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Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Underworld (1)

TL by Myoni

Edited by Yoni and Myoni


A mountain with swirling snow .

Tens of white troll corpses were scattered along the side of the mountain .

The gruesome scene revealed that these corpses were smashed to pieces .

There was a man in between these corpses .

Ice trolls were ranked high among the middle ranked monsters .

Tens of these trolls, which most strong fighters wouldn’t even fight one alone, were cleaned out solely by the man who sat down and mumbled .

“Troll King bitch, only good at running away while causing trouble . ”

Troll King!

The King of Trolls who was incomparable to regular trolls .

There were even rumors that he was so gigantic that ogres avoided him .

But, this man talked about the Troll King lightly as if he was talking about his neighbor’s dog .

However, he had to qualification to do so .

The Fighting King Lucien .

He was the wild man who was known as the person closest to humanity’s top 10 .

He didn’t join a guild or clan and only acted by himself .

However, no group attempted to recruit this man .

His fighting style was the embodiment of craziness . He wouldn’t discriminate between friend or foe and would smash everyone .

He was quite a ways apart from being helpful in group battles .

Usually, due to his unstable state, he was banned from entering all ‘cities’, however that didn’t worry him at all as he was originally a wild man living by himself .

“There are tons of bastards to catch, but this Troll King is being a pain . Ha, fucking bastard . ”

He had come all this way to complete a certain trial .


Just then, his Status Viewer rang suddenly .

As Lucien wrinkled his forehead to look, renewed information appeared .

“Hmm? The record of the tower has been broken?”

Just like his name, the Fighting King, Lucien has left countless record on Solomon’s Hall of Fame .

However, there weren’t many cases of his records being broken .

Of course, even if they were, he didn’t care all that much . There were all bastards anyways .

However… he couldn’t help, but widen his eyes when he looked at the renewed record .

“400 people? Just what kind of bastard is he?”

The name that appeared was ‘No-name’ .

It meant he purposely hid his name .

This happened before not too long ago .

He was notified when the killing record at the temple was broken .

Even at that time, No-name took first place .

It was highly likely they were the same person .

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a bastard who seems crazier than me . ”

Lucien knew that he himself wasn’t normal .

But, this person was even more absurd .

Lucien’s record was 111 people, but this bastard’s record was 400 .

Even demonstrating his cleverness by cold-heartedly hiding his name .


Just who was it?

His curiosity was aroused .

“He’ll soon go through the gate at the temple and arrive at a Great City . Should I go watch?”

Although there was an important trial, Lucien was a person who would only follow his heart .

If he became curious, he had to immediately satisfy it .

Even though he was hiding himself, a crazy man would always recognize his kind .

Perhaps he would be the only one to find the true identity of that person .

Although he was banned from entering Great Cities… Lucien shrugged his shoulders .

He was the Fighting King .

He was one of the few who held the title of a king .

And there was no one who could block a king’s path .




Muyoung wasn’t the only one to exit the tower .


After blowing air out of its mouth, the Hell Horse broadly spread its wings and flew up to the sky .

Muyoung didn’t really care .

It would probably loiter around his surroundings while keeping an eye on him .

If not, it wouldn’t be able to come promptly if Muyoung was in danger .

‘The Lunatic Sovereign’s set, huh . ”

Although he was preoccupied with the Hellhorse, the three equipment he received in the tower were equally important .

However, he would have never thought that the Lunatic Sovereign would be a set .

Moreover, he was able to receive all three set pieces in the tower .

It seemed like he was rewarded a piece after killing 200, 250 and 300 people .

‘If you gather items that are part of a set, you will receive an effect greater than its rank . ’

Normally, only items used by legendary figures were judged to be a ‘set’ . It meant that it was that much rarer and harder to find .

It was the type of equipment he would have never been able to receive at the temple .

As he carefully gazed at the equipment, related information appeared .


Name: Lunatic Sovereign’s Ring

Rank: A

Classification: Equipment

Durability: 25, 000

Effect: All stats +4, when close to death, you will become a ‘Lunatic Warrior’ by consuming stamina .


Name: Lunatic Sovereign’s Helmet

Rank: B++

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Classification: Equipment

Durability: 25, 000

Effect: All stats +3, Stamina +5


Name: Lunatic Sovereign’s Cape

Rank: B++

Classification: Equipment

Durability: 25, 000

Effect: All stats +3, Stamina +5


*Set effect (3/3): All stats +5, You do not consume stamina as a ‘Lunatic Warrior’ .



Muyoung blinked .

Each equipment increased all of his stats .

‘All stats’ had the very important property of even increasing new created stats .

Equipment that had this property were considered to be in the top among their ranks .

But, if he was to add the values together, it was an increase of 15 . Stamina was even increased by a further 10 .

This was better than combining a few A ranked equipment .

It was safe to say it was strongest equipment he could receive at the Blue Temple .

‘It seems like this effect was the reason why Ben ran amok . ’

Ben the Slaughterer .

He had another name besides being a human butcher .

Lunatic Warrior .

Just like the name, he would become a crazy warrior .

Although it stated that it would give a continuous effect while consuming the user’s stamina, the user’s mind would also be affected . So the user had to be careful when using items with these kinds of effects or skills .

Those that had weak willpower would be consumed .

Especially since this would only take effect when the user had taken a fatal blow, he had to be even more careful .

Didn’t Ben the Slaughterer eventually become half-crazy after becoming the Lunatic Warrior?

‘Reversing the tables in one shot . ’

Although he eventually brought his own end through the consumption of stamina, due to his transformation as the Lunatic Warrior, Muyoung experienced a life-threatening crisis during his assassination attempt .

Even when he was inflicted with tens of fatal wounds, he would try to take Muyoung down with him until the very end .

