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Chapter 79

Chapter 79: Star of the Absolute (4)

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Edited: emptycube



‘Very good . ’

After putting on the equipment he purchased at the market, Muyoung nodded in satisfaction .

He was overflowing with strength the moment he put them on . He could easily sense that he had become stronger .

He hadn’t expected much .

The arena was helping Muyoung develop beyond his imagination .

‘This isn’t all . ’

He was on the 4th floor . He didn’t know what new opportunities awaited him on the lower levels .

Including the sword Muyoung was holding, he took another look at the new equipment he purchased .


Name: Kneeguard of Fresh Blood

Rank: A

Classification: Equippable type

Endurance: 50,000

Effect: A kneeguard made on the edges of the abyss . The owner is unknown .

* Stamina +10


Name: Wicked God’s Sword

Rank: A+

Classification: Equippable type

Endurance: 45,400

Effect: A sword an orc lord known as Wicked God used .

* Only the ones awakened with fighting aura can use .

* Fighting Aura +20

* The effectiveness of the ‘Cry of Battle’ depends on your Fighting Aura .


Name: Contempt for the Weak

Rank: A++

Classification: Equippable type

Endurance: 25,000

Effect: An earring that reflects a wise and strong individual’s authority .

* Only equipable if the combined stats of both Wisdom and Intelligence are above 150 .

* Magic Resistance +30

** When equipped with Conqueror’s Earring, ‘Magic Resistance +50’ and the skill ‘The Wilds’ can be used .


The Kneeguard of Fresh Blood was a bit lacking compared to the other two but the fit wasn’t bad .

As it didn’t bug him when he moved, it seemed it would be okay to wear .

Stats became harder to increase every time they increased by 100 but he basically earned 10 stamina for free . There was no reason to not wear it .

‘Maybe it’s because of the influence of Swordmaster but I don’t feel awkward holding two swords now . ’

Muyoung held both Anguish and Wicked God’s Sword at the same time .

It wasn’t like he didn’t use two swords in the past when he was an assassin .

However, he normally didn’t use them and he only learned the basic fundamentals .

But, it didn’t seem awkward at all to hold both swords at the same time .

Instead, it seemed natural as if he had practiced this for a long time .

Though he couldn’t perform as skillfully as he did with one sword, it was only a matter of time .

Most of all .

‘Cry of Battle . ’

Among the options the Wicked God’s Sword had, a particular effect caught his eye .

You could say that the Cry of Battle had an ‘imposing’ effect .

When a fight starts, Muyoung’s fighting aura would suppress the opponent .

Those stronger than Muyoung wouldn’t be greatly affected by it but it would have a critical effect on those weaker than him .

‘Lastly…  Contempt for the Weak, the set equipment . ’

He had never heard of Conqueror’s Earring but if he was to wear it with Contempt for the Weak, his magic resistance would increase by a whopping 50 and he would obtain a skill .

Considering the fact that magic resistance was one of the difficult stats to increase, this was an amazing function .

Even Contempt for the Weak alone increased his magic resistance by 30 .

Vitality Extortion . This was also useful .

Vitality was basically the root of life .

It was an energy that went beyond that of simple stamina and was needed for everything .

‘Compatibility with Anguish seems good too . ’

Anguish absorbed blood to recover his stamina .

If Contempt of the weak extorted vitality on top of that, it would produce a much stronger effect .

Though the opponent needed to be wounded and living for it to work but this was extremely compatible with Muyoung .

Every living being with this energy would have a very difficult time facing Muyoung .

With both Anguish and Contempt of the Weak, he would be able to turn the tables against opponents who were of similar strength to him .

And when Wicked God’s Sword was included, he could even add pressure .

The Cry of Battle would push the injured opponents to be defensive .

“Ha, you have an amazing eye for equipment . I didn’t know until I repaired it . They were all made by experts better than me . ”

Kalmooh continued to show admiration .

