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The Last Space King - Chapter 31

Published at 28th of May 2020 05:40:04 PM

Chapter 31: 31
"We're here," Sonalius whispered to Riza and tapped her on the forehead . "Let's be quick and inform Tyrien about this . " He audibly gulped as Riza opened her eyes and nodded . After five days of traveling, they had reached the city of Yytar .

Riza looked around at the towering buildings and elaborate stone sculptures that formed a "V" shape . she stopped walking and gazed up in the sky in awe . thirteen life-like sculptures stood before her, each one conveying a different set of elegance . At the center of the point, with six statues on either side of him, was a green-haired statue that was twice as tall as the other twelve . Riza couldn't fathom how much time it took to carve a statue over 50 meters tall, or where someone would even find a single stone that large . Sonalius, seeing Riza's mouth wide open in wonder, felt nostalgic at the sight .

"That was the same reaction I had for the first year I became an elite guard here in Yytar . The statue on the left, in the middle, that is Matriach Tyrien . " Riza saw the statue of a lychnus woman standing on one knee . The sunlight beamed down on her blonde hair and fair skin . Her kind smile smirked upward made Riza feel light . Sonalius coughed and got Riza's attention, "Er, don't expect her to laugh or smile . In my years with Tyrien, I had only ever seen her smile from looking at her statue…"

Sonalius urged Riza to hurry as they walked past the statues and came upon a wide building that was surrounded by guards .

"This is where the Thirteen stay and raise their own disciples . Naturally, it is well protected with many elites . We can ask to see Tyrien from here . " Sonalius looked worried, constantly looking forward at the guards .

"If she is so important, why would she agree to meet with us?" Riza felt puzzled, "We are only from a small city beyond the Sun Empire's control; aren't we insignificant to her?"

"She'll see us, there's no doubt . " Sonalius gulped and moved further . "Let's go, I'll introduce you to my former master soon enough . "

Before Riza could ask him more questions, Sonalius already picked up his speed and swiftly came to a checkpoint .

"Your identification and purpose for being here?" The guard gave him a side glance and paid no attention to Sonalius . He handed him the familiar blue card and the guard ran his energy through it .

"This identity is old . What is your purpose here, Sonalius Isiria?"

"Keep reading it . "

"Alright," the guard gave him a peculiar look, "Born in Yytar, an elite soldier, nicknamed Jade Lion…" He scratched his head before realizing why it sounded so familiar . "You're the Jade Lion?" The guard's face went blank as his eyes lost focus for a split second . Sonalius noticed the change and gave a faint laugh .

"There's no point in calling the guards, I'm not going to fight you . " Sonalius sighed and looked at Riza, who shied away and hid in his shadow . "It's alright, you'll be fine, Riza . "

Patting her soft head, Sonalius' beaming smile was all Riza felt .

"I trust you . "

"Good . We'll get our revenge on that bastard soon . . . " Sonalius paid no attention to the tense and sweating guard as six more came from within the palace . They formed a ring and surrounded him with spears .

"Sonalius Isiria, we have been ordered to capture you for your crimes of aiding the Ghora in battle and disobeying matriarch Tyrien's commands . Don't resist, Jade Lion!"

Sonalius stood there willingly, but the commander continued .

"There is no point in trying to resist . Our peak Scholars are stationed nearby . Even if you could defeat them, the Awakened matriarchs here will destroy you . But you still want to fight, don't you?" He drew his sword and pointed it at Sonalius .

"No, I give-"

"Enough chatter! Your reputation precedes you, Jade Lion! If you want to fight so badly, then come at me!"

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The commander poised himself for battle as Sonalius looked worried . Seriously, he only wanted to go quietly! Had he been too ruthless in the past? If he is to go all out . . . Sonalius looked at Riza who was behind him .

"I won't . Take me to matriarch Tyrien already, I'm certain she'll want to see me unharmed . "

" . . . You don't want to fight? Not even a single duel?"

Sonalius stood there speechless, who's the criminal here?! He almost wanted to shout "Help, police!" Oh, right . He's about to be assaulted by the police . . .

The commander felt disgruntled as he thought about it more . He sheathed his sword and looked downcast .

"Even criminals can't be beaten right now," he sighed, "where are the bloodthirsty people who love to battle nowadays?"

"Sir . . . " One of the guards meekly responded .

"Hey . . . Qwan, do you think others would mind if we accidentally let a prisoner escape?"

"Sir! We still have to maintain our image, even if you want to fight that badly!"

Qwan panicked . What if the prisoner got beat to death by this commander of his, what would happen if the higher-ups found out? Just the thought of it was enough to send shivers down his back .

"Since they're so willing, I'll take the Jade Lion to the jail room for now . The girl seems to be with him too . Maybe she's willing to resist . . . "

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Another shiver crawled down Qwan's back . "I can take them if you want to go to the sparing grounds, I can handle them with the suppressors, sir . " He pleaded as beads of sweat ran down his face .

The commander's eyes lit up . "Very well," He threw four bands next to Sonalius and Riza, "put these on so I can leave . Unless . . . " He looked at them with a fiendish gaze .

"Do as he says," Sonalius and Riza put the band over their wrists and ankles . Their strength quickly dwindled, leaving them powerless .

"Come with me," Qwan said in a stern voice and pushed them along . "To think I'd be escorting the famous Jade Lion to prison . Why did you turn yourself in?"

Sonalius kept moving but stayed silent .

"Very well, keep to yourself . At the very least, who's the girl?"

"A good friend's daughter . Don't worry, she's innocent . "

"It's not for you, nor me, to decide . What's her name?

"Riza Arriero . "

How can I contact her parents? Assuming she's innocent, she'll be leaving shortly after we investigate . "

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"They're dead . Killed by Lychni"

"I see . . . " Qwan said grimly . "Her hometown?"

"Invaded by the same Lychni . " Sonalius glanced at Qwan's purple skin and short figure .

"What's the name?"

"Lorea . "

"Is that so?" He kept walking along the road, pushing them forward from time to time . "I met an annoying brat through our soul realm that said he lived in Lorea . My sister took great interest in him . "

Riza, who stayed completely silent until now, suddenly spoke up . "What's his name? Is his name Rey?"

Shocked, Qwan stopped where he was and blinked . "You know Rey?"

"He's the main reason we're here . "

Qwan looked at the two and started walking again . "Come, you can tell me more when we reach the jail . "

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