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The Last Space King - Chapter 2

Published at 16th of September 2019 09:00:59 AM

Chapter 2

The fire affinity man went in the opposite direction . After five hours of traveling through green trees, vines, and overgrown grass, he finally saw a town up ahead . A stone wall 5 meters tall and 2 meters thick barred his way in . There were four openings in each direction where guards were positioned . He walked up and entered through the eastern gate .

"Back so soon, Liam? Have you finally advanced?" The guard said . He had light blonde hair with a gaze that seemed to linger . His face was one plastered with scars, making him look ferocious . He wore the classic guard uniform that was composed of a red and blue vest with black loose pants .

"Johnathan! No, somebody else came along and I had a tussle with him . " He let out a deep sigh . "I found an abandoned child out there though . . . "

"What?!?" A voice came from behind as they were talking . Both Liam and Johnathan shuddered as they felt a chill run down their spines . Their expressions changed to ones of regret as they realized who was walking over .

Johnathan whispered, "Great, now I gotta listen to Sonalius complain about how evil some people are for the rest of my shift . " Jonathan's expression kept changing as Sonalius stood in front of them in the same guard uniform .

"The nerve of some people! Did they leave him in the Vibrant Forest too? The child cannot even defend himself in such a state!" Sonalius' voice was loud, shocking any bystanders nearby .

Liam smiled bitterly at Johnathan, "Yeah, I was battling a beast when I saw him appear . " He didn't want to explain the whole story and hear someone argue, so he tried to keep it brief . "I'm gonna go home and see about having him stay with us until we find his parents . See you later Sonalius and Johnathan!" Before Sonalious could even say anything, Liam already took off with the baby .

Liam looked back and saw the helpless expression on Johnathan's face . He heard Sonalius mutter, "Hmmph, I wouldn't do that to my child . . . " Johnathan's face wore a bitter smile as shouted goodbye in Liam's direction .

Liam slowly changed from running to walking as he saw other people traveling and the road change from dirt to cobblestone . Wooden and brick shops began to appear on his sides as he walked to the center of town . Crowds of people were all buying and selling items here . In the middle of the town square was a statue of the leader, Kiev . Engraved on it was a plague that said, "Acting leader of Lorea, Kiev Hemmes . "

As Liam walked past the metal statue of Kiev with a sword in his hand, he could help but speak . "You really do look better as a statue than in-person that's for sure, Kiev . " He said in disgust, "Maybe your statue, unlike yourself, can actually inspire people . "

Within another 15 minutes of walking, Liam reached his home near the northern gate . The roads turned back from gravel to dirt as he went home . A stone house stood in front of him . It was neither big nor small for him and his wife . He walked inside and saw his wife . She had long light red hair with a fair face . She wore a simple blue tunic with black pants . Liam immediately began to tell her everything that had happened to him . His wife, however, busted up laughing .

"Hahaha, Liam, you're joking, right?" She said in an unbelieving, somewhat loud voice .

"I am not, this baby just appeared out of nowhere! Even space was breaking down!" When she realized that Liam was telling the truth, a barrage of emotions overcame her . Shock, worry, fear, and gratefulness were mixed into her expression . When Liam saw her complicated expression, he didn't even know what to make of it .

"I will continue searching for the actual parents, but for now, I think that we should have him stay with us," Liam said with resolute in his voice .

"Are you sure about this? We're not even sure what he is! Even though he looks human, I haven't seen any person with those eyes in my life . " She was very skeptical about this due to so many unknowns, especially about other races . "What if he grows powerful enough and decides to kill us? Something strong enough to fracture space . . . " She started to go off .

"Serai, I am sure . I don't feel like this baby will harm us when he grows up . If he truly does show signs of harming us, then I'll do it . I'll kill him if need be . . . " Liam struggled to make that promise, but he said it nonetheless .

Serai pondered for a little bit "Okay, but if I start to sense any killing intent from him or any like that . . . " Her skin started to glow slightly as lightning crackled and curled around her fingertips for a moment .

There were very few races that humans were allied with enough to trust them, much less live with . Almost all races only trusted their own race . One of the main reasons for this was that each species could kill other species and use their bloodlines to improve, but they couldn't use a member of the same race's bloodline; a human couldn't use another human's bloodline, however, they could use the bloodline of the demon race . Therefore, it became custom to kill first and ask questions later about other races .

"Don't worry, if it does come to that, I'll make sure to deal with it . " he quickly replied .

"Very well . Do you know what his name is?" She said as she picked him up .

"No, I forgot to ask the baby what his name is . . . " Liam rolled his eyes as he thought of the question .

Serai smiled, embarrassed at asking such a question after having the whole story explained . "Why don't we name him after your father, Jacob?" She thought about it for a moment before saying that .

