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Chapter 668

There were already a dozen wounds on his body . The wind caught his sliced clothing slightly as he moved . It was definitely not a comfortable sensation to collide at such a speed .

His opportunity was getting less if this continued .

Lin San's expression had remained stoic all the while . He was calm and tranquil as ever . He did not feel any rush to end the battle . It did not matter to him how long it would take to create the opportunity and seize it .

He had used the same battle tactic on Teng Teng, and it worked every single time . Teng Teng had used many different tactics to defeat Lin San when they fought each other, but it was to no avail .

Despite the fact that they are both among the Eight Heavenly Kings, Teng Teng had never won against Lin San . Thus, he admired Lin San highly . He would always address Lin San as Brother San whenever he met him .

No one was more hardworking than Lin San among the Eight Heavenly Kings . The speed and agility possessed by Lin San came from his persistent training . He was the one with the weakest natural endowments, yet he was the most hardworking, persistent and focused among them all .

He had been cultivating painstakingly every day in search of his own path . The other seven Kings could never imagine what he had gone through . Even Long Yue's level of diligence was not comparable to Lin San .

To be the top agility-type soul master in Monster Academy was not a trivial matter .

Xie Xie's body flashed as he skimmed past Lin San's side . The Wind Blade in Lin San's hand swept past gently and left behind a cut on Xie Xie's back .

However, Xie Xie did not recoil upon touching the ground . With his feet on solid ground, he stopped moving .

One was still while the other was moving . The change was abrupt . He was like a statue upon touching the ground .

Meanwhile, Lin San remained moving at high speed . His body glided past at lightning speed, and there was an addition of three more cuts on Xie Xie's body in a split second .

But, Xie Xie remained standing and did not budge at all . He had shut his eyes which was observed via the zoom-in on the screen .

He lifted the Light Dragon Seven in his right hand onto his chest . He appeared to be frozen stiff .

A sense of approval flashed past Lin San's eyes . This youth from Shrek Academy with his superior natural endowments was capable of making accurate judgments in such a short period of time . Moreover, he was daring enough to act on his judgment . This was certainly not an easy task for him .

This would make Xie Xie more passive . Anyhow, he could only seek an opportunity through this method as his speed could never be on par with Lin San's .

In any case, would it really be that easy to seek for an opportunity?

Lin San did not stop . On the contrary, his speed suddenly increased . The speed that he used to suppress Xie Xie was surprisingly not his ultimate speed .

The green radiance coiled around . A green tornado appeared next to Xie Xie and wrapped around his body, attacking him repeatedly .

Xie Xie waved his Light Dragon Dagger gently to protect himself . He would occasionally make movements, one after another, that appeared as if he was accumulating strength for a take-off as if he was about to flare up any time . His momentum was increasing, but at the same time, he was getting more wounds as well .

It had only taken a short moment before Xie Xie seemingly turned into a crimson red statue at a glance . Actually, his whole body was covered in blood .

It was not noticed when Yuanen Yehui had sat with her back propped upright .

The situation was much worse than imagined . Xie Xie was fully suppressed and did not seem to stand a chance judging by the looks on their faces .

Both contenders had not launched any powerful soul skill nor battle armor, but one had five soul rings which included two ten-thousand year soul rings . Lin San was certainly capable of suppressing Xie Xie with his soul skill, let alone his battle armor . Where was the opportunity in this situation?

"Ding!" A crisp sound suddenly echoed in the competition arena at the moment .

Lin San floated backward . A golden radiance was still shimmering on Xie Xie's Light Dragon Seven . He had opened his eyes as well .

"Thank you!" Xie Xie spoke to Lin San .

Lin San felt a tug in his heart . He smiled calmly . "There is no need to thank me, this is your power of comprehension . "

Although he sounded nonchalant, he could not help but feel astonished that he managed to leave so many wounds on his opponent's body within such a short period . All these wounds on Xie Xie's body had not dampened his will to fight . On the contrary, he was being stimulated by the pain to have confidence in his Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track . Xie Xie's comprehension of his Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track was deeper now .