Most of the equipment Muyoung brought went through the hands of the expert .

Of course, he couldn’t say everything was good but at least they were worth the price .

“However, it is okay for you to use your onz like that? If you’re not careful…”

“Sell them . ”


“You should definitely be able to sell these above the purchased price . ”

They were simply items that were too lacking for Muyoung to use but many of them were of above average quality .

If he sold them back, any monster who possessed even a bit of discerning eye would try to purchase them .

Also, the onz Muyoung earned from this would be of great help to him .

It was what Kalmooh desperately wanted .

For Muyoung to gain strength so that he could kill Oloness!

“…I will try my best to sell them . ”

And for that, Kalmooh was even willing to sell his soul .

Kalmooh’s eyes were blazing with determination .

Not too long after, a message announcing the next match appeared in front of his eye .


<The fight, Bug and 3 others vs . Slave Devil Oloness, will start soon . >
Familiar names caught his eyes .

It was a message that announced the fight between 4 human explorers and Oloness .

‘It’s happening earlier than I had expected . ’

Could the explorers hold Oloness back?

Muyoung also went to watch Oloness .

‘If I know my enemy and myself, I won’t lose . ’

Before he assassinated his target, he always watched their every move .

He was able to completely comprehend his target by watching and studying them .

Even the little things .

By doing this, he was able to see the opponent’s habits and it became much easier to fight them .

Even when he failed to assassinate someone and had to duel the person 1 vs . 1, there were many cases where he won due to learning their habits .

If he felt he couldn’t win, he waited until it was possible .

As he understood his target and himself all too well, he never failed an assassination .

If it was an arena where he needed to face the person head-on, there would be more variables but that was why he needed to observe them more carefully .

Planning ahead and increasing the success rate to its maximum was the way Muyoung normally engaged in fights .


The seats were completely filled .

Everyone always paid attention to Oloness’s battle .

It was amazing that no one looked at him with a friendly attitude .

“He really doesn’t die . ”

“Are we supposed to cheer for the humans? I never knew a day like this would come . ”

“Hmph, humans are cowards . They are bugs that hide in a corner . ”

Everyone ground their teeth as Oloness appeared in the arena with a beast-like presence .

Still, everyone expected Oloness to win .

It was a perfect example of monsters’ impression of humans .

And Muyoung agreed with them .

Since it was true that humans didn’t even enter the Demon God’s Territory and were satisfied living in the remote areas of the Underworld .

‘He repeated the arena 7 times . ’

However, Muyoung wasn’t interested in that .

Oloness . He, who already received a huge amount of attention, continuously returned to the arena and Muyoung wondered why .

He must have reentered the arena because he had a goal and he was still here since he hadn’t accomplished it yet .

‘It might be because his goal is to break through the last door . ’

Muyoung couldn’t think of anything else Oloness couldn’t achieve in this arena with his fighting power .

The last door!

The place where cerberus protected .

It was a monster that was half a step away from the top .

If there was anything that Oloness couldn’t beat in the arena, it was that monster .

Due to Woohee, Muyoung was already well-informed on how to put cerberus to sleep .

‘I need to face it one day . ’

If Oloness’s goal was cerberus, then Muyoung inevitably needed to face him .

Even if it wasn’t that wasn’t the case, he planned on forcefully choosing him and beating him once .

And for that eventual fight, it was necessary to analyze Oloness .

Muyoung’s eyes looked towards the arena .

The 4 people who faced Oloness .

Among them, Bug spoke .

“Highest level of danger . We are going to engage thinking that we are facing a boss class monster . Please maintain formation A . ”

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He was quite proficient in handling these matters .

It was only possible as he was an experienced explorer .

The 4 people immediately formed a line .

“Dear ‘Soon’ . ”

A man wearing priestly robes kneeled and started to pray .

He seemed to be a follower of the cloud god, ‘Soon’, one of the gods the holy city Mulalan served .

