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The Last Space King - Chapter 9

Published at 16th of September 2019 09:00:52 AM

Chapter 9

The next morning,

Rey situated himself after a long rest . His injuries healed up somewhat faster than before . 'Guess that's because of the fruits?' Rey thought . He thought of the different energies flowing through him . Rey then remembered the space inside himself and focused on that feeling . As he focused, his mind began to explore and enter into a new space . This was a space created within his soul . He found his own body and began to move with it in this void space . As he walked he was thinking of Soma, and the things he said, when suddenly Soma appeared before him, shackled and imprisoned . He had Rey's eyes and hair, but was much taller and bulkier then Rey; this was Soma and Hibari's true body .

"How are you here??" Hibari resounded . "What . . . has Soma done now while I was passed out?" Hibari started to recollect himself when Rey started telling him what had happened .

"True legacies!!! To think there would be a Legacy Tower here!! These are legendary treasures born from the universe them self! Wait . . . " Hibari said after realizing something . . .

"So this is how I plan to control your body . . . seems like there is still some sanity left in that part of me after all . It would be very challenging to control your body as a soul form with incompatible bloodlines, so he plans to change your bloodline . . . I'm trying to awaken and restore your bloodline!!" Hibari exclaimed .

Rey felt like something was amiss . "Since when did you start referring to Soma as I? What's going on Hibari ??"

"I . . . don't know, I just did . He is, after all, a part of me . Focus on the task at hand, you shouldn't be thinking of this . You have to think about how we're going to stop him . " Hibari said in a fit .

"Right, back then I had no chance of resisting, and we're running out of time . . . " Rey stated, "Seems like we can only go through s-"

"Stop! Don't say the next words! I can feel Soma . . . merging and watching . . . my senses . Right now I am too weak to suppress him . You need to hurry, I think this is the final time before the seal breaks and we merge forever . You know the method that I've taught you . . . right now, I will purge my thoughts and memories . I will not remember you after this, so, I suppose this is goodbye, forever . . . Rey, uphold my teachings and train, perhaps one day, you'll be able to defeat ancient . As for the information that I've collected, here it is!" Hibari said with finality .

Rey felt an ocean of over 7000 years of experience and information rush into his mind . Unable to understand all of it in one moment, these thoughts burrowed into his mind for him to understand and comprehend as time passed . His mind feeling cramped as he screamed out in pain for a minute until that feeling dissipated .

"Hibari?" He looked at the blank-faced Hibari who was standing there .

"Who . . . are you?" Hibari said with a questioning and disorienting voice .

Rey closed his eyes for a moment, feeling sad over his powerless self . 'If only I had been stronger . . . Hibari would still be alive'

"Thank You, Hibari, for all that you've done!" After that, he removed himself from that space, stood up with the light fruit, and then proceed to climb up the stairs and out of the Legacy Tower .

- - - - - - - - - -

"We're almost there, it should be just over there, near that valley!" Cerea said with excitement . 'The light legacy will be ours!' He thought .

"Let's go get it!" She said .

"For his holiness!" They all said in one voice .

A few minutes passed before they reached their destination . They came upon the area, but they were suddenly shocked as they heard voices coming from afar .

"Eat it and be in your way! I don't know how much longer I have!" a male voice said .

They quickly ran over to get a clear sight of what was happening .

"Okay, okay!" a female voice said as a slight crunch sound was heard .

Their faces fell when they saw what she was eating . "The light legacy!" They exclaimed, but it was too late as she already ate the rest of it in another bite .

- - - - - - - - - -

"Okay, okay!" Riza said .

"The light legacy!" Rey, Aizen, and Riza heard a few seconds later .

"Someone's here!! This is bad!!" Rey said .

The five Lychnus race members bolted out in rage . They were enveloped in yellow light as they charged towards Riza with grandiose speed . Then Rey appeared before them .

"Your opponent is me!" Rey stated .

"Hmph," The leader said in disdain . Humans were hated by almost every race as their bloodlines could absorb any law, causing many deaths from various races . The four other Lychnus race members went over to fight with Aizen and Riza, while the leader fought Rey . She threw circular blades at Rey that were so fast he could barely react .

