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Chapter 318: 318

Chapter 318 Lin’an · A Toast to the Land (Part I)

Blood dripped down the corners of Jiang Shangyu’s mouth and fell on his arm .

Jiang Shangyu smiled calmly and peacefully .

At that moment, Li Tianlan leaped from the sky . When he landed on the deck, it meant that Li Tianlan and Jiang Shangyu would once again fight hand to hand three years later .

Or, it was the first time that they fought . It was also inevitable .

Jiang Shangyu wanted to cooperate with Li Tianlan .

Since it was cooperation, he had to perceive Li Tianlan’s strength .

Li Tianlan also allowed him to see his strength .

He jumped from a height of hundreds of meters . With the fierce impact force, Li Tianlan severely wounded Jiang Shangyu as he fell to the ground .

Jiang Shangyu wanted to suppress the violent force, but he did not feel the sword intent when he launched attacks .

What he could only feel was power!

The power was abundant and furious enough to smash everything!

The absolute power broke through his suppression, went deep into the water, and finally exploded .

White waves suddenly rose from the calm water with a radius of hundreds of meters .

The white waves rushed to the height of tens of meters . One wave rose after another . It covered all the sky, like fireworks rising from the river .

“The wound went deep into my heart . ”

Jiang Shangyu looked calm, and his eyes were even a little joyful .

Li Tianlan was indeed worthy of his cooperation .

Li Tianlan went up to Jiang Shangyu and sat down . He put aside the folder without a drop of water .

Jiang Shangyu handed him a cup of tea .

Li Tianlan drank it off .

The tea water was a little bitter .

“Go ahead . ”

Li Tianlan was not in the mood to stay .

Jiang Shangyu did not want to stay .

He rubbed his chest and gave a bitter smile, “You hit hard enough . ”

“You asked for it,” Li Tianlan said blandly .

Jiang Shangyu smiled and said calmly, “I knew you were in the Flourishing Age Building . Wang Shengxiao and Gu Hanshan will definitely receive news . ”

“I can’t hide anything,” Li Tianlan said .

He did not want to hide from him . He would use the investment given by the Flourishing Age Fund in the shortest time to enhance his strength .

At least Li Tianlan thought that the Flourishing Age Fund’s investment in the East Emperor Palace was far from worthy of being kept secret than his meeting with Jiang Shangyu that day .

Therefore, he jumped down from the sky in a grand manner and suddenly hurt Jiang Shangyu .

So, even if the information was leaked, Jiang Shangyu would use a serious injury as a reason .

“How sure are you to achieve the final maneuver?” Jiang Shangyu filled Li Tianlan’s cup with tea again and asked softly .

“I will win,” Li Tianlan said in a dull tone as he turned the teacup in his hand .

He did not say how sure he was, but the simple three words completely showed his absolute confidence .

Jiang Shangyu narrowed his eyes .

“My instinct tells me that I should believe you . ”

Jiang Shangyu looked at Li Tianlan for a long while before he said with a smile, “But it’s not a bad thing to know more about the enemy . ” …

He reached into his bosom, took out a USB, and placed it in front of Li Tianlan .

Li Tianlan glanced at him .

“There are some videos about Wang Shengxiao, Gu Hanshan, and Song Ci’s fights in the past three years . ”

Jiang Shangyu pointed to the USB and said, “This is a precious piece of information . I hope you can see something . ”

“Wang Shengxiao…”

Li Tianlan said something and seemed to be a little surprised .

Li Tianlan was not surprised that Jiang Shangyu had information about Gu Hanshan .

After all, the Jiang family was wealthy . When they tried to unite the Wang family of Beihai by marriage in recent years, they did not wholly reject Kunlun City’s olive branch . At the moment, Gu Hanshan entered the Three Thousand World, which represented that the Jiang family had a stronger contact with Kunlun City . Thus, it was not difficult for the Jiang family to get information about Gu Hanshan .

However, Wang Shengxiao was different .

In the past three years, Wang Shengxiao seldom participated in Zhongzhou State’s activities . Most of the time, he traveled around the world or stayed in the Beihai Province . So, few people could see when he launched attacks, not to mention his combat videos .

Li Tianlan had every reason to believe that Wang Shengxiao’s combat videos could be sold to any force for a high price .