The few great Tang Sect Techniques could be exchanged with contribution points, but how could a Tang Sect Technique be learned so easily? One could not completely master the technique after learning it . One would continuously need to investigate and experience it in a profound manner in order to utilize the technique's power .

Xie Xie's comprehension of the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track was elevated by one level when he closed his eyes to sense Lin San's movements earlier .

"You've proven yourself to be Shrek Academy's student . I was two years later than you when I experienced and comprehended this . " Lin San did not mind praising his opponent . Still, the expression on his face had not changed one bit, for he remained the calm and tranquil person .

An outstanding opponent would give him the challenge . What a waste that Xie Xie did not qualify to be his true opponent, so he thought .

A powerhouse desired to have everyone he knew to be more powerful than himself . It was only then that the stress he felt would turn into a sense of urgency for him to be more diligent in his pursuit of achieving the ultimate strength . Lin San had always felt that way . He would be happier when Xie Xie became stronger .

"Be careful . " A dash of green flashed past Lin San's eyes . The second soul ring on his body shimmered . In the next moment, he was all covered in green . His shadow covered the entire sky in the midst of his figure's shimmer .

He was so swift!

Xie Xie was shocked because Lin San's speed earlier was not his ultimate speed yet . His soul skill could still elevate his speed . He could not sense Lin San's actual position with his eyes and mind at the moment . The wind swirled around his body . He could not detect any regularity to the blowing wind .

A stream of green light flashed past and there was an additional cut to Xie Xie's body . Not a moment later, the surrounding air exerted a tremendous pressure that suppressed him . Just like a meat grinding machine .

The pressure was caused by the dominance of absolute speed .

Xie Xie bit on the tip of his tongue as his body suddenly spun on the spot at high speed . The golden dagger circled around his body and transformed into a golden storm . This was his second soul skill, the Light Dragon Storm .

"Ding, ding, ding!" The dense crisp sound echoed continuously . This was generated from the two colliding combatants . There was blood seen indistinctly within the golden storm of Xie Xie . It was his own blood! Those cuts from his earlier injuries had begun to affect his fighting capability .

"Alright!" Lin San hollered as the surrounding green figures vanished . When the audience could see him once again, he was suspended in midair to everyone's surprise .

A person would need to achieve seven soul-ring cultivation base in order to float in the air without using any soul device . Lin San was relying on his soul power to suspend himself in midair . Gushes of green wind gathered together to support him as he appeared to be a part of the wind .

Xie Xie's body stopped moving . Drops of fresh blood slid down as soon as he stopped . There was a pool of blood on the ground .

"Admit your defeat . You're not worthy to be my opponent . You can try again five years later," Lin San spoke gravely .

Xie Xie smiled as if the blood was not flowing from his body . "Shrek Academy has never before surrendered . Defeat me if you can . "

Lin San nodded . "I understand . Then, let's end it . "

The green radiance on his body suddenly turned intense . The fourth soul ring on his body shimmered with radiance . A mass of densely-packed Wind Blades appeared around his body . These Wind Blades were miniature versions of the two Wind Blades that he held in his hands . Hundreds and thousands of Wind Blades had appeared by his side in the blink of an eye .

"Spin!" Lin San bellowed .

Instantaneously, those Wind Blades spun around his body at high speeds . He was progressively flying higher with his body coiled up in green radiance . He appeared to be a column of flying wind blades aloft in the sky .

This was his ten-thousand-year soul skill, the Wind Dragon Blade!

Lin San had made the decision not to continue the match after witnessing Xie Xie's power . This was because such an opponent could not contribute to his elevation . There was no need to waste any more time .

Xie Xie raised his head . He looked at the Wind Dragon Blade that was continuously enlarging and surging skyward . He understood very well that when the Wind Dragon Blade dropped, it would be a thunderclap strike . It was also a strike that could possibly destroy him . Nonetheless, he was not fearful at all . He raised both his hands in front of his body . His right hand was in front while his left hand was behind . A golden light mist arose indistinctly from his body . It was the storing force!

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