The Great Worm Lich - Chapter 122

Published at 11th of July 2019 08:21:36 PM
Chapter 122

Chapter 122: Misbehaving [Chapter 111 — Wrong Order]

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Zhang Lisheng’s cheeks were flushed . “Tina, Tina… I… I… Hey, oh god h-hey!”

He was blocking her with both of his hands . At the moment when he tried to say something to calm the situation while looking down, he happened to look into the girl’s watery eyes who was kissing his body . The temptation in her eyes made the young man’s head turn blank . He watched the girl squat on the floor before removing his belt . She pulled his pants and underwear down together while sucking something that was stiff and erect .

She was gentle as she did that without getting her teeth on his thing . Tina looked into Zhang Lisheng’s eyes, there was a sucking sound while she did it without hesitation . Her small, soft hand was playing with the young man’s hardened thing . He had the body of a normal person . Since it was his first time experiencing something like that, Zhang Lisheng’s breathing hastened in less than two to three minutes . Listening to his hastened breaths, Tina soon went all out on the young man, causing him to release everything he had been holding back .

Later on, the girl sucked Zhang Lisheng clean and put on his pants for him . She spat the residue in her mouth onto a piece of tissue paper and then said, pretending to be innocent while flushing, “I didn’t know there’s a disgusting smell to such a thing, I almost puked just now . Remember the feeling baby, it’s hard for me to give you such a ‘service’ next time . ”

“Tina, I… you…”

“Are you worried that you might’ve misbehaved? Forget it Lisheng, you did nothing at all . You didn’t even move a finger, it was me who was misbehaving . ” Tina looked down and chuckled after saying that . Tina’s sweet voice made Zhang Lisheng panic a little bit for the first time . His heart was racing, he looked at the authorization letter for a long time before trying to calm his emotions . He then said softly, “Tina, we shouldn’t waste time when it comes to business . Let’s head back to New York now . ”

Tina was smart, she nodded and said nothing . She took the initiative to take the authorization letter and sent Zhang Lisheng back to the street close to New York’s Lowbige Junior High . She said nothing along the way .

“Lisheng, I’ll contact you when I’m done with the matter . Don’t worry, your new slaughterhouse will soon be opened . ”

“When is your birthday party?” Zhang Lisheng asked all of a sudden as if he did not hear Tina at all .

“No idea, that depends on when Sheila manages to lose weight . ”


“What do you want for a present? How about a new car?”

Tina was stunned for a moment . “Oh Lisheng, you’re just so stra-…”

“Shut up, I’m asking if you want a new car . Just answer me with yes or no . ”

“You’re so cute when you’re stubborn but I already have everything . I think a present coming from a person that I care about doesn’t have to be expensive, all I want is that feeling of sincerity . ”

Zhang Lisheng heard that and nodded while his mind was deep in thought . He got off the SUV after opening the door . Since then, he was only going to school and staying home as he always had the feeling that something was off . He did not do anything out of the ordinary . He did not ride on Island Dragon to travel around New York City, he even cut down on his time on cultivating the secret method .


Time flew by, it was already Saturday without him noticing . Zhang Lisheng spent the entire night cultivating witchcraft and began studying the two color-changing beetles he brought back from the Amazon during the afternoon as he was feeling curious . He browsed through the internet and confirmed that the color-changing beetles might really be a new species . He purchased a few professional equipments including an insect feeding container, an infrared monitor, an electronic microscope and so on . He began browsing for various data on color-changing beetles and posted on a professional website that was open for discussions with insect enthusiasts .


After a few minutes of feeding, the two color-changing beetles were way past the stage of dying . They were now full of energy . Since they were now much more active, they became much more agile . They managed to dodge twice when Zhang Lisheng attempted to capture them from the transparent feeding container a meter away with a net .


However, beetles could not defeat a human’s movement inside a limited space no matter how agile they were . On the third time, the young man targeted at the best angle and captured both color-changing beetles with the net at the same time . He walked to the monitor immediately and began observing the beetles’ activity data they performed earlier .


“279 . 67mm per second, it’s more than last night . It has been the fourth day since their activity speed has been going up . If I didn’t see it with my own eyes and the video footage, it’s hard for one to imagine this,” Zhang Lisheng mumbled to himself as he looked serious like a cautious, boring biologist as if he had never seen those cannibalistic wizard gus that could fly on clouds and even destroy a civilized city which were his products of witchcraft incantation .


