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Chapter 105

Chapter 105 The Look of A Rebel

East Emperor Palace!

The muscles in the corners of Li Tianlan’s eyes twitched . When hearing these three words, he immediately thought of Dongcheng Huangtu .

The name, full of mystery and contradiction, had been buried in his heart . But as Samsara Palace Master uttered those three words, his doubts began to rise again .

After the legendary mysterious and powerful Samsara Palace Master completely defeated Tian Xin, the Invincible Realm dominator of Night Spirit, with one sword move, with Blue Sky Underworld in hand, she had been recognized as one of the most powerful Invincible Realm experts in the Dark World . The Divine List and Holy List of the Dark World would be adjusted every ten years, but they were being fine-tuned all the time . Tian Xin was originally in the tenth place on the Divine List . After he died, there must be another Invincible Realm expert replacing his position . And Samsara Palace Master’s rank, after fine-tuning, could certainly enter top 5 .

The change of this year’s Divine & Holy Lists had become one of the major concerns of the super forces in the Dark World . This matter was directly related to the fact that how many benefits could various forces obtain in Night Spirit in the end . To some extent, the ranking of the Samsara Palace Master in the Divine List was directly related to the expansion of Samsara after the destruction of Night Spirit .

Li Tianlan was in a trance . He was thinking about Samsara, Qin Weibai, and the mysterious Palace Master in front of him .

The Palace Master was by far the least visible Invincible Realm expert in the Dark World . Few people could see her in daily life, as if she had hidden in the Ninth Heaven . Once she acted, she would frighten heaven and move the earth . Given her current position, there was nothing wrong with calling her the strongest woman in the Dark World . Did such a person actually have something to do with Dongcheng Huangtu in those days?

If the answer was yes, that would seem to explain well why Qin Weibai knew the name and belongings that Dongcheng Qiuchi didn’t even know . But Qin Weibai clearly told him that she had seen Dongcheng Huangtu, Li Tianlan never understood this point .

East Emperor Palace… East Emperor Palace…

Li Tianlan pondered for a good five minutes . It was only when Wang Yuetong pulled his sleeve placidly that he suddenly recovered . He said in a sincere and respectful voice, “Thanks, Palace Master, I love that name . I’ll call it East Emperor Palace . ”

Samsara Palace Master remained silent . She watched Li Tianlan for a moment, then turned her head again .

Without gorgeous aura, invincible momentum, or the weakness at the verge of death, she stood still on the screen, but she looked like a black cloak, empty and lifeless .

The camera turned .

Qin Weibai’s face reappeared on the screen once again .

“Do you miss me?” asked Qin Weibai softly .

There was a touch of playfulness in her gentle voice . “With my younger sister at your side, you probably have forgotten me long ago . ”

Clearly hearing this, Wang Yuetong turned red and moved a little away .

“No, I’ve been missing you . ”

Li Tianlan was embarrassed, and he even started to sweat on his forehead . He couldn’t recognize the emotions in Qin Weibai’s voice, but that made him even more nervous .

It wasn’t because he feared Qin Weibai that he sweated . It was just because he really cared about her .

“Do I care about her?”

Li Tianlan asked himself . Looking at Wang Yuetong, he suddenly laughed at himself in his heart, feeling that he was really shameless .

“Look at you! I have no other meaning, but you can’t stop me from asking, can you?”

Qin Weibai smiled and looked exceedingly beautiful .

“Will it be enough to have the two of us?”

She asked suddenly, after a silence .

Li Tianlan suddenly thought of Dongcheng Clan and Dongcheng Rushi, who he had not met yet . His intuition told him it must have been another mess . However, at this point, even if he was silly, he knew he couldn’t say “not enough” . So he nodded without hesitation and said earnestly, “That’s enough . That’s enough . ”

“You are so hypocritical . ”

Qin Weibai’s eyes blurred . There was something in her voice, bitter and light, as if it was about to go into his heart . “You men are fickle in love . If you have one woman, you’ll want a second and a third . After I have finished dealing with the matters here, I must keep a close eye on you . ”

Li Tianlan nodded with a smile and said softly, “Okay . ”

Qin Weibai whispered after quietly looking at him for a while, “I’m hanging up . I will go back to see you when my elder sister gets better, while you have to manage your staff carefully . East Emperor Palace…haha… I’m waiting for the day to call you East Emperor . ”

East Emperor Palace .

East Emperor .

Dongcheng Huangtu .

It seemed that from the first time he heard the name, he began to have a connection with the deceased Heavenly Son . And that connection seemed to have gotten stronger over time .

Li Tianlan held the phone in a trance .