'So fast! What stage is she on???' Rey thought . He quickly teleported as they nicked him . His armor was easily torn through and started bleeding slightly on the face .

The leader was shocked as she realized that he was using the space law .

- - - - - - - - - -

Aizen wasn't fairing too well either,

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"Just give up, we'll ensure a painless death for you!" They said .

"Please, not in a million years would tiny little things beat me! Scuttle off, little bees" Aizen said while beating his chest .

Two of them, extremely furious, approached him and started attacking him from afar with the same type of blades . Aizen formed a thin layer of titanium around his body, yet the blades were still able to create a thin slice in his armor, drawing a slight amount of blood . He used his control over the air law to form slight winds, hoping to change the blades directory, but it didn't make much of a difference . Seeing this, he decided to burst forth towards the two Lychnus members, but they simply sped up and dodged him .

'Damn it! If I could only reach them!' Aizen raged in his heart .
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Seeing how this didn't work, he instead just tried to brute force it . He started collecting more titanium, filling his whole body that was already enormous, into a mountain of metal . He then started flinging the metal towards the two women crazily at an alarming speed .

The two women's faces dimmed for a moment before they decided to take up a new strategy . The random patterns made it hard for the two to attack with their blades, and soon they were covered in injuries if they didn't change their attacks . The two decided to use their fist instead . They kept dodging until they reached Aizen . Then they punched out towards Aizen, who was still trying to throw metal spikes at them, and the light energy within their bodies flowed into him, wreaking havoc within Aizen . He coughed up blood right before he smiled .

"You think that's enough to stop me??" Aizen said while laughing as he grabbed the two people and smashed them to the ground . Before the two could respond from their shock, he grew two long metal spikes and drove them through their hearts, where light energy was stored .

"Hmph, ants trying to compare to a lion . . . " Aizen said in disdain .

They then died soon after . He had won the fight with quite a few injuries, which was a feat, but the battle was still ongoing .

Riza, after eating the light fruit, became much stronger . A beam of light encircled her, causing the two other race member's hearts to flutter just by looking at her . She was fairing much better than Aizen did, as she was even above the Lychnus leader's level; her cultivation stage was raised, and she learned a powerful ability: Light Absorption . She ran towards them so fast that she became a blur in their eyes . Riza then cast this ability around her enemies eyes when they were a meter away from her, turning the area around their eyes pitch black . What she did was absorb the light that would collect into their eyes, effectively blinding them .

"Im-Impossible! Cerea! Where are you?" One of them shouting while trying to look around .

"I'm here! Fl-Flee! Princess Yu, Run!!! This Girl is too strong, we'll hold her off!" He said . They tried to run away in the opposite direction of where they were originally facing, but Riza was too quick .

They stumbled around as they were running and throwing blades randomly as they shouted in disbelief . Riza however, quickly flashed to them while dodging the few blades that reached her . With her hands, she touched them where both of their hearts were and sent light energy coursing through their bodies, disrupting their rhythm and incapacitating them . She didn't want to kill them, but she also knew that they would be trouble if she didn't stop them .

- - - - - - - - - -

Princess Yu, seeing how her Riza incapacitated her younger sister and brother, felt relieved as they could've been killed by Riza if she didn't hold back .

'Thank goodness for their merc-' She was in the middle of thinking, when she saw Aizen, suddenly killing her son and daughter, stabbing them through the heart and staining their white clothes red .

She then suddenly stop fighting Rey as her eyes dimmed for a moment . 'No . . . No, this cannot be happening! Thi . . . ' She thought before screaming out, "LUCA!!!! DIANE!!!!" She tried rushing towards Aizen, wanting to rip his heart out but was confronted by Rey once more .

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"I said, your opponent is me!" Rey stated once more .

"Human, it is admirable that you have achieved so much in the space law, but if you don't get out of my way . . . " Yu's eyes grew in radiance as a fire bloomed out along with light swirling about . "This is as far as you'll go if you don't get out of my way and let me save them!!!" She said .

'So scary! To think she has even more control over the fire law than the light law!' He stepped back a few meters as the fire was starting to burn his skin . He didn't really want to kill them too . All he wanted to do was have Aizen and Riza run away before . . .

