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The Last Space King - Chapter 5

Published at 16th of September 2019 09:00:56 AM

Chapter 5

Rey, once again, woke up from the most painful thing in his life . Getting hit in the solar plexus is the most painful thing one can experience with their body . This pain, however, was so much more, at least 10 times greater . This was the pain coming from his very soul . After a few moments of extreme anguish that felt like days, he finally woke up .

"Ahhhh" Rey groaned lightly .

'Hehe, you awake Rey?' Hibari said a surprised voice 'I thought that you'd have a tougher time going through that . . . '

'WHY? Why did you make me go through that?!?!' Rey mentally exclaimed as he was furious . His worst nightmare had just happened a few moments after the first time he felt that pain .

'Relax Rey, this was a necessary pain . Look what is inside your hand! This is something all the Space Kings had . '

Rey looked into his hand, and indeed, there was something .

'A ring?' Rey was confused . 'I didn't realize that Space Kings were into bling and fashion?'

' . . . This ring isn't for aesthetics! This is a spatial ring crafted by our race! With this, you won't have to carry around things that would restrict you . This space, however, can't have any other creatures in it . This is something created with its own space law, creating space out of nothing . Thus, the only law this has is the space law . No fire, ice, water, time, or anything else shall exist in this space, or it will collapse the artificial space law .

'Wow! How do I use it?' Rey said with joviality .

'Each one has a passcode with voice recognition, simply yell out "I Love Hibari!" . Mhmm, just like that, and it will open . ' Hibari said with a laugh .

'You've got to be kidding me . . . ' Rey exclaimed, Wasn't this guy just trying to trick him?

'No, I am not tricking you, I personally set this password and the requirements, so go ahead!' he stated proudly .

' . . . Alright . "i love Hibari "' Rey said, feeling incredibly ridiculous .

'Louder! otherwise, it won't work . '

'I LoVe HiBaRi' Rey said in a louder voice .

'Louder buddy! Give it some oomph!'

'I LOVE HIBARI!' Rey shouted at the top of his lungs . Suddenly, he could feel a connection with the ring . As he focused on that spatial feeling, he could see within the ring . It had two square-shaped boxes of space about 50 cubic meters next to each other, with a larger rectangular prism approximately 120 cubic meters between those two squares . All in all, it was 220 cubic meters of space .

'This is amazing!' He started to become exuberant, despite the horrible way of accessing it . He then realized something was off about this shape . . . 'Wait a second . . . wasn't this a certain body part?'

'Hehehe, do you like my present?' Hibari merely laughed as he heard this . His mind had truly been too warped by Rey in these past 12 years .

' . . . Why are you acting like a 12-year-old?' Rey was feeling very doubtful about the Space God's choice of caretakers .

'The real question, is why aren't you? After all, you are a 12-year-old . ' Hibari, despite his own childishness, couldn't grasp this .

'Because I want to grow stronger . Hearing how my entire race had to destroy themselves because of some threat, I can't sit by ideally playing some jokes' He tried not to laugh . His mind, however, was still a 12-year-olds mind . 'I need to get stronger . ' Rey said with determination .

'Alright, alright! Jeez, kid, I'll help you get stronger . Just learn to take a joke once in a while . Even the shouting my name was a joke . I'll control your spatial ring for now due to your lack of proficiency, just will it, and I'll open it for you . '

Rey merely rolled his eyes at this . 'By the way, why did I choose to go by the name of Rey even before I knew my name was originally Rey Nafasi? And the Space God gave me the name of Jacob Reymond even before I met the Reymonds, how is that possible?!?' He was thoroughly confused by this .

'Hmm, I don't know, perhaps you still unconsciously remembered your name before you recovered that portion of your memories? As for giving you the name before meeting them, perhaps he looked into the future while teleporting you? Space Gods do have an affinity towards time, though I don't believe he had that ability . '

'Oh, I guess that sorta makes sense . . . And the Ancient? What is that?' Rey curiously said .

'Can't divulge that information, that was a direct command from the Space God . Not until you at least reach the Saint Stage or it is pertinent to your survival . ' Hibari stated .

'In that case, it seems like I have to get stronger then . ' Rey responded .

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Meanwhile, in the tavern, outside of Rey's room

"Liam, I know you want to help Rey comprehend a law, but look at his and our state right now! We can't go risking our lives and his just for a better chance at comprehending a law IF we kill it" Serai said with a serious tone .

"It's only a slightly stronger creature, and it's of the space element! If we can kill it, I thoroughly believe that Rey will absorb the space law . I don't know why I feel so strongly, I just do! Once we heal up, I think that we should . . . " Liam said before stopping abruptly

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"I LOVE HIBARI!" They heard from a voice that was strangely around Rey's room .

"We might've just found a bigger problem on our hand, who is this Hibari?" Serai said with a shocked face .

"He's never told me about a Hibari, perhaps this is a new girl he met?" Liam said with a vigorous face as he thought, 'He is finally socializing with girls!'

