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Chapter 778: Battle Armor Grade: Black

This was an extremely large and comfortably spacious hall . The floor was black with a white dragon pattern on glossy mica .

The hall was divided into regions with arch-shaped counters arranged neatly . The ceiling was twenty-meters high with glass walls . One could see the clouds outside clearly . The place deserved its title of Sky Dragon's Roar .

"May I ask if this is your first time at our Level One Hundred and One?" the maiden asked with a smile .

Tang Wulin nodded . "Yes, it's my first time here . "

"I'm glad to be at your service . You can call me Shui Yu . " The young maiden smiled as she nodded .

"Shui Yu . That's a peculiar name . " Tang Wulin looked at her with slight astonishment .

The maiden cracked a charming grin . "Yes, everyone says so . Each of our staff members has his or her own nickname . I was born in Coastal City and my martial soul is a fish-type . I have a tendency to cry, so everyone says that I have too much water in me . That's how I got my nickname Shui Yu . "

Tang Wulin could not help laughing aloud . Shui Yu was immediately stunned upon watching Tang Wulin as he laughed . She thought to herself how very handsome this young man was! His laugh could attract everyone's attention .

"Since it's your first time here, then I shall give you a brief introduction . The Spirit Pagoda values all its battle armor masters very much, that's why this is a special region designed to serve them specifically . We hope that every battle armor master can find his or her own voice in the soul masters' world like a real dragon . That's why this place is called Sky Dragon's Roar . "

"A battle armor master will receive a series of concierge services upon registering with our Spirit Pagoda . Firstly, we'll provide you with the executive services that ordinary soul masters won't receive . You can enter the intermediate spirit ascension platform twice a year and spirit soul tower once a year for free . At the same time, you can also enter the advanced spirit ascension tower once at half price . These are the basic services offered to our one-word battle armor masters . If you're capable of elevating to an even higher level, then, you'll receive even better concierge services . "

Tang Wulin was feeling shocked, as he was aware of how many resources he would need to enter the spirit ascension platform . He was allowed to enter the intermediate spirit ascension platform twice a year? He should be able to handle the intermediate spirit ascension platform with his cultivation base now . On the other hand, the intermediate spirit ascension platform was extremely suitable for him to elevate the age limit of his soul rings .

"So how much do I pay?" Tang Wulin maintained his composure and asked .

Shui Yu smiled and said, "Nothing . You'll only need to complete your registration with us over here . At the same time, the Spirit Pagoda will be assigning some missions especially for battle armor masters which you can accept if you're interested . Our reward for missions is certainly the best . We are a platform for both soul masters and battle armor masters . As a platform, we will certainly provide an honorable guest like you with all the services at your convenience so that you can advance to an even higher level in the future . "

Tang Wulin had already been dealing with the Spirit Pagoda for some time, but this was still his first time to learn that it was capable of providing such impressive service .

No wonder they were able to become the number one organization on the continent . Other organizations were not equipped as well as they were, just by judging by their attempts at winning over soul masters .

Tang Wulin could not help asking, "If the Spirit Pagoda is only providing us with conveniences and benefits without any requirements, that doesn't seem to be logical . "

Shui Yu stuck out her tongue in an extremely adorable manner . "Actually, we have our own way of doing our job . When you're used to Spirit Pagoda's benefits, then you'll naturally hope to enjoy even more benefits . For example, you may wish to enter the advanced spirit ascension platform and receive an even higher spirit soul level . These services not only require you to pay money, but some high-level services also require you to pay with mission points as a payment method rather than on a monetary basis . In other words, when you need some higher level services, you'll need to carry out some missions for the Spirit Pagoda . "

Tang Wulin suddenly felt enlightened . As expected, there was no such thing as a free lunch in this world .

"At the same time, you'll also need to wear the communicator watch distributed by our Spirit Pagoda on a daily basis so we can send out mission lists to you . You can choose not to accept the mission, but you'll still need to wear the watch . You're only allowed to enjoy all the benefits and services when you wear the watch for a certain amount of time daily .

Tang Wulin smiled . The Spirit Pagoda was formidable as expected! This seemed like a small matter, but it allowed the Spirit Pagoda to send out any information it wished to give to all its registered soul masters simultaneously, especially to its battle armor masters . This was a very powerful maneuver .

In other words, the Spirit Pagoda could immediately distribute information to a large amount of soul master powerhouses at its choosing, while simultaneously sending them some missions . Even though it did not possess a very strong controlling force, but at least it was capable of winning over the soul masters . On the other hand, the soul masters would never give up on the Spirit Pagoda's spirit souls . Thus, the soul masters would grow dependent on the Spirit Pagoda .

No wonder the Tang Sect, despite having a longer lineage than the Spirit Pagoda, had its status as the number one organization usurped by the latter . This was the formidable power of monopoly .

"I understand now . So can we enter to perform the registration now?" Tang Wulin asked .

"Of course . Please follow me . " Shui Yu brought Tang Wulin to a counter and spoke to a beautiful lady behind the counter dressed in the same attire as she, "This respected battle armor master wishes to name his battle armor . "

The lady behind the counter stood up and said, "Please follow us to the testing room to perform the evaluation . "

The method to evaluate a battle armor master's identity was extremely simple . It was enough to unleash one's battle armor, and then receive an energy scan to confirm the battle armor's amplification effect and the individual pieces of the complete set of armor .

The testing room was located behind the counter . It was a hexagonal room with complicated soul circuit symbols on the ground . Tang Wulin did not have much knowledge on this area, but he felt that it appeared magnificent . A circular instrument hung above his head .

"Please unleash your battle armor," Shui Yu requested .

Tang Wulin shifted his consciousness as speckles of radiance glowed from all across his body .

"Is that two-word battle armor?" Shui Yu and the other staff could not help speaking simultaneously .

Golden battle armor emerged and enshrouded his entire body . When the golden mask dropped down and covered Tang Wulin's face, the aura emitted from his entire body was such that the two staff members could not help covering their mouths in astonishment .

Such a powerful imposing manner .

They had seen much battle armor as the staff of Sky Dragon's Roar, but this was still their first time witnessing armor as overbearing as Tang Wulin's .

In reality, this was not the battle armor's own imposing manner, but such immense pressure was only emitted when the battle armor fused with Tang Wulin's aura so that his bloodline aura was aroused .

A beam of light descended from the sky and illuminated Tang Wulin's body . Tang Wulin felt as if something swept past his body .

Soon, an electronic voice echoed .

"One-word battle armor made from spirit alloy metal . Battle armor grade: black . "

Tang Wulin had learned about battle armor grading since earlier . There were many tests related to soul master's battle armor on Douluo Continent just like mechas . The grades were all made using similar color series as soul rings from lowest to highest class from white, yellow, purple, black to red! At most, with the addition of golden color .

The battle armor grading referred to the different grades that were present in battle armors of the same class . For example, spirit alloy one-word battle armor and ordinary one-word battle armor were surely not of the same grade despite being similarly one-word battle armor . This point was utterly undisputed .

One-word battle armor was considered rudimentary for battle armor masters . Hence, it was even more important for them to accumulate experience when they were producing battle armor . After all, they would still need to produce their two-word battle armor .

Thus, most one-word battle armor was grade white or yellow . It was already rare for one to achieve purple . Generally, purple was the limit of one-word battle armor because the evaluation could only be done on the one-word battle armor's metallic body .

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