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The Last Space King - Chapter 10

Published at 16th of September 2019 09:00:51 AM

Chapter 10

"Your Highness!!!" A man said while coming into a luxurious room, "We have disturbing news!!! Princess Yu and her family, they're . . . they're . . . " He stuttered as he spoke to the king on his throne .

"What is it? Come out with it!" His Highness, feeling annoyed, barked .

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"They're dead!!!" The man said grimly .

His Highness stood in silence before he vanished from his throne, leaving the servant wondering .

"This cannot be good . . . " The man said to himself .

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Wh-where is this?" Rey questioned as he got up from a straw bed . He opened his eyes, and feeling extremely uncomfortable, he looked around and saw a vast space around him; everywhere he looked was pitch black, and he couldn't see anything but that . Rey, feeling confused at that moment, aimlessly walked forward .

Hum . . .

As he walked he could hear a buzzing noise getting distinct . He then saw bars around him . He grabbed out at the bars but was unable to even touch them . Instead, his hands were bounced away . Rey looked ahead again, and this time, he could see a blurry image . He focused on it more and started to hear faint voices .

"HAHA!! ow . . . to . . e . . . m . . . apprntc?"

"I . . . Id . . b honor . . . -"

Voices came and went as both the image and voices became clear as he realized what had happened: 'Soma!'

"I'm kidding!" He said, "I'd never want a disciple that is so pitifully weak like you!"

Rey watched in horror as Soma tore through the woman . He tried to move his body but was completely cut off from all sensations this time . 'This cannot be happening!!!' Rey screamed out as tears rolled down . He didn't want to kill her, especially so sadistically .

" . . . You!!!" A weak voice came to Rey's ears, making him feel even more guilt as the petite woman fell down for the last time . Soma walked over to the other race members, killing them too .

"SOMA!! STOP THIS NOW!! THEY DON'T DESERVE TO DIE!!!" Rey screamed out at Soma through the void, "WHY!!! WHY MUST YOU DO THIS?? I DON'T WANT TO KILL THEM!!!!"

Rey's heart skipped a beat when he felt Soma look at Aizen .

- - - - - - - - - - - -

"Aizen, was it?" Soma said .

A few moments passed while Aizen stared back at Soma, who was looking at him impatiently .

"So you are Soma then, right?" Aizen spoke while coughing up blood, "Give Rey his body back!! I don't know who you think you are!! To try and take another person's bod-"

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"ENOUGH!" Soma screamed out while teleporting by Aizen . "You've said your piece, boy . But I think that it is time you vanish from this existence . . . Do you ever wonder . . . what it would feel like to be ripped apart from the inside out?" Soma said while casting gravity manipulation .

"ARGGG!!! AHHHH!!!" Aizen exclaimed and his body was being pulled two opposite directions, ripping pieces of flesh from Aizen as space pulsated . "YOU . . . YOU B-BASTARD!! REY WILL DEFEAT YOU!!!"

"Eh? A strong-willed one it seems . . . Maybe if you didn't insult me, I would have let you be my slave!" Soma said with disdain, "But alas, goodbye little one . In the future, don't provoke those you cannot contend with . Oh wait, I forgot . . . you won't have a future left!!!" He then increased the gravitational pull to the point where Aizen's bones were starting to show .

"AAAUGH!!!!" He screamed out once more time before he lost his lungs . 'REy, DOn't . . . G-give up . . . fight . . . fig . . . on' Aizen thought while he started to lose consciousness . All that remained was Soma, Aizen's steel-like skeleton, and corpses of the Lychnus .

- - - - - - - - - - - -

In Rey's soul realm,

"Aizen!!!" Rey said as he saw Aizen floating towards the bars . Rey tried to push past the bars but was still forced back by a mysterious energy, unable to touch the bars . "Damn it!!! This is my fault!!! I shouldn't have arranged this whole trip!! Because of me . . . Aizen!' Rey called out once more .

"R-Rey? Where am I?" Aizen said before screaming out once more as his consciousness started to fade .

"Aizen . . . " Rey said, trying to hold back from crying . He saw Aizen's skeleton at this point and knew what was about to happen . Aizen reached his hand out towards Rey and passed through the bars .

"REY! GET YOUR BOdy Back!!! DOn't . . . Don't gi-give up . . . fight on . . . for . . . me . . . and . . . for Riz-" Aizen said while his body in Rey's soul realm started to disperse when he lost consciousness .

"No!!! Don't go!!" Rey said while trying to grab Aizen's hand, but the moment Rey touched his hand, his body disappeared . "SOMA!!! I VOW TO AIZEN, HIBARI, THE SPACE KINGS, AND TO MYSELF, I WILL KILL YOU!!!" Rey shouted as killing intent began to build .