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"Jacob," Liam pondered, "I like it! Jacob Reymond is his name for now . At least until we find his parents . While it's still daylight, we should ask around town," Serai nodded as they both walked out .

After searching for nine hours each day for three weeks, they gave up . Within those three weeks, Liam and Serai found someone capable of feeding Jacob, as he was still an infant, a bed, and bought clothes for him . They scoured the town yet they didn't find anyone who could be his parent . There were some people claiming to be their son, but it was obvious because those people didn't share any of his characteristics .

Serai and Liam decided to write his name into the yearly census and he officially became their son .

- - - - - - - -

"Rey! Can you go grab your father? It's almost time for dinner!" Serai shouted .

"Yes, Mother!" Rey replied .

At this time Rey was 12 years old and had been living with Liam and Serai for as long as he could remember . During these 12 years, he learned to write, read, speak, and walk; he learned basic functions and information about the world .

Rey ran over to the back of their house, where his father was practicing the fire law .

In this world, there were many mystical laws one could learn about and then use, the fire law was one of them . The amount of law one could use was proportional to their affinity . If a human had a low-tier fire affinity, they could break through easier, but wouldn't be able to use the fire law as effectively or precisely as someone with a high or very high fire affinity . Think of each law as a book . The more affinity you have, the more pages you have to read before fully comprehending the book, whereas, with a low affinity, you are practically reading a summary of a chapter from the book . While summaries are quicker to comprehend, you are losing a lot of information in the process too .

"Father, Mother said that dinner is ready and wanted me to come to get you" Rey said .

"Okay, thank you, Rey, I'll be over in a bit" Liam said as he was continuing to fire fireballs that would split into three, catching an enemy off guard hopefully while attacking many vital points at once .
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Another thing Rey learned was the qualitative changes within one's body when they broke through .

Each rank of a law they comprehended helped their control, and sometimes allowed them other abilities, such as making fire travel from the body to a medium, like air . These were the known ranks and were separated into 20 breakthroughs each .

Descendant Stage

Semi-Descendant Stage

Saint Stage

Semi-Saint Stage

Novice Stage

Semi-Novice Stage

Semi-Mortal Stage

Mortal Stage

Along with the comprehension of each law, there would be some other benefits such as extended lifespans and body-strengthening . Comprehending different laws had different effects on the body . The fire law may strengthen one's body more than the lightning law, but the lightning law would allow people more energy they could store and use (Endurance) . One way to tell which law one had comprehended was through their eyes .

To comprehend a law, one needed to find another species that was favored by the same law, kill it, and then absorb its innate understanding of the law through its blood . Another thing is that not all races can comprehend every law . The multiverse is fair . The higher one's affinity for a specific law, the lower the affinity for other laws . Humans had a lesser middle affinity to every law known . Humans were able to practice every law, but they also weren't the best at each law . This diversity and their insane breeding still made up for their lack of talent with sheer numbers and variation .

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There were, however, items capable of changing the affinities and bloodline of a creature . These were naturally occurring resources named legacies . There were man-made legacies, but the effect was horrible as it would lower many affinities to create or upgrade an affinity to the same grade . Natural legacies would still change affinities, but usually, it could change it for the better . It all depended on the bloodline being given and the bloodline you had .

- - - - - - - -

At the dinner table .

"How is your new ability going, Father?" Rey asked

"It is going . The improvements in it are slow, but I am starting to get ahold of my new understanding . I can almost fully control all 3 fireballs after being split" Liam said . Aside from absorbing understanding, one still needed to practice a lot to fully understand the portion of the law they had access to .

"What about you Rey? Have you found your affinities yet? I know you aren't fully human at least, but you have to have some understandings . "

"I haven't found out much, I know I could feel some law, but I don't know which one it is . It would truly help knowing where I came from an what race I am . . . " Rey said with displeasure

"We've tried out the fire law, air law, lightning law, water law, and the darkness law . We could try out the light law while we're at it, but I doubt it . You obviously have some other law I haven't seen yet, perhaps something rarer . We can try the time law, space law, and the disintegration law when there is a creature nearby that isn't dangerous . I know you are part human, so you must have a very low affinity towards other laws, just wait, in time those feelings will get more distinct . As for your race, even I have no clue . I tried searching for information about you when you were younger, but nothing came up . " Liam said, feeling slightly guilty for not being able to help .

"Tell you what, tomorrow, come with me and your mother, we'll hunt something in the vicinity and you can try to absorb its bloodline again . That is if your mother is okay with it?" Liam said .

"Perhaps after a year, you'll be able to absorb the bloodline . If that is the case, head to bed Rey . You'll need your energy since we're getting up early . " Serai said in a warm voice .

"Yes, Father, Mother, thank you!!" He said gratefully .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!