His Majesty East Emperor…

“His Majesty” was almost a special term for Wang Tianzong from the Wang family of Beihai . If it was on him…

Li Tianlan shook his head with a smile . The motivational power of the term was really significant .

“Senior brother, are we going to call it East Emperor Palace?”

Wang Yuetong asked as she blinked at Li Tianlan .

Li Tianlan nodded and looked at Wang Yuetong, asking, “What do you think?”

“It’s good . ”

Wang Yuetong chuckled . “I like the address ‘East Emperor’ . Others call my father Sword Emperor, and that’s pleasing to the ear . ”

“Pleasing to the ear…”

Li Tianlan didn’t say much on this topic . He continued slowly, “Call Qiancheng and Baitian . We should discuss it together . By the way, has Qiancheng entered the Fire-flaming Realm? I saw him once yesterday and he kicked me out before I could ask . ”

“Ask Qingyan yourself . ”

Wang Yuetong wore a playful smile .

“Ask me what?”

Yu Qingyan asked confusedly as she came out of the kitchen . Looking at Li Tianlan and Wang Yuetong who were sitting extremely close, she blushed since she was innocent . She averted her gaze to avoid any eye contact with Li Tianlan .

Li Tianlan was embarrassed . When a man was dominated by his upper body or his lower body, there were two distinct states, otherwise, there would be no such thing as the saint pattern, in which a man had no interest in sex . He gave an artificial smile and asked, “Is the meal ready?”

“It’s going to take a while . ”

Yu Qingyan shook her head . She was quiet and obedient . No matter cooking or Martial Arts, she attained all of Yu Donglai’s authentic techniques . Even if she was making breakfast, she would perfect it although it was already delicious, and she was particular about timing and heat control . Even the light porridge would be especially tasty if it was made in this way . However, hotheads may not be able to wait so long .

“That’s just right . Call them back and talk it over,” said Li Tianlan in high spirit .

He was thrilled to have his foundation . Strictly speaking, the Liu family was now his property . But at the end of the day, it was the Liu family’s stuff . Liu Tianjing and Liu Xiuyuan seemed to have no choice at the moment, but there were chances that they would betray him . Even if the odds were small, they were still there .

But the East Emperor Palace which was about to be established was different because it completely belonged to him . This was his future regime if only he would put his mind to it . He had no reason not to look forward to the future of East Emperor Palace .

“Then I’ll call them . ”

Wang Yuetong took out her cell phone and before she could start dialing, the doorbell rang again .

Li Tianlan raised his eyebrows . He thought it was the leader of a secret service agency similar to Huo Yan and Three-Eye . Without thinking much of it, he patted the little princess’s plump buttocks wrapped in white tights and said composedly, “Go to open the door . ”

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Wearing a pair of pink slippers, Wang Yuetong smiled and ran to open the door . When she saw the man outside, she froze .

“Second Uncle, why are you here?”

Wang Yuetong said in confusion . Soon, her face turned a little pale . “You… Are you here to take me back?”

Wang Xiaoyao outside the door was more surprised . There was a long silence before his face darkened and his eyes grew stern . “You’ve already lived with that boy?”


Wang Yuetong lifted her pale face, but her tone was firm . “I am already the woman of senior brother, at last night . I don’t go back, Second Uncle!”

Completely unprepared for the shock, Wang Xiaoyao seemed stunned out of anger . He was not mentally prepared at all . He was stunned for a long while before he became furious and shouted, “Damn! Bad girl, are you trying to piss off your father?!”

Wang Yuetong bit her lip, looked at Wang Xiaoyao stubbornly, and kept repeating, “I won’t go back, I won’t go back . ”

Wang Xiaoyao’s face was ablaze with mixed feelings . He stood outside the door in silence .

Wang Yuetong’s presence here was unexpected . Anger, disappointment, jealousy, disbelief, and other emotions welled up inside him, confusing his mind and even making him forget what he was there for .

Just a few days passed!

The most innocent beauty of the Wang family of Beihai had been enjoyed by Li Tianlan . It was just outrageous . “Damn it!”

“Come in, Mr . Wang . ”

Li Tianlan came from the living room and looked at Wang Xiaoyao, who was standing outside the door . Although he was surprised inwardly, he remained calm on the surface and greeted him .

Wang Xiaoyao shot a stern look at Wang Yuetong and walked in with a sullen face . He looked at Li Tianlan disapprovingly for a moment, then he said coldly, “Do you know what the consequences will be if you violate the little princess of the Wang family of Beihai?”

Wang Yuetong’s face was paler than ever . Even though she knew it would happen, it came so fast that she didn’t expect it . She opened her mouth, and as she tried to speak, Li Tianlan said quietly, “Mr . Wang, if that’s what you’re going to talk about, then we don’t have to talk . There are some things we have to respect the intention of the person concerned, right?”