He considered him invulnerable and the reason for that was this ring .

Muyoung didn’t hesitate as he equipped all three items he had in his hands .

Finally, his whole body was filled with strength .

His vision became wider and his senses became more sensitive .

Burning excitement .

He felt like he could do anything .

‘Two rings left . ’

The Lunatic Sovereign’s Ring was necessary for obtaining the S ranked weapon, ‘Diabolos’ .

And the key to that was made up of three rings in total .

‘Oris’s God Seat Ring and Hamel’s Rune Ring . I will definitely find them . ’

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He knew where the other two were .

Although it would take some time, he planned to take both rings for himself .

To see the changes in his abilities, Muyoung turned his Status Viewer .


Achievement Effect à Gremory’s Anguish (A, +3 to all abilities)

Class Effect à Death Lord (Lord Class, Ruler of Death)

Stats à

Strength 64 (38 + 26) Agility 59 (41 + 18)

Stamina 66 (38 + 28) Intelligence 35 (17 + 18)

Wisdom 35 (17 + 18) Fighting Aura 40 (22 + 18)

Magic Resistance 28 (10 +18)

Special Note: Fighting Aura has been awakened .

Equipped and Invoked Equipment: Anguish (Strength +5), Herculean Strength Leather Armor (Strength +3), Lunatic Sovereign’s Set (All Stats +15, Stamina +10)


These were not the stats a beginner with less than a month of experience at the temple could possess .

No matter how quickly your stats increased, most would have to train for 1 or 2 years to be able to barely reach this threshold .

Although it had a lot to do with his equipment, nothing was achievable without effort . His equipment could definitely be considered as Muyoung’s ‘strength’ .

“Hyungnim! You’ve come out!”

He saw many people near the temple entrance .

Including Kim Taehwan, Kang Baeksoo and Bae Suzy, about fifteen people were grouped together .

They were a mess as if they had just finished hunting in the forest .

It was because they had captured a boar and collected a few different kinds of medicinal herbs .

“You look awful . ”

“Hyungnim became more stylish . ”

Taehwan admired after approaching and glancing at Muyoung’s outfit .

The equipment from the Lunatic Sovereign were all blood-red . Especially the helmet which would cover his face and had wing-like ornaments on either side would catch people’s attention .

‘I have to make them into talismans and use them when I need them . ”

When they go through the gates, there was nothing good in catching people’s attention when they arrive at a ‘Great City’ in the Underworld .

Although it was a huge event with the arrival of tens of thousands of people, the Lunatic Sovereign’s set had an especially eye-catching color and shape .

‘To find the one who entered the Hall of Fame, there will be guilds and clans intensely looking for me . ’

It was an obvious sequence of events .

It wasn’t like Muyoung only broke one or two records in Solomon’s Hall of Fame .

If he was to wear the Lunatic Sovereign’s equipment, it was inevitable that he would place at the top of the list of suspects .

Muyoung silently looked at the people around him .

‘I guess I have to use a camouflage tactic . ’

He would conceal himself and draw attention to the others .

Muyoung nodded his head and said .

“I have something to tell you all . ”




Sizzle sizzle!

The captured boar was placed above a campfire and roasted with some herbs .

Once people gathered around him, Muyoung started to talk .

“In two days, a door will open . ”

Baeksoo became surprised as he asked .

“A door? Wi-will that door lead us back to our old world?”

“No . It will lead us to a much more hellish place . ”

“Sorry…? Then can’t we choose not to enter?”

“Do you know the reason why there are a set amount of monsters that enter the temple every day?”

“I don’t know . ”

“It’s because there is an invisible barrier . And in two days, that barrier will dissipate . There will be thousands of monsters frequenting the temple every day . ”

If that was the case, no one would be able to resist .

There was no other choice, but to enter the gates .

Everyone’s eyes were filled with shock .

No one had heard of this until now .

Since he never felt the need to tell them, Muyoung hadn’t told them until now .

“When you go through the gates, you will meet a countless number of people . It’s better if you think of everyone you meet as your enemy . As the weak will be hunted immediately . ”

Every month, at most tens of thousands of people would pass through the gates .

However, the population of the Underworld was limited . In such an infertile land, there was no way to sustain everyone .

It inevitably led to ‘pruning’ .

Although there were people who thought to just leave it as it was, the influential monsters wished that all cases were under their control .

That was the reason why they accepted the necessary and threw out the rest .

Although the situation wasn’t funny, the Underworld was made up of this extreme environment .

“If you don’t want to die, follow me . We’ll gather equipment in the forest . ”

He determined that if the average level of equipment was to rise, his existence would be slightly more hidden and that there could be other uses as well .

After all, they would end up moving in groups once they passed through the gates . Although Muyoung could display the strength of several groups, he would gain too much attention .

Muyoung was planning to display an adequate amount of strength before escaping the Great City .

“Didn’t you say that the door would open in two days? I don’t know if we will have enough time . ”

This time, it was Taehwan who asked .

Muyoung nodded his head .

Suitable equipment was scattered in the forest .

With the Hunting Map, there was no need to worry about getting lost and low-ranked monsters were no longer Muyoung’s match .

Also, everyone else had developed to a state where they were able to hunt .

“Two days are enough . ”

Muyoung coolly answered .

Two days were more than enough .

If they moved like he did with Merlin and hunted nonstop without even a second of rest, they would be able to equip everyone with suitable equipment .

Hunting for only two days was as simple as breathing to Muyoung .

On the other hand, it was going to be a hellish march for everyone else…

“We will follow you . ”

The title of the group leader was passed from Taehwan to Muyoung .

It was because they had recognized through past experiences that it was best to listen to Muyoung when it came to survival .