Soon, a thin cloud formed and slowly wrapped around the four .


Afterwards, a warrior with a huge shield took the lead and stepped forward while hitting the floor with his shield .

Behind him, Bug and a girl with a bow slowly approached Oloness .

‘It’s a well-organized combination . ’

The 4 people were really well coordinated . Their setup was also flawless .

The Blessing of the Cloud continuously recovered their Stamina and healed their wounds .

It also had an effect that made the opponent’s attacks sluggish and even cast out curses .

It was a formation that was well optimized for fighting one opponent .

On the other hand…

Oloness aimed for their side from the start .

In a blink of an eye, he went through them and attacked their priest .

He seemed experienced in one-to-many fights .

It seemed like he instinctively knew who he needed to target first for the fight to go smoothly .

“Active! A bit faster . ”


However, Bug accelerated the warrior’s movements . Oloness’s attack was blocked by the warrior’s shield .

Soul language sorcerer . Like the name, it was a class that allowed him to freely attack and defend, he was able to use various fighting tactics .

Bug was able to cover the weakness of their sides .

Oloness lifted his hand after realizing it would be hard for him to simply go through them .

Then, a countless number of hands stretched out from the floor .

“Dear ‘Soon’ . Please summon the Cleansing Rain . ”

The clouds that wrapped around them started to rain and dampened the floor .

The small hands instantly became oxidized as the rain made contact and their movements became sluggish .


Oloness clapped his hands .

Countless hands combined and inflated .



Five large, 10m-tall hands of specters were created in the arena .

The hands moved and stubbornly aimed for the 4 people .

Even the Cleansing Rain couldn’t do anything about those five hands .

‘When he moves the hands, he becomes defenseless . ’

However, there was a disadvantage .

Oloness couldn’t move .


A completely frozen arrow drew a line as it flew out .


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It instantly froze a hand the moment it made contact .

“Active! A bit stronger!”

Bug placed a spell on the warrior’s shield .

Afterwards, the warrior nodded his head and flung his body towards the frozen hand .


With the sound, the hand crumbled in pieces and for the first time Oloness frowned .

“You guys are quite good for humans . ”

“Aren’t you too weak for a devil? From what I heard, devils were so powerful that they could crush few mountains by themselves . ”

Bug provoked him .

In reality, he had never seen a devil .

Devils normally lived very deep inside a Demon God’s Territory .

They had never shown themselves besides at the start of the war .

On the other hand, humans settled in the land they had .

“What you say is true . I will now show you the real deal . ”

Oloness grinned .

At the same time, his forehead split open to reveal an ‘eye’ .

The eye that appeared after shedding tears of blood was very big and gave off a chilling aura .

Once that eye appeared, the flow of the fight completely changed .

As if Oloness was able to see the future, he was unfazed by any attack and the laser from his eye destroyed everything in its way .


In the end, it even pierced the iron shield .

The warrior’s left arm flew off .

Since the warrior, who guarded the front collapsed, the rest was a matter of time .

The expression of Bug and the rest of the group quickly turned bad .

“Fo, forfeit! Damn it!”

“Everyone who holds a sword against me dies . ”

Bug forfeited but Oloness lightly disregarded him .

Unless he forfeited before the fight, he needed to leave the arena to stop in the middle .

However, Oloness wasn’t planning on stopping the fight .

Instead, Oloness raised his nails .

In a blink of an eye, he disappeared without a trace and aimed for the priest .


Bug let out a shout .

His movements were a lot faster than what he had shown them until now so they were late in stopping his attack .

‘We should have just forfeited!’

It was the price for fighting in such a difficult match because they were blinded by greed .

By the time they realized their mistake, it was already too late .

The priest’s death was determined .


That moment .

A sword stopped Oloness’s nails .

Oloness thought it was odd and raised his head and looked at the opponent who appeared .

“Stop . ”

The one who appeared was Muyoung .

He had entered the arena using Shadow Teleportation .