Wang Xiaoyao narrowed his eyes subconsciously and felt surprised inwardly .

When Wang Xiaoyao first met Li Tianlan, it seemed to him that he was just an extremely quiet young man . Even if Taoist Xuan Xuanzi said that he had the appearance of being a Heavenly Son, Wang Xiaoyao didn’t notice anything extraordinary about him . But now when he saw him again, there was vaguely an edge in the young man that even he had to face up to .

It was an edge instead of an aura .

Such a Li Tianlan may be young in his eyes, however, he now had a completely different feeling compared to the one Li Tianlan gave him the first time they met .

Wang Xiaoyao was silent, trying to calm his anger . After he cooled off a little, he finally remembered his purpose . He again cast an angry glance at Wang Yuetong and said gloomy, “Yuetong, take Qingyan out first, I have something to talk with Tianlan . ”

Wang Yuetong looked at Li Tianlan hesitantly .

Seeing this scene with his own eyes, Wang Xiaoyao felt more and more helpless . A married daughter is equal to the spilt water . That sounded nothing serious, but the one who really felt it could understand the indescribable and complicated emotions within this saying .

“Qin Weibai… Wang Yuetong…”

“Why do they have a crush on this boy? Have they been bewitched?”

Wang Xiaoyao felt a sharp pain in his heart and his face turned white, but he was still trying to suppress his anger and jealousy .

“Go . By the way, take Baitian and Qiancheng back . ”

Li Tianlan nodded with a smile and said calmly .

Wang Yuetong nodded obediently . She waved at Yu Qingyan and they both walked out of the dormitory in tandem .

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Li Tianlan looked at Wang Xiaoyao, who was still standing there, and said without changing his expression, “Please, Mr . Wang . ”

Without saying a word, Wang Xiaoyao walked into the living room and sat on the sofa in silence .

Li Tianlan politely poured him a glass of water without opening his mouth . Perhaps just as Wang Xiaoyao did not like him, he didn’t feel comfortable while looking at Wang Xiaoyao either .

In Wang Xiaoyao’s heart, he may be his rival in love who owned his goddess .

But in Li Tianlan’s heart, a person who still coveted his woman was by no means a good person .

The real relationship between the two was that they didn’t like each other .

“I should have killed you . ”

There was a long silence before Wang Xiaoyao ground his teeth and said, “If so, Little Bai and Yuetong would not have obsessed with you . ”

Li Tianlan smiled . He was not broad-minded enough, but he would not get angry with Wang Xiaoyao for a few words . The Wang family of Beihai was a superpower that could no longer be accurately described as a behemoth in Zhongzhou State . It was so deep-rooted, booming, and towering . It would be best if he did not conflict with it before he had grown up . So he just nodded and calmly said, “You do have the ability . ”

“But I don’t want to face the consequences of that . ”

Shaking his head, Wang Xiaoyao handed Li Tianlan a cigarette and said coldly, “If I kill you, I won’t live much longer . It’s not about you or me . It’s about Samsara Palace and the Wang family of Beihai . I don’t want to die, but I’m not afraid of death . I am afraid of being a sinner in the glorious history of the Wang family of Beihai for hundreds of years, and I am afraid that Little Bai will hate me all her life, which are worse than death . ”

Li Tianlan smoked and was silent . If he were to die at Wang Xiaoyao’s hands, Qin Weibai would be furious and would retaliate the Wang family of Beihai at all costs . It was far more bloody and horrifying than the battle in which Samsara eliminated Night Spirit . Wang Xiaoyao did not dare to harm him, not because of his lack of courage, but out of his responsibility .

“Let’s get down to business . ”

Li Tianlan took a drag on his cigarette and said flatly . Qin Weibai was an unattainable goddess in Wang Xiaoyao’s heart, but she was his own woman . There was no need for him to discuss his woman with another man .

In this matter, Wang Xiaoyao was not qualified .

Wang Xiaoyao took a deep look at Li Tianlan . In a short time, he seemed to have completely adjusted his mood, and his smile became gentle and modest .

“I just saw Tribulation . ”

Wang Xiaoyao said in a low voice, “I want to exchange something with him . He said it’s up to you, so I want to know what you mean . ”


Li Tianlan smoked in silence, without expressing an opinion .

“I want Tribulation’s Shadow Formula . Maybe I don’t need the entire one, half of it is enough . I need a shadow . ”

Wang Xiaoyao said casually .

Li Tianlan smoked and still remained silent .

Sometimes silence was the best attitude; it was not a promise or a refusal . At the very least, there was some leeway left .

