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The Last Space King - Chapter 17

Published at 16th of September 2019 09:00:44 AM

Chapter 17


Riza stuck her knife into one of the lychni necks . Blood flowed and stained her clothes a deep red . Just as the other Lychnus were about to attack Riza, she grabbed the dying body and used it as a shield . Most of them hesitated, except for the woman and one other lychni . Their attacks landed on his pale body while Riza took the opportunity to use the lychnus corpse to further her enlightened state .

Tossing the body towards two of them, the lychnus gritted their teeth and caught their friend . But just as they did that, Riza dashed towards them . Their two faces paled as they realized they couldn't evade . Two lychni threw shurikens towards Riza while another four rushed to block the incoming attack on the ones carrying the body . Suddenly Riza pulled out two more throwing knives and threw them at the four incoming lychni, forcing them to sidestep out of the way .

It was at that moment, that they realized their mistake . Two of the four got stabbed in the back from their teammates, while Riza's previously thrown daggers headed straight towards the two in the back . The two lychni in the back didn't die though . They had enough time to move enough that the blade only grazed their cheeks . The two who held the body frantically set him down and reached for their blades . But before they could even touch their shurikens, Riza was already upon them . With both daggers near their necks, she ran threw them, decapitating them . More blood gushed towards Riza, seeping deeper into her clothes . She threw four more throwing daggers from her pouch, forcing the rest to defend and keep their distance .

Within 15 seconds, Riza killed three more of the lychni, severely injured two, and gave minor injuries to another two . At that moment, the energy within Riza calmed down as she finished her breakthrough . As her vision refocused, confusion was plastered over Riza's face for a moment until her memories caught up with her . Soaked in blood from the ruthlessness she fought with, she tried to remember that fighting style . If she could use that strange style to her advantage, her prowess would definitely reach another level!

Once the power of enlightenment was over, however, Riza's power output dropped back down to a normal Pseudo-novice . The mysterious light that boosted her power vanished as soon as her breakthrough was complete . Feeling her drop in power, the six lychnus looked at Riza with a blood-curdling gaze . Like a pack of wolves wanting to rip her apart, they launched a full-frontal assault . As they swung their daggers hazardously . Riza was right beside the female lychni as her arm stretched past Riza's face, barely dodging the blade by a few millimeters . Just as Riza was about to use her dagger again, the female lychni dropped her knife and kicked Riza backward, sending her tumbling down the Degasi river .

Just as Riza was 2 meters away from a small cliff over water, a man emerged from the river and pulled her into the abyss . The rest of the lychnus was dumbfounded for a moment before charging after them . Anger clouded their perception, however . Once they jumped into the water, they saw several creatures swarming around them . As if the fish were happy that prey willingly invited themselves over as food, they kept gnashing their teeth and making strange cooing . The lychni wished to escape as they looked up and saw Riza with a wide grin on her face .

"Bye!!" Riza spoke with the widest possible smile on her face as she turned away from them .

"Wait! Don't leave us!" The female lychni spoke with haste, her face contorted as she desperately wanted to jump up to kill Riza . The girl discovered that she had nothing to offer Riza, though . With no option but to fight, she cursed Riza as she unsheathed her blades . "Don't forget my name! Nydia Eichert III will kill you!" She spat out, every word sending dense waves of killing intent into the atmosphere .

Riza had already walked away once she heard the name but discarded it from her memory . She was more worried about Sonalius than Nydia . After a few more minutes, the waters turned turbulent as Riza saw a giant shadow beneath the water . Its ginormous outline swiftly approached her as a mans figure slowly surfaced . Her eyes almost popped out of her skull as she saw a rugged man on top, peaking his body out of the water .

"Sonalius, what took you so long?" Riza spoke with fatigue as sweat formed between her brows .

"I was taming a sea creature for us to ride across the river with . " He said as he stroked the now visible creature's head . It had a long, slender body, with dark green stripes on its red scales . With a single large eye and a gaping mouth filled with sharp teeth, it excluded its bloodthirsty nature . Rubbing some blood off his nose, Sonalius glanced at the hundreds of bodies before asking, "Where did the rest of the lychni go? Did they run off already?"

"I killed them all," Riza stated .

"Oh, okay . That makes sense . " Sonalius said . A moment passed before Sonalius realized what Riza had said .

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"Wait, you killed them all?" Sonalius fumbled over his words as his eyes widened .

"Yes . I made a breakthrough during combat after observing a bird healing it's young . " Riza explained .

"Oh, alright . That makes sense with the power-up you get from breakthroughs and . . . . " Sonalius halted as his expression became almost comical . His jaw dropped to the point where you could fit a goose egg inside .

"You broke through by observation and your own knowledge?" He asked, his voice full of disbelief .

"Yep . "

"From enlightenment?"

"Mhmm," Riza nodded .