“This is not the information that the Jiang family has . ”

Jiang Shangyu took an in-depth look at Li Tianlan, “The Military Counselor gave it to me . ”

“Military Counselor?!”

Li Tianlan rose his eyebrows, “Which Military Counselor?”

“How many Military Counselors can there be in the Dark World?”

Jiang Shangyu whispered, “It should be the Second Super Master of the Samsara Palace . ”

The Samsara Palace, the Jiang family…

No . It should be Jiang Shangyu of the Samsara Palace .

Li Tianlan silently took a sip of tea .

It was not until that moment that he realized—since his return, he had no contact with the Samsara Palace in any form .

He returned to the East Emperor Palace .

Bamboo Grove and Volcano of the East Emperor Palace had left; only Yu Donglai guarded the headquarters of the East Emperor Palace .

The Military Counselor Saint did not appear .

Qin Weibai may have lost contact with him .

Li Tianlan was not unknown to those, but by instinct he did not want to think more .

When he saw that Jiang Shangyu took out the USB, he suddenly understood that it was not only him hiding the Samsara Palace .

All the powers of the Samsara Palace seemed to be carefully avoiding him .

Therefore, the opposite side would rather give him this invaluable combat information through Jiang Shangyu’s hands .

“What did the Military Counselor say?” Li Tianlan asked slowly .

“He didn’t say anything . He hoped that I could give you the USB . ”

Jiang Shangyu shook his head .

Li Tianlan kept silent .

The Samsara Palace took much of the Jiang family into account . Otherwise, they wouldn’t have detected the secret that Jiang Shangyu had the Heavenly King Heart .

Jiang Shangyu had the Heavenly King Heart, which meant that he had a ticket to the gate of the Invincible Realm .

If the secret was exposed at the very start, there might be nothing .

However, the Jiang family had always hidden that secret .

They tried to get close to the Wang family of Beihai .

They tried to get close to Kunlun City .

However, the secret had never been exposed .

Obviously, the Jiang family’s father and son had a big conspiracy .

Jiang Shangyu had already been with Gu Hanshan . Once the message that he hid his strength broke out, it would produce a great vigilance in Kunlun City .

Gu Hanshan also had the Heavenly King Heart .

However, Jiang Shangyu also had the Exquisite Bone aside from the Heavenly King Heart .

His aptitudes were slightly better than Gu Hanshan’s . Why should he succumb to Gu Hanshan?

Such a figure followed Gu Hanshan firmly . Once he grew up, he would be a greater threat to Kunlun City than Li Tianlan and Wang Shengxiao .

It was absolutely impossible for Gu Xingyun to let that kind of threat go .

Even if Jiang Shangyu was loyal and devoted, Kunlun City dared not believe it .

Therefore, Jiang Shangyu had a reason to cooperate with Li Tianlan at the very start .

Li Tianlan had no doubt of that .

He did not think that Jiang Shangyu had no other choice .

He picked up the USB .

“Why don’t you give this to the Wang family of Beihai?”

Li Tianlan looked at Jiang Shangyu .

Kunlun City developed fast, but its background was slightly poor . At present, their foundation was not stable .

Therefore, Gu Xingyun would have his suspicions and would not let go of any threat .

But, the Wang family of Beihai was different .

With its background, the Wang family of Beihai could hold Jiang Shangyu’s Heavenly King Heart .

If Jiang Shangyu secretly drew close to Wang Shengxiao, the Wang family of Beihai would not reject that; rather, they would welcome it .

Jiang Shangyu looked at Li Tianlan’s eyes .

There was a sneer at the corner of his mouth .

“Does that make sense?”

He asked, “What can I get if I give it to the Wang family of Beihai? Even if I defeat Kunlun City, only the Wang family of Beihai will earn a profit . Perhaps I will get benefits, but it would be a bone that the Wang family of Beihai throws to me . The bone may be big or delicious, but it’s just a bone . ”

He leaned forward and stared at Li Tianlan . His pale face flushed with a touch of excitement and paranoia . “I’m not a dog . Why can’t I eat meat?”

“Yeah, why?” Li Tianlan asked simply .

Jiang Shangyu relaxed and leaned back . He said, “That’s why I chose you . Although it’s not a good choice, it’s the only choice . If I chose the Wang family of Beihai, I would despair in the end . However, you’re different . Your potential is strong, but your foundation is weak . If we work together to take down Kunlun City, I’ll have the opportunity to compete with you at least .

