . If something untoward happened to her, they might get beheaded!

For a brief moment . the streets were in utter chaos . Many stalls were accidentally overturned by Tianci . These Qi Artists were all at the Soaring Cloud Realm and were considered highly skilled in the capital . Tianci could not match up with these eight Qi Artists at all!

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However, when one of them brutally attacked Tianci, Tianci’s body would seem to be engulfed within a light shield . His attack would rebound!

Princess Qianyang sat coldly in the carriage, eyeing Tianci icily .

“I didn’t expect a young thief to attack me when I return to the capital . It’s getting ludicrous!”

“Your Highness… this boy… is only six or seven… . He seems to be Hua Qiyue’s adopted son!”

Hearing the guards’ report, a cold light shot out from Princess Qianyang’s eyes . She watched the glow emitted by Tianci’s body . “Men, bring me a net! Catch him in it . The net won’t attack him, so he will surely be caught . ”

Princess Qianyang’s idea was truly brilliant . Tianci was in the midst of fighting these Qi Artists decades older than him when suddenly a net emerged from above, enveloping him tightly within . He was about to use his Qi Art to slash through the net when a huge clang resounded . A massive iron cage loomed over and eventually enveloped him!

Tianci was stunned, totally dumbfounded . He directed his fist at the iron cage, but it was of no use .

“Young thief, don’t resist . This cage is made of Spiritual energy . Your Qi Art’s too low . You can’t escape . Be good and give in!”

Princess Qianyang snorted coldly . Tianci blinked his large eyes . “Princess, don’t you remember me?”

“Humph, I don’t care who you are . Anyone who tries to kill me will be beheaded!” Princess Qianyang snickered coldly and got her men to take Tianci away .

Tianci sat in the cage, reliving the earlier scenes in his head over and over again . He pouted . “Hey, Princess Man-crazy, don’t treat me badly because my dad doesn’t like you . Humph! Tricking me with Hallucination Art, then capturing me with a prepared cage . You’re a Princess . How can you use such dirty tricks on a kid like me?”

Tianci’s voice began to resound far and wide . It was a busy street . Many people had crowded around and were watching . They heard and agreed with him, and began to spread his words!

Concerning Princess Qianyang, who wouldn’t want to know more?

They had long heard that she was interested in Yun Shimo . Futhermore, they had left the capital together two day before to offer incense to the temple gods .

Tianci’s words shook everyone to the core!

“Good heavens, Princess Jinghua’s adopted son’s been captured by Her Highness!”

“Princess Jinghua is at the Rock Hillock Mountain killing evil beasts . Yet Her Highness’s treating her adopted son this way! It’s so unfair!”

“That’s right . Tianci’s just a little boy! Yet the Princess’s treating him this way . How shameless!”

“I thought that Princess Qianyang would make a civil, magnanimous Princess . But her character’s hopeless!”

“But the kid did try to kill her . Of course, Her Highness can’t let him off . It’s just a common operation to apprehend a criminal!”

The crowds were discussing among themselves . Most of them spoke in Tianci’s favor .

This time, the clash between Princess Qianyang and Tianci would likely result in another uproar .

After all, Princess Qianyang was the Emperor’s favorite daughter, and Tianci was Princess Jinghua’s beloved adopted son . So how would the Emperor deal with this matter?

Hua Qiyue arrived at the capital one hour later . The moment she set feet within the capital, she heard the rumors that Princess Qianyang had taken Tianci into the palace . He was now awaiting the Emperor’s judgement .

She narrowed her beautiful eyes slightly . She did not expect Princess Qianyang to act the moment she returned to the capital . Unfortunately, Princess Qianyang, you are still too green!

Hua Qiyue rushed back to Hua’s Mansion . Before she entered the mansion, Caiqing and the others met her . Caining said anxiously and guiltily, “Your Highness… I’m sorry . Tianci ran out of the mansion suddenly and met with the Princess . They had a clash… ”

“I’ve heard about this . Caining, Caiqing, do something for me!” Hua Qiyue said with a cold expression . Since her opponent disrespected her, she would be merciless!

“Please instruct us, Your Highness!”

“Come closer!” Hua Qiyue whispered . Caining and Caiqing stared at each other and moved up a few steps . They drew close to Hua Qiyue .

Hua Qiyue spoke something softly into Caining’s ear . Her warm breath was upon his thin ear . He felt his ear buzz and his entire body turned hot . His sensitivity made his face blush .

“You’ve memorized it? That man won’t be far away!”

Hua Qiyue said quietly .

Caining was blushing . He nodded . “Yes, I’ve memorized it . ”

Hua Qiyue immediately turned and left hurriedly .