Sonalius wore a strange look before staring at Riza in awe . "Amazing! Fantastic! You already reached the point of comprehending the law by comprehension! Quick, we can talk later, let's leave before there's more trouble . " He said with haste and vigilance

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Sonalius clicked his tongue three times and motioned for Riza to climb onto the more than 6-meter long creature . With caution, Riza slowly got onto the creature and straddled it . Without a second to waste, the creature's scales rotated, tunneling through the water at breakneck speed . The creature stayed above the surface as Sonalius communicated with it . The river spanned for 3 kilometers in width . Once the three of them reached the half-way point, they heard a loud bang towards the coast of the Vibrant Forest .

Riza instinctively turned around and saw two silhouettes near the rest of the dead lychni . The first appeared to be a tall man with gray hair, and the second was a short man with blue skin surrounded by light . The tall man vanished into thin air as the blue-skinned man ran towards her . Riza's gaze grew cold as dense killing intent formed around her .

"He's here . " Riza felt it was impossible to hold back her emotions as she wanted to kill the man right then and there . However, she didn't act because she knew the aura he was giving off was far more powerful than her own by far . Despite her seething hatred for the man, she tried to stay calm . Just king Sig'car's aura felt suffocating to Riza . Trying to go up against someone of his level was suicidal .

The sea creature, noticing something was wrong, pushed itself to the limit . It went another half time faster than before .

King Sig'car, who was on the opposite side of the Degasi river near the Vibrant forest, was also filled with sickening anger . He grabbed a handful of blue sand from a pouch on his hip and threw it into the river . Ice crystals formed on the surface of the water . After a few moments, over 50 meters of water turned into ice . King Sig'car slammed his foot into the ice and launched himself deeper into the river . Throwing the blue sand continuously, he was closing the distance between him and the creature .

"Try to slow him down!" Sonalius shouted as he bit his hand and sunk it into the dark water . Riza unclicked her pouch as she grabbed a few shurikens and threw them towards king Sig'car . However, because Riza and Sonalius were still so far away from king Sig'car, her shurikens plummeted into the depths of the river .

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"Damn it! This cannot be happening!" Shock and terror flushed through Riza's brain as she failed to come to a reasonable solution . With her one strongest ability, Riza cast Light Absorption on king Sig'car who was still freezing the water .

"What a disgustingly simple trick!" He bellowed, his voice creating ripples on the water . King Sig'car's entire self glowed with great brilliance, blinding both of them . Riza threw up blood as her complexion paled . The light released from Sig'car gave Riza burns, but in doing so, Sig'car accidentally melted some of the ice he had just formed .

"Riza!" Sonalius retracted his hand from the water and checked her pulse . "Overexhaustion from energy . . . this girl is too damn reckless . " With a heavy sigh, he looked at Sig'car with deep hatred . "Go!!!" He swung his arm forward, splashing blood into the river . Five small creatures came bursting up out of the water and rushed to Sig'car . Within a few seconds the creatures, with sharp teeth and claws, dived into Sig'car .

"Give . Me . Answers!" King Sig'car's fists shone with a purplish light . With every punch, a creature would be severely injured . After two punches each, the creatures looked at Sonalius with regret and hatred . Sonalius, Riza, and the creature they were already only 200 meters away to Mist Valley . Still, king Sig'car was catching up . Just as Sonalius was ready to

"It's been too long, Riza, I need answers! NOW! What happened that day? Who killed my daughter? You? Rey? Someone else? Either way, your fate is sealed! If you come to me, I won't kill anyone else . But for every day you prolong, one person from Lorea will die because of you . Their blood will be on your hands . It's your choice, Riza . " King Sig'car spat out in fury . As if fearing getting to close to Mist Valley, he took off running after that .

"That lychni is too strong for his state . . . what was he so scared of?" Sonalius saw the blue man sprint off and looked at the upcoming shore . Orange sand reflected the sun's light as the sea creature Sonalius and Riza rode upon reached Mist Valley . With a loud howl, the snake-like creature threw the of them off its back . Sonalius quickly maneuvered in mid-air and caught Riza, who was nearly passed out . After softly setting Riza down on the sand, Sonalius turned around and saw that the creature was waiting there with its teeth showing and killing intent starting to form .

"Right, I almost forgot!" Sonalius tried to laugh it off and change the mood . "This might hurt a bit . " With one hand, Sonalius peeled back the scale and touched the exposed skin . With beads of sweat forming on Sonalius' face, the creature began to feel happy as its eyelids slid back . After a few more minutes, Sonalius stopped and bent the scale back into place . With a happy yet creepy smile, the creature took off and left the two alone .

"You awake Riza?" Sonalius half-asked as he walked over to Riza . Collapsed onto the ground, Riza laid with her chest heaving up in down . With a pale face, blue veins fully exposed, covered in sweat and blood, and riddled with small cuts, Riza passed out with a pitiful appearance .

"Hmm, overexertion again . You really pushed yourself to the max and beyond . . . good job Riza . Only by walking the line between life and death can you push your body and potential to the limit and grow . It would seem that the Lychnus ambush and Sig'car was a gift in disguise after all . " Sonalius spoke freely as he hoisted her up . Noticing that he was also extremely tired and exhausted, Sonalius carried them further into the valley and found a small cave . After forcefully evicting its furry occupants, Sonalius collapsed to the ground with Riza, plunging into a deep sleep .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!