“Do you think that the Samsara Palace was unable to perceive that? Military Counselor found me because the Samsara Palace knew that I could only cooperate with you . Moreover, he did not ask others, such as the Dongcheng Clan . If Sigh City gave the USB to you, it meant that the Samsara Palace did not want to cooperate with others . ”

The rain on the river was poured into a teapot .

The rain was boiling in the flames, which was wonderfully scented .

Jiang Shangyu smiled and said softly, “It’s good for me to hide in the dark . ”

Li Tianlan lit a cigarette and took a deep breath .

“Let’s talk about our cooperation,” he said .

“I’m here to provide you with some information from Kunlun City . When my safety is guaranteed, I can help you solve something where your appearing personally is inconvenient . All you have to do is to help me kill Gu Hanshan,”

Jiang Shangyu said smilingly .

“It’s fair . ”

Li Tianlan looked emotionless .

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“It’s very fair . ”

When Jiang Shangyu spoke, his eyes were persistent and firm .

Li Tianlan was familiar with that look .

When he saw Jiang Shangyu in East Island three years ago, he saw persistence in his eyes .

He was unwilling to succumb to anyone .

Or, he was ambitious .

He would not yield to Gu Hanshan .

Similarly, Li Tianlan also knew that he would not yield to himself .

It was like the time Li Tianlan first saw Jiang Shangyu .

They would not be friends .

However, Kunlun City still existed . While Gu Hanshan remained alive, they could completely trust each other .

The common interest was more secure than any friendship .

“That’s it . ”

Li Tianlan nodded and was ready to leave .

They were not suitable to stay together for a long time . So it was, even if he hadn’t seriously injured Jiang Shangyu .

“I’ll remind you of one thing . ”

Jiang Shangyu started to talk, “Be careful . Don’t be too optimistic about your prospects . Even if you can win in the final maneuver, it doesn’t mean anything . Wang Tianzong and Gu Hanshan will show up during the maneuver . If you win, would they kill you?”

Li Tianlan started to slow down .

“Senior Li is dangerous now, but it’s not unsolvable,” Jiang Shangyu continued to say .

Li Tianlan looked up silently and glanced at Jiang Shangyu .

“What do you want to say?”

“Do you know the Devil Troop?”

Jiang Shangyu hesitated and decided to tell Li Tianlan about that news .

The Devil Troop…

Li Tianlan shrank his pupils imperceptibly .

He heard Bai Youming mention that name once .

It was said that Song Ci was related to the Devil Troop .

What on earth the Devil Troop was? Did it really exist? He was afraid that some core characters of the Wang family of Beihai were not clear, not to mention Bai Youming .

“I’ve heard about it . ”

Li Tianlan nodded slowly .

“I’ve heard of a legend . ”

Jiang Shangyu whispered, “The Devil Troop really exists . Under normal circumstances, would you believe that six experts of the Fire-flaming Realm and six experts of the Thunder-shocking Realm can kill one expert of the Invincible Realm?”

His voice was a bit cold, “That is the Devil Troop of the Wang family of Beihai!”

Li Tianlan did not have any special reaction .

He frowned slightly .

Six experts of the Fire-flaming Realm…

Six experts of the Thunder-shocking Realm .

But usually, such a squad could siege but not kill an expert of the Invincible Realm .

“If this legend is true… they are certainly not common experts of the Fire-flaming Realm and the Thunder-shocking Realm . ”

… Li Tianlan said, “First of all, their combat strength would go far beyond their realm . Secondly, they at least can withstand attacks from experts of the Invincible Realm once, based on defense power . Moreover, they have strong life force and recovery capabilities…”

“That’s not enough . ”

Jiang Shangyu looked a bit gloomy, “In this case, I can only allow them to get close to experts of the Invincible Realm . ”

“It’s indeed not enough . ”

Li Tianlan nodded, “So, the key to the main problem is the Devil Troop’s attack force . The attack power that they burst out in an instant is absolutely beyond imagination . ”

“Even if they’re strong, they are experts of the Fire-flaming Realm and the Thunder-shocking Realm . Unless they all have the Wind and Thunder Veins . ”

Jiang Shangyu shook his head and seemed to disagree .

“Without the Wind and Thunder Veins, they may also withstand a stronger power, but they need to pay dearly for it . ”

Li Tianlan said, “If their strength goes beyond their limits, 12 experts can kill an expert of the Invincible Realm . ”

Jiang Shangyu was suddenly shocked .