- - - - - - - - - - -

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Rey stood in silence for minutes, then hours, then days, before finally moving .

"It's time . . . Soul Temperament!!" Rey said with determination as rage began to surge within himself . Suddenly, millions of symbols appeared . The symbols formed in a circle pattern around Rey . He then recalled what Hibari had said to him, "Shout 'Soul Temperament' while freeing your mind, as symbols appear, command them into a rotating circle with you in the middle of it . Permeate your soul and being into those symbols, and then have those symbols enter into your spirit body . " Rey recalled .

Rey permeated his soul into those symbols, feeling his conscious freed and more lively . "So weird, I feel so . . . dynamic!" He said . Not wanting to waste time, he immediately proceeded to the next step . 'This will either break your will or strengthen it . ' Rey remembered Hibari telling him . "Here we go!" Rey said as he forced all of the symbols into his skin .

Shua! Zoom!

The symbols entered his body, and instead of pain, he felt a very strong and pleasant feeling wanting to wash over his heart; he felt the same as when he absorbed bloodlines, but the effect was thousands of times greater .

"I see . . . The process is indeed painful! Having to resist this feeling . . . If I don't resist, then I'll become tortured, effectively becoming a mindless beast, only living for this high . But if I resist, then my willpower will increase!" Rey said as he was intrigued .

"I can still go further though!" He said while pushing the symbols deeper into his skin . "Too much!!!" he forced them back, "Seems like I really need to know my limits . but I also need to push past my limits . Damn it! I need this to happen now! It can't be this slow!!! I need to learn some techniques to help me resist and push myself . . . " He pondered .

"Let's think of something that is displeasing to me . Aha! I got it: WEEDs! Oh, how I hate that smell similar to death in the morning! I just want to walk outside in peace, why do I have to smell unpleasantries whenever I do . . . " Rey thought as he tried to stab the symbols near his heart, the source of desires . "Damn it! Not strong enough, I need to be more careful about this, I almost succame to that . "

"A strong repulsion . . . How about murder or death? " Rey said . "Death is always brutal . . . like what I did to Aizen . . . " Rey said to himself as he fell silent . "This might work . . . " He tried to have the millions of symbols enter his skin once again, headed for his heart .

hum . . . Hum . . . HUM . . . HUMM!!!!!

The desire to release that feeling intensified; the desire feel good . A voice entered his ears .

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"Come, let me in! You deserve this after all you've been through . Losing your friends, this wasn't your fault, so come then, enjoy me! I will comfort you and give you everything you need and desire" The voices said . There were many more that were so quiet he couldn't even hear them, regardless of if he could hear them or not though, he knew they were also affecting his will .

"No! Focus, Rey! Focus!" Rey said to himself . "Just continue thinking about how I killed Aizen and those Lychni!" But as Rey focused on these people, the voices grew even louder .

"IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT! LET ME HELP YOU, I CAN HELP YOU, I CAN HELP YOU, JUST ACCEPT ME!!! YOUR LIFE WILL BE BETTER, AND NO ONE WILL DIE!" The whispers grew louder and more powerful . "R-Really? No one will die? Wait . . . how can you promise that? NO! I will not be tricked, all life ends! Begone!" As Rey shouted this, the void reverberated, and one of the symbols became distinct . He pushed it out of his body and saw what it said . "I will give you eternal life," it wrote .

"I can't believe that I almost believed such a lie . " Rey stated, "I get it now! All these symbols are the lies I tell myself and have believed in . To get stronger, I must defeat, believe, and prove the truth within my own life . The real trick is recognizing the lies within my mind!" As Rey said this, he looked at his body and heart, and realized that there were many lies! Before, he saw it was millions, but now that he realized that and grew slightly in his will, he now saw that there were billions of lies that were actually affecting him from the start .

"This is going to be tricky . I am sure that the lie I just defeated was a very obvious one, and there will be more obscure lies to deal with . . . " Rey said .

Rey started up once again, pressing the symbols into his heart .

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Hmm, I suppose I should start recovering the pieces of our bloodline . " Soma said to himself, "Still need another 48% to go . . . " He said while walking away from the area .

A few hours later . . .

A short humanoid looking man traveled at an alarming speed towards the forest . He was precisely the King of the Lychni


He walked beside the tattered corpses until he reached a specific one .

"Yu . . . " He said with grief as he stared at her mangled body, "They . Will . PAY!!!" He said as killing intent began to build . He cast his sight on a human-sized set of metallic bones . "Humans??? They've gone too far!!!!" At that moment, he wailed out loud in remembrance for them before setting off to travel to the nearest human settlement: Lorea .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!