"Mhmm" Serai nodded "It would seem so . Looks like we'll have to dig deeper on this topic . "

"Perhaps we can bring it up to him while we go hunt this space affinity creature?" Liam insisted, not relenting .

"How about this, invite some of your friends with us, and I'll think about it . " Serai finally relented .

"Great! We'll go as soon as Rey is healed up!" He said with excitement .

- - - - - - - - - -

'Hibari . . . Why does my body feel so exhausted right now?' Rey stated, feeling as if he hadn't gotten any sleep in days .

'You are on the verge of regaining your innate comprehension of the space law due to the strengthening of your soul' Hibari said .

'Oh! that sounds grea . . . alright, I'm going back to sleep, I have to rest up and recov . . . '

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Rey then suddenly felt extremely tired and fell into a deep sleep .

'Mhmm, don't be thinking anything weird or you . . . ' Hibari said in a somewhat serious voice before suddenly stopping .

'Hehehe! The Guardian of Corinth . . . welcomes you . . . to hell!!!' He said in a raspy, deranged voice .

- - - - - - - - - - -

Rey woke up after a long sleep . The damage that was done to his body wasn't very severe, but due to him absorbing so much space energy for the first time, his body needed to adjust properly . Serai also needed to sleep after taking in ice energy, but due to her affinity being much lower, her body didn't absorb much ice energy; the time she needed to adjust was significantly lower .

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"Oh, you're finally awake!!!!" Riza exclaimed in a loud voice . Riza Arriero, one of his closest friends . Riza had short blonde hair, hazelnut eyes, and a cheerful face, giving her the look of fierceness with a trace of beauty . She was Light law user, mortal stage 5 at the age of 13 . She was exceptionally strong, probably due to the fact she received a legacy improving her light affinity to mid-tier . Now after 2 years, she hit the mortal stage 14 .

"Ah! Riza . . . It wasn't that bad, I was only out for a couple of days . . . " Rey responded

"Couple days? More like a couple of years! You gave us all a scare, we thought you really did get hurt, or not wake up again!!" Riza said in worry .

"Couple . . . Couple years??" Rey stuttered, not wanting to believe this .

Then, he looked around, and he was in his home . Indeed, it does seem like I was gone for a little bit . He noticed many different decorations around his wooden house .

'It's because you just awakened the Space law, and your body worked to fill your being with space energy . ' Hibari stated in his mind . 'Your affinity made it so you had to rest while absorbing the space law for 2 years . This is quite normal for us due to our high affinity . '

"I'll go tell Liam and Serai and the rest! They'll be extremely happy!!" Riza went and hurried off .

'So I've finally comprehended a law??' Rey said in disbelief .

'Yes, and right now, your body is full of space energy' Hibari replied

'How much Space energy can I hold?' Rey asked

'That's not how Space energy is really quantified . . . I can, however, use a percentage form of your energy and then change it into a point system based off of your weakest ability . '

'Do it, and list any other relevant information with it' Rey said, as information was transmitted to his mind .


Name: Jacob Reymond / Rey Nafasi

Age: 14 years old, 5 months

Bloodline: Crappy Human bloodline (50%) Space King bloodline (50%)

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Laws: Space law - (Pitifully only) High-tier affinity - Semi-mortal stage 1

Abilities: Teleportation, Imbue, Materiokinesis, Gravitation Manipulation, permeability

Energy: Space - 25/25 - recharges 1 point per hour

Teleportation: User can teleport an object in a 10-meter radius around himself for 1, or teleport user 3 meters from the initial position for 1 . 8 points of space energy . Uses more energy with greater distance and weight .

Imbue: User can imbue an object with space energy, causing the object to become deadlier with variable damage . The more energy imbued, the more damage an object can do . Uses a minimum of 0 . 5 space energy .

Materiokinesis: User can shape a material into any object he can think of by controlling atoms . The energy required is based on material density, type, and size of manipulation . The space energy required is variable .

Gravitation Manipulation: User can manipulate gravity within a 2-meter radius around the user . Space energy is variable based on total weight, amount gravity is manipulated by, and duration .

Permeability: User can activate space energy inside his body, becoming permeable and passing through an object as he wishes . Energy consumption is based on the density of user and material passing through, time activated, and mass of user . Base energy cost is 12 points per meter traveled .


'Did you really have to transmit that my human bloodline made me weaker??' Rey helplessly stated .

'Yep! I can't help myself . I see something weak, and I just have to point it out . ' Hibari said in disdain for humans bloodline .

"Rey!!!" Both Liam and Serai rushed over, hugging him almost until he collapsed .

"Huh? Aren't you a little bigger than you were before?" Liam said .

'Your body has become stronger with the space energy supplementing your body's growth . ' Hibari stated .

'Woah!' He checked his arms and muscles and saw he had become visibly stronger . His body was in peak condition thanks to the space energy within his body .

"Father, Mother, Riza, I've finally acquired a law!!" Rey said and then pondered, "And there's something else I need to tell you guys . . . about where I came from . . . "


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