“All the strength goes beyond their limits…

“That means that they have the power to fight once at most . At full strength, they only have the power to strike once . ”

Li Tianlan said, “But that strike is far beyond the power of the Thunder-shocking Realm and the Fire-flaming Realm . Such an attack will destroy their bodies first . To kill enemies, they kill themselves first . ”

Li Tianlan said even more quietly, “So… they may be consumables! This should be the essence of the Devil Troop . However, there can’t be many consumables in the Wang family of Beihai . They wouldn’t have so many resources . ”

“Even if they don’t have a lot of resources, they can deal with Senior Li,” Jiang Shangyu said blandly .

“Is Wang Tianzong willing to give up?”

Li Tianlan narrowed his eyes .

“For such a wealthy family, how can he be reluctant? The key is to see whether Wang Tianzong feels more or less threatened . ”

Jiang Shangyu said, “Actually, they are still hesitant . If were Gu Xingyun or Wang Tianzong, or, Gu Xingyun or Wang Tianzong was my father, I would definitely concentrate without hesitation to destroy the Li family . It’s worthwhile to pay for a big prize . ”

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“Your father is not Wang Tianzong nor Gu Xingyun,” Li Tianlan said quietly .

“Yes . ”

Jiang Shangyu laughed, “So, you’re lucky . ”

Li Tianlan stood up .

“What’s your plan?” Jiang Shangyu asked .

“I’m going to Lin’an . ”

Li Tianlan said, “Go now . ”

“Be careful . ”

Jiang Shangyu said, “At the very least, it’s not good for me if you’re dead . If I can survive the final maneuver…”

He poured a cup of tea in front of him and Li Tianlan respectively and said with a smile, “For you, I, and Wang Shengxiao, the Zhongzhou State will be our world . ”

He stood up with a teacup and handed it to Li Tianlan, “May I substitute the wine with tea to toast for our future land!”

Situ Cangyue was enjoying the snow .

The snow in Mount Taibai remained unchanged throughout the year . Whether the blizzard howled or remained stationary, the rolling mountains were always pure white .

The mountain was pure .

The city was pure .

Pureness could not tolerate any sorrows or joy .

Without sorrow and joy, it was ruthless .

So, Sigh City was a city of assassins .

Situ Cangyue liked that place . She liked watching the white snow spread out from the feet to thousands of miles away . Like white snow at the end of the world, it was boundless without any dirt .

So, she rarely went downhill .

If she was there, it was the real Sigh City .

The wind and snow whirled at the peak of Mount Taibai, which howled and gathered like a tornado .

Situ Cangyue sat before the Taibai Palace of Sigh City and looked at the white snow that was gathered and blown away by the wind . Her eyes were tranquil and gentle .

Tribulation, who had returned to Mount Taibai, approached from the other side .

He had a cell phone that looked a little old .

In the cold wind, he sat down next to Situ Cangyue and gave the phone to her, whispering, “Text message from Drifting Cloud . ”

Three years ago, there was a voice to give more responsibilities to Sigh City among high-level figures of the Zhongzhou State after Tribulation broke through to the Invincible Realm .

More responsibilities meant more power .

There were two experts of the Invincible Realm and a murderous weapon in Sigh City . No one would think that they could not afford it .

But that kind of sound was a sound, and it had not formed a reality for the time being .

Gu Xingyun carried out the reform to the Special Warfare System .

It had been three years from that time .

However, the Southeast Special Warfare Headquarters was still a pilot, and it had not been popularized throughout the Zhongzhou State .

That was the best reason for Kunlun City to restrict Sigh City .

Reform was still in progress . It would not be appropriate to give a clear position to Sigh City .

In the past three years, since Tribulation had returned, only two men went out of Sigh City; they were called Cool Breeze and Drifting Cloud of Sigh City .

Cool Breeze was the director of the Political Department in the Sky Academy .

Drifting Cloud went to Youzhou and was the No . 1 deputy director of the Youzhou Special Operations Bureau .

Those two now represented all the power of Sigh City outside the Northeast Zhongzhou .

Situ Cangyue took the phone from Tribulation .

The screen of the mobile phone was always on, with only one line on it .

“Wang Tianzong has arrived in Kunlun City . ”

Situ Cangyue looked at the phone with profound eyes .