As he was done observing the activity data, Zhang Lisheng began removing the beetles from the net skilfully and fixed them using a specific tweezer . Lili’s urging voice came from the door all of a sudden . “Baby, it’s time for lunch . Stop playing with your little color-changing bugs . ”


“Lunch? Is it already that late mom?”

“It’s already past 12 now baby…”

“Oh, I’ve just took out my test articles…”

“Alright, I’ll give you 20 more minutes . Come down for lunch after that . ”

“20 minutes is enough, see you later mom,” Zhang Lisheng said and placed the two beetles under the microscope . The skin cells on the beetles’ skin began changing color after a few minutes under the microscope .

“If I have one more test article, I’ll definitely dissect the both of you,” Zhang Lisheng mumbled without noticing as he recorded the beetles’ cell-change pattern . The detailed recording of the color-changing skin cells was done within minutes . After placing the two beetles into the feeding container, he posted the new lab record on the internet again . Looking at the various comments on the website casually, he replied in a prompt manner and turned off the computer before go downstairs .


American families had little variety for lunch, they were having beef patties again today . Randy, who had bits of meat all over his mouth as he chewed on the beef patty, shouted when he saw Zhang Lisheng walking over . “Hey brother, the beef today isn’t too shabby, you must eat some more . You’re 17 this year . Seventeen! If you don’t boost your nutrients and hit puberty soon, I’m pretty sure you won’t be winning any hot babes in the future . No matter how good your grades are, it’s futile if you have no muscular body when you get to university . ”

The Lowbige Junior High’s football team’s quarterback flexed his muscular biceps as he spoke .


“Oh poor Randy, don’t give Lisheng the chance to look down on you in secret . All of the girlfriends you’ve ever had combined since you learned to walk are not as beautiful as Tina Douglin’s behind . My dear brother, the boy that you’ve just made fun of has a special relationship with Tina Douglin! Tina Douglin, the brightest socialite within the New York fashion circle . Though you might not be able to spell her name,” Zhang Lisheng’s brother Harry from another father teased like he was doing a stand-up comedy . He seemed to be more mischievous after growing one year older .

As long as Randy and Harry were eating together, the fight between the duo would definitely be the entertainment at the table . Zhang Lisheng sat down on an empty seat at the table and indulged in the fight as an outsider like he usually did . All of a sudden, his phone went ‘chirp chirp chirp…’ . It showed a stranger’s number, Zhang Lisheng hesitated a bit before picking it up .

“Hi, may I know if this is Mr . Zhang Lisheng?” The voice on the phone was a little familiar . The gentleness within his strict tone was very easy to recognize .

“I’m Zhang Lisheng, are you Mr . Howick?”

The person on the other side of the phone was obviously stunned after hearing what Zhang Lisheng said . “I’m Howick, I’ve never expected you to recognize my voice since we’ve only met at one occasion . Mr . Zhang, I’ve been wanting to thank you for the help you extended to my daughter in the Amazon . Although Trish is unwilling to tell me the details, I could tell that it’s impossible for her to find her brother’s body as well as walk out of the Amazon in one piece without you . ”

“That’s too kind, Mr . Howick . I heard from Tina that you helped me in some stuff as well…”

“I just had to pull some strings, that’s nothing compared to what you did . Mr . Lisheng, let’s get back to business . I’m calling you today to ask you something, I heard that you’re looking for a suitable public space to expand your slaughterhouse am I right?”

“Yes . ”

“If that’s the case, will you be able to drop by New York City’s Land Administration and Management Department tomorrow at 10 in the morning? There might be a surprise for you . ”

“Okay Mr . Howick, I’ll be there on time . Thank you in advance,” Zhang Lisheng said without pretending at all .

“Knowing when to accept a good deed is one of the most important characteristics of a successful person . ” Howick chuckled happily . “See you tomorrow, Mr . Lisheng . ”

“Goodbye Mr . Howick . ” Zhang Lisheng hung the phone up and at the exact moment when he was just going to eat the beef patty, Lili asked all of a sudden out of care, “What’s up with the call just now baby?”

“Nothing mom, it’s just that the father of a friend who I helped in the Amazon wanted to repay me . You know that I’m planning to expand my slaughterhouse . He knows people in the New York City government and he can help,” Zhang Lisheng replied without hiding anything .

“Baby, I think managing a business has taken up too much of your time . You’re still in high school, you’ve already skipped a class when school has just reopened…”

“Mom, if all parents think like you do, many huge companies in the world wouldn’t have existed . ”

“I don’t mean to stop you Lisheng but you’re still young…”

“Don’t worry mom, I already have a stable plan for my future . You don’t have to worry about me . ”