He did not ask what Wang Xiaoyao wanted in exchange, nor what he wanted to do . But in silence, he casually took the initiative in the conversation .

Wang Xiaoyao sighed softly . No matter what he thought of Li Tianlan, he could not deny that this young man could keep his cool .

“I can trade a core unique skill of the Wang family of Beihai for a half Shadow Formula . If you are willing to do so, no matter under what circumstances, I am willing to do my best to help you do one thing within my ability in the future . Although I do not like you, the Wang family of Beihai’s commitment can be applied to both enemies and friends . ”

Wang Xiaoyao smiled at Li Tianlan and continued, “I think I have made my offer in good faith . I don’t need the entire Shadow Formula . I don’t need a shadow that can imitate my movements . I just need a shadow . And I even have to return a favor… At any rate, I don’t think you will lose anything . I need this shadow to save me, so…”

He did not go on, but Li Tianlan already knew what he meant .

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Wang Xiaoyao offered a sufficiently generous offer to exchange a half unique skill that could save his life, but Tribulation threw the problem to Li Tianlan . If Li Tianlan agreed to exchange it with him, then at least they could cooperate happily, but if not, it was clear that he wished Wang Xiaoyao to die . When Wang Xiaoyao got out of the door, he wouldn’t be polite to Li Tianlan . He may not kill him, but with his ability, he had many ways to make him miserable .

As for who was more reasonable behind this matter…

The Dark World lacked everything, but the last thing it needed was the reason .

“Did Tribulation say that I could call the shots?”

Li Tianlan remained silent for a moment and then asked softly .

“You can call him to seek confirmation . ”

Wang Xiaoyao nodded and continued, “Furthermore, I don’t have to lie to you . ”

A half Shadow Formula that one got through trade and the one that was obtained by cheating had a completely different meaning . At the very least, to obtain it by cheating would completely offend Sigh City . The Wang family of Beihai was indeed stronger than Sigh City, but no one wanted to provoke an assassin organization when they did not have to .

“There’s no need to do that . I can grant your request . ”

Shaking his head, Li Tianlan said simply, “I’ll sort it out and give you a half Shadow Formula . ”

“You’re straightforward!”

Wang Xiaoyao laughed . He took out an envelope and handed it to Li Tianlan . “This is the Wang family of Beihai’s Sword of Emperor Path . You can study it . ”

Li Tianlan took it and nodded, without standing on ceremony .

Sword of Emperor Path was not the most powerful unique skill of the Wang family of Beihai, but it was worthy of the name of the core unique skill . It was indeed a good deal .

“By the way, I have a message for you . ”

Wang Xiaoyao continued to laugh . “Tianlan, do you know Ning Zhiyuan?”

General Ning Zhiyuan was the Commander of Zhongzhou Eastern Theater of Operations . He was a military giant and also Ning Qiancheng’s father . How could Li Tianlan not know such a figure?

Ning Zhiyuan was as pleased as punch in recent days . His old rival—the Deputy Commander Tan Qinghua, had been transferred to the Southern Theater of Operations, and Ye Fenglin—the former Deputy Commander of the Southern Theater of Operations as well as an authentic capable person of the Southeast Group, came to the Eastern Theater of Operations . Such a transfer was now interpreted as a move of the Wang family of Beihai seizing the Eastern Theater of Operations and consolidating the group’s advantage in southeastern coastal provinces of Zhongzhou State .

Wang Xiaoyao looked at Li Tianlan with burning eyes and said smilingly, “Xuan Xuanzi had met Ning Zhiyuan once . Do you want to know what the Taoist said about him?”

He took a sip of the water and continued, “He has the occipital bone and the look of a rebel . ”

Wang Xiaoyao looked at Li Tianlan and said softly, “You robbed me of my goddess . I’ve got to do something in my life, haven’t I?”

Li Tianlan frowned slightly . Although he didn’t understand what Wang Xiaoyao meant, it was obvious from Wang Xiaoyao’s gesture that he was not going to explain anything to him . The look of a rebel? He shook his head, still puzzled .

All members of the Wang family of Beihai were formidable people, and that was why the Wang family had kept brilliant for hundreds of years . Wang Tianzong was undoubtedly a formidable person . Wang Xiaoyao, as the biological younger brother of Wang Tianzong, even if he behaved ordinarily, but in fact, how could he really be so mediocre?

The strength of a formidable person was unfathomable, so was his thoughts .

“Ning Zhiyuan…”

“The look of a rebel…”

Thinking of these two key terms, Li Tianlan unconsciously narrowed his eyes .

Leaning his entire body against the sofa, looking up at the ceiling, Wang Xiaoyao chuckled . “My beloved woman now belongs to you . So I have to get something else . Is it too much to ask?”