The Insatiable - Chapter 8

Published at 7th of January 2019 08:02:33 AM

Chapter 8

"Haru, are you really fine now? You looked quite pale earlier . "

Anna said as she leaned her head on his shoulders . She can smell his manly odor since the distance between them is basically zero .

After eating and leaving the restaurant Kanako left saying that she had something to do . She advised the two to have fun in their "alone time" in which Anna reacted to by turning beet red and nodding .

One thing to take note of during the time they were eating is the ever changing expressions on Haruhiro's face as he chewed on his food .

The juiciness of the patty, the greasy fries, and the cold cola overwhelmed his senses . He's never had something this good . 'No wonder Anna said the hospital food doesn't taste good . It's in a whole different level,' is what was inside hus head the whole time . Haruhiro ended up ordering two more times before they left the restaurant .

They reached Haruhiro's apartment fast since it is close . His apartment is even closer to the high school they go too .

His apartment is a 2LDK apartment . One bedroom is for him while the other one is for both Anna and Nanako . They sleep on the same bed whenever they visit .

The two would even tease Haruhiro by slipping in his bed on some nights and sleeping there as is . He would always find them in the morning clinging to him and he would have a hard time resisting the urge to make a move on them .

"I'm fine Anna . It was just a new mission that I got, a few memories from the other soul made me remember how dangerous things are going to be . "

This aroused Anna's curiosity, she moved away from him and looked at his face . Seeing how pale he still looked, she believes that the memory and experiences of that other soul is horrifying .

"What kind of mission is it Haru?"

"The kind that makes me wonder why me . "

Anna looked confused with what he said, tilting her head she was about to ask what he meant by it but the hot water they were heating for their drinks is now boiling . She hurriedly went to the kitchen to prepare their drinks .

Having free time in his hands, he analyzed the events that happened in the restaurant inside his head . He remembered the violet eyes that was calling out to him .

Her black frameless glasses made her violet eyes even more eye-catching . However those eyes of hers right now is staring right into his eyes .

It isn't just the girl that lost herself in his eyes, it is the same for Haruhiro as well . He stared at those bright beautiful violet eyes of hers . He's mesmerized by those pair of eyes that's calling out to him .

He then heard Ava speaking to him, or at least notifying her of something .

[Warning! Host has been affected by opposite party's ability . Advised to step away immediately]

[Ding! Host has opened a Main Quest . ]

[Main Quest: Conquer the Sin of Lust

Quest Objective: Greedy for all, the reincarnation of Greed wants to obtain the reincarnation of the Sin of Lust and make the power its own .

Rewards: 100 greed Points, +5 to all attributes, Deadly Sin - Lust information .

Status: Ongoing]

He was broken from his dazed state because of the continuous notifications that rung through his head .

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Confusion and shock then overcame him . Sin of Lust? Reincarnation? Did someone else reincarnate with him?

[Notifying host, effect of opposite party's ability has disappeared . ]

He didn't care about that right now . What he's worried about is for him to know whether someone else did reincarnate and how many . If someone else did, it may bring him trouble just how Sloth brought him trouble .

His confusion brought the girl nack to her senses as well and doubted her eyes . Why did she see red eyes from the customer when he clearly has brown ones?

She's confused as to why she'd stare at the customer as well, granted that he's handsome but its not like she's interested in . . . She looked at him again and thought to herself, 'Maybe a little?'

Yasumi then shook her head to clear her of those distracting thoughts . She now only noticed how there's a lot of people staring at the two of them . Most of them are even men .

This made her feel more embarrassed . She's been used to people staring at her chest but this is different . Yasumi didn't like this feeling of being stared at with those fervent eyes . It felt like all her clothes are being stripped from her body .

She hates this feeling, its unlike this boy in front of her . The intensity of those red eyes as it stared at her . It made her comfortable and a little . . . Wet .

Trying her best to act normal she once again tried to ask, "Dear customer what would you like to order?"

Being brought back to reality, he looked at the tag on her left breast and said to her with a warm smile on his face . "Yes, sorry about that Yasumi-san . I was just mesmerized by your eyes that I some how lost myself in it . "

Yasumi's rosy cheeks grew even more red from her shyness and embarrassment . "Jeez customer-san, you shouldn't joke with me like that . You're making me embarrassed . " Although she said that the smile plastered on her face grew bigger making the faces of most men looking at her turn sour .

Their conversation picked up from there . He ordered what he needed and she listened to what he said . After picking up all the things that he's ordered he noticed one tissue paper has some writing on it .

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A phone number . Her number .

He looked back at her and saw that she was waving at him, he smiled at her and went back to their table .

He kept the number in his pocket and decided to think about it later . There was just something familiar with that girl .

The rest was then a history .

Anna came back from the kitchen holding a tray on both hands . She sat next to him again and placed the tray on the table . "Here's your coffee," she says as she handed a cup to Haruhiro .

They silently sipped their own drinks . However, Haruhiro had something in his mind and decided to ask Anna .

"Right, what do you think of the plan I made . It's quite easy right?"

Hearing him say that Anna knitted and brows and has an annoyed expression on her face . "I want to punch you . "

Haruhiro looked surprised hearing this, his plan is absolutely fool proof . Why won't she agree with it?

"Why? It won't work?"

He is absolutely shocked by this . The look of complete shock in his face made Anna even more infuriated .

"Are you really that surprised that your plan will not work!? You want to kidnap someone in broad daylight and threaten him to buy all the supplies that we will need?"

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Haruhiro shrunk back to his seat when he saw just how infuriated Anna looks . This is complete fear, maybe its a notch below how he felt back during the time when he was being chased by zombies and Sloth . However, this is still fear .

Somehow he could see flames lit within her eyes as well . 'No wait! I'm just imagining things . '

Haruhiro shook his head and finally looked at the real Anna . Her eyes still looked quite fierce however, which sent shivers to his spine .

"All I can say is that you're an idiot for thinking that your plan would work . "

Haruhiro isn't hurt or felt uncomfortable hearing Anna say that . In fact he couldn't agree more, making plans is not for him . If he had stronger powers back then he wouldn't even need to be using stealth techniques . He would just fight face to face .

"Then what do you think should we do?"

Since his plan won't work, he will just leave it to someone who at least has some knowledge about it .

"We tell mom about all this . Then our supplies will be solved . "

She thought for a while before she answered this . This answer dumbfounded him, he expected her to come up with a plan like kidnap him on broad daylight or just assassinate him .

He didn't expect her to just pass the problem to someone else . Anna on the other hand saw the weird expression on his face and guessed what he is thinking . This irritated her so she pinched his waist which made him groan in pain .

"I'm not leaving up to mom . I'm delegating the task to the right person . Let's face it Haru, the both of us are still powerless in a world where money and connections are everything . However, its different with mom . "

He thought about it and the more he did, the more it made sense . Why would he solve it the way the people of the apocalypse would if the system governing over the people still exists . And quite strongly at that . Though he agrees with that, he can't help but be doubtful whether Anna's adopted mother would believe them .

If they told her and she didn't believe, wouldn't that mean someone's going to hinder their plans?