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Chapter 665

In Star Luo Continent, Star Luo Empire, Star Luo City!

"Today's the final sixteen into the final eight matches! Brother, do you have an extra ticket? I'll pay you no matter what the price is . "

"What're you saying? I don't have any . I won't sell it even if I've it! This is absolutely the most exciting yet for this year's competition . This is a great battle between our Monster Academy and the Shrek Academy! I'm willing to give up a few years of my life just to witness the competition live . This is simply too exciting . "

"You're right! Who would've thought that the final sixteen into the final eight matches could be so exciting? I heard that there are two matches between our Monster Academy and Shrek Academy out of the eight matches today . Shrek Academy's captain is going to fight against His Highness the Fourth Prince . The Fourth Prince will win surely!"

Fang'er was dressed in an enormous cape large enough to conceal her head and face as she walked down the street . There would be discussions about the upcoming final sixteen into the final eight individual matches resonating in her ears .

There was no doubt that public opinion was biased toward Monster Academy . Could Monster Academy win today's two matches?

Even Fang'er could not foretell the outcome .

Her choice would naturally be Monster Academy . She had a patriotic spirit . Nevertheless, she was impartial in her judgment .

Shrek Academy's captain Tang Wulin's power remained a mystery as no one had witnessed the range of his skills from the beginning till the end of the competition . What were the vines actually? The competition had ended immediately after the vines were released during the last match .

The Tiger King Dai Yueyan was His Highness the Fourth Prince . He was ranked second among the Eight Heavenly Kings and was also the highest grade powerhouse . He had the royal bloodline's inheritance .

But, was he capable of triumphing over Tang Wulin?

As for the other matches, they were truly thrilling and interesting . There seemed to be only one agility-type soul master in Shrek Academy . The speed and fighting ability which he displayed during the previous matches was impressive . Similarly, he was hiding something too . To pit him against the Wind King Lin San was undoubtedly akin to a clash of the titans . It would be difficult to say who the winner or the loser would be . Of course, Lin San who owned a set of one-word battle armor would stand a better chance of winning .

The public had been captivated by the two great academies' confrontation . Actually, all of them neglected the fact that Shrek Academy's students were only fifteen years old!

Even if Long Yue managed to be the champion of the individual match at the end, Tang Wulin would be considered to have won if he reached the finals .

If they were of the same age, and Tang Wulin was a one-word battle armor master as well, then it would be a tough situation to evaluate .

She had hoped that His Highness the Fourth Prince would defeat Tang Wulin today . He would also be defending Monster Academy's reputation as such .

As she was having a stroll, Fang'er was suddenly aware of a figure coming out of the shop in front . She instinctively stopped walking .

The figure was slender and much taller than her . He wore a hood which concealed most of his face . Anyway, Fang'er could still see the side of his face from the angle where she stood due to his height .

Fang'er was stunned the moment she saw him because she recognized him at a glance .

'Isn't that Tang Wulin?'

Tang Wulin walked by her in a rush . When she turned her head to the side, she noticed that the shop was selling rare metal .

'Was he here to buy some rare metal?'

'Why was he in such a leisurely and carefree mood when it would be the final sixteen into the final eight matches tomorrow?'

Tang Wulin was in a rather good mood at the moment . He received notification from the shop that a new batch of rare metal had arrived . He was at the shop to pick up a batch . The price of this batch of rare metal was reasonable . He could use it to make two-word battle armor for his comrades in the future after some refining process .

Tomorrow would be the day that he was going to face His Highness the Fourth Prince in the competition . His opponent was powerful undoubtedly, more powerful than anyone that he had ever faced before . However, his emotion was hardly affected as it was his emotional seal that made him capable of maintaining a calm state .

However, Tang Wulin was aware that his current state was not beneficial to him because there was a lack of enthusiasm in him .

Anyhow, this meant his mood was at least unaffected .

He definitely would not be influenced by his mood . He kept reminding himself countless times, yet each time he thought about the night when Gu Yue admitted that she was close to him because of his bloodline power, his heart wrung with pain .

'Forget it, don't think about this anymore . '

Tang Wulin shook his head intensely . Just as he was about to return to the hotel, the fighter badge in his chest pocket vibrated mildly .

'Are they gathering fighters again?' Tang Wulin removed the badge instinctively and took a look .

The badge was predictably pointing in the direction of Tang Sect .

He received thirty thousand contribution points and outstanding merit for his service from the previous assignment . It did not matter whether he continued to partake in the coming operations at his current rank being a white fighter with his accumulated merits .

Still, Tang Wulin headed in the direction of the Tang Sect . His parents had left, and now even Gu Yue was… the only things he had now were the academy, the sect, and his comrades . He should just go to Tang Sect and check it out .

Star Luo City's Tang Sect headquarters was bustling as usual with the multitude streaming in and out of the building .

Tang Wulin changed into his fighter attire in a desolated corner before he entered the place hurriedly .

He arrived at the Tang Sect's courtyard following the fighter badge's guidance . There were already a good number of fighters gathered as one might expect .

Ordinarily, one could differentiate a fighter's rank based on the color of the mask they wore . However, Tang Wulin was surprised that just about every fighter he saw was wearing a white mask, except for the person standing at the forefront . In short, they were all white fighters .

The person who was standing at the forefront was the odd one out, a black fighter . Moreover, Tang Wulin could not help smiling the moment he saw him . He was still the same as before! Even though he was wearing a mask, his shape and aura had not changed one bit .

Black One was his identification previously .

He had no idea regarding the operation today . It should not be an issue for him to take part if it was only a short operation .

Just as he glanced at Black One, Black One happened to be gazing at his side . Black One immediately walked over toward him .

"White Three?" he asked . Tang Wulin could identify the shape of his figure and aura, so how could he not recognize Tang Wulin's?

Tang Wulin smiled and nodded . "Hello, Black One . "

Black One chuckled . "It seems that you've been spending your time in the royal city recently . Apparently, we're destined to meet . Don't miss this opportunity now! An opportunity such as this is hard to come by! Only once every decade . "

'Once every decade? What's that?'

Tang Wulin was feeling unsure, but it did sound enticing .

Black One gave him a few words of encouragement before he returned to the front .

A large number of people had arrived by now . The gathering had surpassed thirty people which was the number of people who took part in the previous operation .

Currently, the number was still increasing .

Half an hour later, the total came to over a hundred white fighters in the courtyard . Other than Black One, everyone was a white fighter . There was not a single yellow or purple fighter .

"Okay . Everybody is almost here," Black One finally spoke . All the white fighters were focused on him .

Black One spoke gruffly, "All subsections have been notified a while ago regarding this operation . Those white fighters whose cultivation base is below rank-40 or 50 are exempted . Those who have already completed their one-word battle armor and can advance to be yellow fighters are also exempted . Those of you who belong to those two categories, please step aside . Those two categories aren't allowed to participate in this operation . "

Five white fighters stepped out upon hearing Black One's words .

One of them spoke respectfully, "Our esteemed black fighter, I have just achieved a breakthrough to rank-50 . Am I not allowed to participate?"

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