“In the last two months, this is the second time Wang Tianzong goes to Kunlun City,” Tribulation stated flatly .

Situ Cangyue nodded and sighed, “For the first time, he goes to test Kunlun City’s resolve and release your attitude . ”

“For the second time… they have decided to cooperate beyond doubt,” Tribulation said in a cold tone .

Situ Cangyue gave the phone back to Tribulation and kept silent .

“Do you think they have forgotten me?” In the silent wind and snow, Situ Cangyue suddenly asked .

Tribulation did not speak, thinking that it wasn’t the ordinary people forgetting about Sigh City; Sigh City had never been remembered .

Since the Hidden God of the Zhongzhou State in Sigh City was a hermit, why should it be remembered?

The Hidden God had never been remembered .

No one would care about the Hidden God’s mutual affection with the Li family .

But at the moment, Li Tianlan was the Young Governor of Sigh City .

“They are afraid . ”

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Situ Cangyue continued, “They’re afraid of Tianlan now . ”

“Li Tianlan is the Young Governor of Sigh City . ”

Tribulation said lightly, “What should we do?”

“Let me go,” Situ Cangyue said .

Tribulation was shocked and turned to look at his sister seriously, “Will you go to Huating?”

“No, Lin’an . ”

Situ Cangyue said with a calm tone, “As long as Senior Li is there, Tianlan will be fine . To deal with Tianlan, Wang Tianzong doesn’t need to go to Kunlun City twice . ”

“They want to kill Senior Li . ”

Perhaps Li Tianlan was so strong that Wang Tianzong and Gu Xingyun felt threatened .

But the threat was a threat .

Li Tianlan’s threat could be completely wiped out by killing Li Honghe .

So, they had to get Li Honghe before they got Li Tianlan .

The order could not be disturbed .

Situ Cangyue offered her hands .

Her hands were long and white .

She wore a deep purple ring, shining with brilliant light in the snow .

Situ Cangyue took off the ring and put it in her hand .

The radiance of the ring was getting stronger .

Situ Cangyue’s sword intent rose .

In the endless snow, there was Sword Qi, so it was no longer pure .

With an extra weapon, the ruthless man became emotional .

The purple ring turned into a deep purple spear .

The spear was not big . In terms of length, it looked like an enlarged pistol .

However, the pistol caliber was incredibly big, so it looked a little irregular . The caliber was so large that it looked like a hand cannon .

It was one of the 12 Murderous Weapons in the Dark World .


When the murderous weapon became a firearm, it meant that it could completely pour out all energy . In the field of murderous weapons, that was called energy storage!

The Setting Sun was ranked in the middle of the 12 Murderous Weapons, so its power was not amazing, but it was the fastest one to store energy among the 12 Murderous Weapons .

The Setting Sun roared in North America three years ago .

As three years had passed, it was high time for the Setting Sun to throw gunfire .

Situ Cangyue looked at the Setting Sun in her hand .

A flicker of resolution came into her insipid and beautiful eyes .

“I don’t show up, but they can’t forget me . ”

Situ Cangyue said, “I don’t strive for it, but it doesn’t mean that I won’t fight for it . ”

She stood up .

With sword intent, the hand-cannon in her hand became a long sword shining with purple light .

Then, it became a ring again .

Situ Cangyue walked down the steps of the Changbai Palace, turned around, and looked at two characters, “Changbai,” hanging high at the front plaque .

Knowing each other until the hair grew white .

In the ruthless city, the word “Changbai” was the only deep love .

Ruthless was actually good .

But Situ Cangyue did not like it .

She could strive for nothing and want nothing .

But, the Wang family of Beihai was attacking the Li family .

Kunlun City coped with the Li family .

People all over the world dealt with the Li family .

She would never agree!

Situ Cangyue looked at Tribulation and suddenly asked, “How much longer does Qin Weibai need?”

After thinking about it, Tribulation said as he shook his head, “I haven’t contacted her for a while . She needs at least one more month . ”

“I can give her a month . ”

Situ Cangyue said, “I’m going to Lin’an now . ”

She turned back and went down the mountain .

In the snow, her figure kept on moving and became smaller and smaller .

Lonely mountain, lonely snow .

Her figure disappeared in the snow .

In front of the Changbai Palace, Sword Qi was suddenly soaring .