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Chapter 17.2

Chapter 17 – Tsundere President’s Spoiled Pet (16) (Part 2)

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With a shallow smile on his mouth, Mu Lingxi softly and quietly pushed open the door to his office, and without warning, the absolutely empty sofa immediately appeared in front of his eyes .

He instantly felt like his heart was stabbed by a sharp blade, and it ached so much he somehow couldn’t breathe .

Why did she disappear again?

I just foolishly stayed outside for a few minutes . How could she disappear?

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Mu Lingxi’s hands rigidly clenched into fists, and the blue veins almost burst out and as his fists slowly whitened from the strength he was exerting .

Walking in a somewhat empty and swaying manner, Mu Lingxi sat at his work desk . Both of his hands were slightly trembling as he watched the scene on the surveillance tape from the monitor on his computer .

When he went out, the little guy was still sound asleep on the sofa with a sweet and soft expression, but in less than a minute, she completely disappeared from the sofa .

Mu Lingxi repeatedly played the one-minute scene on the computer; his expression was resolute and his nerves were stretched taut .

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Could it be like Luo Liyan said, she really doesn’t know how she disappears every time?

How can such a strange thing happen to her body?

Irritated, Mu Lingxi took out his phone and scrolled through his address book wanting to find a professional to ask about this strange phenomenon .

But once he scrolled from beginning to end, he found out that there was no one he could ask .

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Yes, how could an atheist like him contact a professional in supernatural matters when those people all equaled swindling scammers in his eyes .

Mu Lingxi’ mood was complicated as he watched the scene on the monitoring again . His thin lips were rigidly pursed in a straight line .

The last time she disappeared, she appeared in her home . What about this time?

Would she appear in a dangerous place?

In the water? On the road? On the top of the tall building?

His mind kept on unceasingly drawing horrible and bloody pictures .

Mu Lingxi stood up abruptly and almost run out of his office in quick and messy footsteps .

Although he still doesn’t know what kind of feelings he has for Luo Liyan, he knows that whatever he feels, he will absolutely not let her disappear from his world .