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Published at 9th of October 2019 11:45:07 PM

Chapter 197: 197

Hu Sisheng wanted to stand up, but his knees felt like they were rooted to the ground . Even raising them by a little would cause a searing pain . Cold sweat gushed from Hu Sisheng’s forehead as a sudden ghastly pallor fell across his face .

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The entire scenario had taken an abrupt and strange turn . Everyone stared in a stupefied daze at the situation .

No one could have imagined that Hu Sisheng would be completely defenseless under Ji Fengyan’s attack . But that weak and skinny young girl was like a ghost—not a single soul present could catch her movements!

“There is nothing better than someone who acknowledges his mistakes and tries to repent . Brother Ling, shouldn’t you accept his humble apology? He is already kneeling before you!” Ji Fengyan said cheerfully, but the vicious glint in her eyes was hair-raising .

Stunned, the onlooking Green Nightmare Army troops had no idea what to do . Just as they wanted to step forward, Ji Fengyan swirled around with an easy grin . “What’s going on? Do you guys want to apologize too?”

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This casual statement caused the feet of those five big and tough soldiers to stay rooted to the ground . A cold chill crept up their spines . Ji Fengyan may be all smiles, but the sight of her triggered a deep-rooted fear in them .

It was as if the person standing before them was not a young lady but a monster from hell .

The rest of the Green Nightmare Army dared not make a move . They stood frozen to the ground, watching helplessly as Hu Sisheng remained kneeling rigidly in front of everyone .

No one at the scene dared to make a noise . An invisible force seemed to be suppressing them from all directions .

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Only Linghe and company—after witnessing Ji Fengyan’s actions—were all laughing until their insides hurt .

All these could only be blamed on Hu Sisheng’s own bad luck . To encounter Ji Fengyan—she was definitely not someone to mess with . As far as Linghe and the others could remember, Ji Fengyan had never been defeated by anyone before!

Ji Fengyan slowly stepped forward until she stood before Hu Sisheng . Bending over slightly, she smiled at Hu Sisheng, who was drenched in cold sweat . Her luminous pupils were distinctly black against the whites of her eyes, as she stared steadily into Hu Sisheng’s own eyes .

“We will settle our scores with the Green Nightmare Army another time . Just wait till I don my armour for battle . ” With that, Ji Fengyan patted Hu Sisheng on the cheek . Straightening herself, she waved Bai Ze over and walked toward Linghe and gang .

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“Let’s go . Since he has already apologized, we will be magnanimous and let him off this time . ” Ji Fengyan said with a chuckle .

“We will follow whatever Mistress says . ” Linghe and the rest immediately nodded, after which they prepared to leave .

However, as the kneeling Hu Sisheng stared after Ji Fengyan’s departing profile, his mind was filled with the image of her clear, black eyes . He felt that the surrounding spectators were all mocking his uselessness .

A soldier of the magnificent Green Nightmare Army being helplessly tormented by a pint-sized young girl!

“Stay right there!” Hu Sisheng suddenly hollered .

Ji Fengyan came to a placid stop, the amusement on her face hiding a touch of frostiness . She turned mildly, looking in Hu Sisheng’s direction .

Hu Sisheng struggled to his feet, taking no heed of the blistering pain in his knees . Gritting his teeth, he glared at Ji Fengyan . “Ji family brat, the Green Nightmare Army is not to be humiliated by the likes of you!”