"Good decision . . . " She stated .

'OH CRAP!' Rey forgot about Soma, 'Any second now . . . ' He looked into his soul as he saw the final chains on Soma breaking down .

"Riza! Aizen! You guys have to run! Soma . . . he's about to break free!!!" Rey said while Yu who just arrived at her son and daughter's pierced bodies .

Riza and Aizen looked at Rey in disbelief 'Already??' they thought they had more time . "Okay, we'll head back!" They said .

Princess Yu examined her children's bodies, and tried casting light healing on them, but then realized the tough truth of the matter . "YOU KILLED MY SON AND DAUGHTER!! HOW DARE YOU!!!" She said with fury, "He! Is not going anywhere, not until both of them are healed and alive!" Yu realized that they were dead, but she was in a state of mental shock and couldn't accept that they were dead .

"They're dead! You're the ones who attacked us, so this is your fault . " Aizen said, feeling that she was blaming him for her mistake . "Besides, you're from another race, why should I care about offending you?"

"Aizen, Riza, run! I'll take care of her, trust me!" Rey said .

"YOU AREN'T LEAVING ALIVE!!" Yu said to Aizen .

"Riza, leave! We'll be right behind you!" Aizen said .

"O-Okay!" She took off at an incredible speed . "Be safe!!"

Riza left, leaving Rey and Aizen there with Yu .

"Aizen, you need to leave! Once he awakens, I don't know what he will do!!" Rey said hurriedly .

"Until then, I'll help you fight her!" Aizen said while using his control over the Air law to dampen Yu's flames .

"DIE DIE DIE!!!" Yu said before throwing the circular blades coated in a destructive fire at an even faster speed than last time . Rey, who was originally able to dodge with receiving a minor injury, was now in a worse position . Aizen, however, was unable to dodge at all and got seriously injured in a few moments .

"AIZEN! I SAID RUN!! I . . . CAN'T . . . HOL-" Rey started to say before hesitating and collapsing on the ground .

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"REY!! Al-Alright! I'm off!!!" Aizen said, before getting intercepted by Yu once again .

"No, you won't!" Yu said as she threw a kick at his abdomen, setting his clothes and skin on fire, and making him fly into a nearby tree .

"Blurgg" He coughed up blood before using the little energy he had left to put out the fire on his body .

"This is the en-" Yu started to say, before glancing over where Rey was fallen and realizing he was gone . Then she suddenly heard a voice not far away .

"AHAHAHAHA! I . AM . FREE!!!! THIS PRISON COULD NOT HOLD ME!!!" Rey glanced over at Yu .

"Hmm, You shall die too! It is an honor to die by my hand, be grateful!" He said .

"GO TO HELL!" Yu responded .

"Been there! Not the best place to go, you know!" Rey said . "Now . . . " Rey said before his aura changed, growing more tyrannical and mysterious, "LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED, I HAVEN'T FOUGHT IN AGES!!"

" . . . Who are you?" Yu questioned, she had felt this mysterious feeling before when she met his holiness .

"Me? Well, that's a dumb question now, isn't it!!"

"I . AM . SOOOOMA!!!" He said .


Soma clapped before saying, "No applause? If you're not going to clap . . . THEN KNEEL!"

Instantly, Yu felt a force on her body so unbearable that she was forced to kneel down in front of Soma for a moment before collapsing on the ground completely . "Oh? To think you couldn't even handle this force . You're no fun indeed!" Soma said as he stopped and pondered, "HAHA!! How would you like to be my apprentice?"

"I . . . I'd be honore-" She was in the middle of saying before Soma teleported beside her .

"I'm kidding!" He said, before he easily tore through her body, grabbed her heart, and squeezed . "I'd never want a disciple that is so pitifully weak like you!"

" . . . You!!!" She said in a weak voice before falling lifelessly to the ground .

All that remained now were Soma, a female Lychnus member, and Aizen . He walked over to the girl that was unconscious and stabbed her forehead with his finger . Next Soma walked over to the man resting by a tree .

"Aizen, was it?" He said in a toying voice .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!