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The Last Embrace - Chapter 79

Published at 28th of October 2019 05:05:39 PM

Chapter 79

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Within one week after Gavin Sanders portfolio was uploaded in The-X-Factor Talent Agency's main website, he was gaining attention and recognition online . His profile in the agency's website garnered more than one million views and likes from the netizens .

Inspired by his rising popularity, two of the biggest company in the country were negotiating a contract with Gavin's talent agency for his services and endorsement . One was a clothing company and the other one was a beverage company .

Gavin and his agency accepted both contracts with jubilation .

The clothing company will showcase its newest men clothing lines to cater to young adults . They need a fresh and good looking young man to promote their product to the masses . Liking the fresh and vibrant look of the newest talent of X Factor agency, Gavin Sanders . Their hope's and expectation were high anticipating that Gavin's magnetic appeal can attract young adults into buying their products .

The shooting of the clothing company's new commercial will take place in a beach hotel resort outside the capital city, it was scheduled one week after signing of the contract . As for the beverage company, their shooting will commence after the clothing commercial is done with their shooting .

Gavin Sanders schedule was full pack in the coming days .

Caden was licking the peanut butter from his spoon . He just finished preparing Gavin's breakfast . He prepared the table and waiting for his model friend to come out of his room .

Gavin emerged from his room fresh from the bath . His hair was wet sticking to his head .

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"Gavin bro! Come eat your breakfast Yo!" said Caden grinning .

Gavin smiled at Caden . "It's weird that you're now calling me Gavin . I actually regretted changing my name, too bad I can no longer change it since it's already tied to my modeling career," he said with a gloomy face .

Caden continues licking the peanut butter from his spoon . "Gavin suits you well bro! Let's eat . "

They eat breakfast in silence .

"I am really excited and happy that you had given me a job as your assistant, bro!" said Caden .

"I can now have my own salary and my own money! Yaaay!" he continues raving, feeling proud of his new job . "And the best thing about it is that I can follow you anywhere you shoot your commercials . There will be no dull moments . I can go to new places, meet new people and also feels like a celebrity," he said laughing .

Gavin was listening to his friend's nonstop chattering with amusement glittering in his eyes . He took a bite of the sliced bread that was laden with peanut butter spread that Caden prepared for him .

"We still have to continue our driving lesson, Caden . You have to really learn how to drive well because we're going to buy a brand new car soon and you will be my driver," said Gavin .

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Caden smiled widely . "No problem . I shall be the best driver you ever hired . "

Gavin marveled at his friend's overflowing confidence .

"You wanna go with me? I'm going to the agency to meet the team for the photo shoot commercial later in the afternoon," he asked .

Caden smiled broadly . "Of course am going with you! I'm your assistant and also your bodyguard, right?"

Gavin nodded . "You should start acting one from now on," he said grinning .

"Huh? You want me to be a serious dude?" asked Caden .

"Yeah . When outside we have to behave professionally since we are going to work for other people . But if we're back here in the condo we can act goofy all we want, okay?"

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Caden nodded and gave his friend a thumbs up sign .

"Later after done meeting the photo shoot team, we will go shopping for proper clothes that is well suited for our new job," said Gavin .

"Hooray shopping! I love that!" he exclaimed in an exuberant voice like that of a child going to Disneyland for the first time .

Gavin chuckled, clearly astonished by Caden's animated display of happiness .


That afternoon, the team for the photoshoot commercial arrived in the talent agency thirty minutes late . To pass thier idle times, Gavin and Caden were able to witness some photoshoots session done with other models it was taken inside the studio . Caden was impressed and awestruck with all the flurry of activities that was going on around them .

A moment later, they were being rushed into the conference area .

A lively discussion ensued among the attendees discussing all details regarding the shooting of the commercial that is going to be shown both on online, television and other leading print ads media .

The location was going to be held in 'La Serene Beach Hotel Resort . ' The mentioned of the hotel elicited a loud cheer from all attendees, the excitement was building up among them, it will be a very refreshing experience shooting in a world-class hotel .

All production crews including the models will be flown into the Resort via a 70 seater private plane owned by the giant clothing company, The Robes & Furs .

At exactly 5:00 PM, the meeting was adjourned . Everyone scrambled for the exit .

Gavin and Caden waited no time to rush into the mall nearby and brought their working clothes and attires . New traveling bags, shoes, t-shirt, shorts, polos, socks, pants, underwears, were among the top on their must to buy list .

They decided to just eat their dinner in one of the fast food restaurants in the mall and then went home hiring a taxi cab .

Gavin and Caden arrived in their condo suites at around 11:00 PM in the evening . They dropped their shopping bags on the sofa . Gavin went straight into his room and changes his clothes while Caden opted to watch his favorite nighttime television show .

Gavin exited his room and went to the kitchen to make himself a cup of coffee . He poured the sachet of coffee into the cup and added a little bit of sugar, he wants his coffee sweet . He smelled the aroma of the coffee and tasted it .

Before he went to the balcony which was his favorite place to drink his coffee, he glanced at Caden . His brows furrowed upon discovering that his friend was frozen on the sofa, the hand was still holding the remote control suspended in the air, the television was frozen as well .

When he looked in the balcony, he spotted a woman's silhouette wearing a flowing black cloak, her back was facing him .

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