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Published at 7th of May 2019 12:40:04 PM

Chapter 987: 987

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Of course, he could tell that Tang Wulin had a Soul King cultivation base by sight, but that left him even more astonished . If Tang Wulin was only a Soul King then how did he acquire such incredible strength? This thoroughly confused Zhang Huanyun .

The smile on Zhang Huanyun's face completely vanished after he had listened to Tang Wulin introduce himself .

'The leader of the current Shrek Seven Monsters? The young boy is the most important seed left behind by Shrek Academy . No wonder the Amorous Douluo sent him to my Blood God Army . '

He was even more shocked when Tang Wulin described his ability to suppress abyssal creatures . He could absorb abyssal energy? Blood One had forbidden him from continuing to participate in the war, so it was clear that this capability had reached a significant level .

Zhang Huanyun had dedicated his entire life to the Blood God Army . He had deep feelings for the place and he spent his days fighting the abyssal creatures, so he understood how terrifying they were . He was well aware that the continent would be plunged into misery and suffering if those abyssal creatures were to break through the Blood God Army's seal .

Thus, his eyes instantly started glowing brightly when he listened to Tang Wulin talking about his ability to suppress abyssal creatures . He had not heard of this before!

He had just returned, and the Blood God Battalion was relatively independent . Indeed, Blood One was on an equal level as he . He had yet to meet anyone from the Blood God Battalion ever since he came back, but he was immediately interested upon listening to Tang Wulin's words .

"Take a seat, both of you . " Zhang Huanyun waved his hand at both Tang Wulin and Long Yuxue while he pressed a button on the Blood God Bracelet on his wrist .

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His Blood God Bracelet was different . It was blood red in color, but there was a golden line that circled around the center . This was the Blood God Bracelet worn only by the regimental commander, while second-in-command and seniors wore bracelets with silver lines around them .

"Blood One, is this a good time? There's a boy named Tang Wulin here . Were you going to inform me of this?" He had quickly dialed the communicator .

"You're back? I was just about to look for you to discuss that . Are you in the office?" The Heartless Douluo's voice was heard .

"Hmm, come over then," said Zhang Huanyun .

Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment as he had not expected that . He was only hoping to show himself in the best light before the regimental commander, but Zhang Huanyun ended up calling Blood One . Tang Wulin could tell that the regimental commander's position was even higher than Blood One by the way the took the initiative to come see him! Blood One was the current sect master of the Tang Sect, but there was no doubt that Zhang Huanyun was the person with the most authority in the Blood God Army .

For various reasons, Tang Wulin did not try to hold anything back and explained everything in detail . Firstly, it would not have been that difficult for Zhang Huanyun to find out about his identity . The other reason was that Tang Wulin hoped to receive his support in the future . This man was the Federation's general and the Blood God Army's regimental commander, so it would be undoubtedly much, much easier to rebuild Shrek Academy in the future with his backing .

It did not take long before Blood One pushed open the door and entered . He saw Tang Wulin .

Tang Wulin hastily stood up and saluted him, followed by Long Yuxue . The young maiden was still feeling rather dazed at the moment .

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These two men before her were the most respected in the Blood God Army, holding the highest positions!

Blood One darted Tang Wulin a look before he took a seat next to Zhang Huanyun .

"The boy said that his ability could suppress abyssal creatures . To what extent?" Zhang Huanyun asked Blood One .

Blood One nonchalantly replied, "Take a look for yourself . " As he spoke, he pressed a button on his Blood God Bracelet and projected a ray of light onto the white wall by his side . The scene displayed on the wall was Tang Wulin's performance during that battle against the abyssal tide .

Zhang Huanyun watched sombrely, with no emotion showing on his face . However, his expression changed ever so slightly when he witnessed the appearance of that gigantic finger and the King Mei later on .

"Both of you shall leave now," said Zhang Huanyun to Tang Wulin and Long Yuxue .

"Yes, senior officer . " Tang Wulin stood up and looked at Blood One . Only after Blood One nodded at him did he leave, taking long strides .

Long Yuxue followed hurriedly as they walked out of Zhang Huanyun's office . She could not refrain herself from asking as soon as they walked out from the room, "What's going on? What's with the charade? The Blood God Battalion allowed you to join in because they valued your Golden Dragon Spear's ability?"

Tang Wulin nodded . "I guess you can say that . "

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Long Yuxue frowned . "How can the regimental commander let you off so easily?"

Tang Wulin felt speechless so he said, "Girl, you don't seem to be well-versed in reading people! Could it be that you think that the regimental commander would be fussing over a nothing second lieutenant like me? You think too much . He is only interested in me purely for my ability . However, there's no need for me to make an impression anymore . Let's go . Back to cultivation . "

"I'm not well-versed in reading people? Who was it that blasted my body into pieces in the competition? You had the nerve to do so after I'd been taking care of you so well when you enlisted in the army . Hmmph!"

"My bad, sir . Why don't I treat you to a meal?"

"I'm going to order from window number one . Ten portions . "

"But you can't eat so much, sir!" said Tang Wulin with a bitter smile .

"I'll share with someone else if I can't finish it . I won't waste the food, don't worry . "

"Alright, alright . As you wish . "

Tang Wulin and Long Yuxue left, while Zhang Huanyun and Blood One leered at each other with consternation in the office .

"You're really a piece of work, Cao Dezhi! You're very quick to betray others, huh?" Zhang Huanyun glared at Blood One .

Amorous Douluo spoke expressionless, "How can you say that I betrayed you? Don't you forget that I'm the one that brought this child from the Tang Sect . "

"I don't care about that . He belongs to me after he officially enlisted in the Blood God Army . What difference does who sent him make? His Golden Dragon Spear's effect is related to our army's overall effort in resisting the abyss . This is not a small matter . How could you just take him into the Blood God Battalion like this? I don't care . Return him to me . I'll assign him to a special position, so he can follow me and his safety will be ensured . "

"Don't even think about it . Will I ever be able to take him back if he follows you?" Blood One fired back without the slightest hesitation .

Zhang Huanyun spoke, "What's wrong with following me? Could it be that you don't know that I'm looking to groom a successor as I get older? Our Blood God Army is different from any other army . The regimental commander bears heavy responsibilities, so there must be a successor with adequate ability to take over my position . Moreover, anyone who is put forward by me to the army headquarters will certainly be approved . I haven't found anyone suitable to inherit my position . The boy is quite impressive and he's still young . Moreover, his ability can even suppress all sorts of creatures on the abyssal plane . Perhaps, he could even contain the abyssal passage for centuries if he can be cultivated, then I can finally hand over my duties with ease . "

Blood One pouted . "You must be dreaming . It's too good to be true . Not that I don't allow it, but even if I were to give him to you, he can't be your successor . Do you know what sort of responsibility this boy is carrying on his shoulders?"

Zhang Huanyun spoke, "Shrek Academy, right . Of course I know that, but you must also know that many hands were involved in Shrek Academy's destruction . Alone, it's impossible to rebuild Shrek Academy, no matter how outstanding he is . The Federation will never allow that . I don't know about the nasty schemes the Federation has put into place, but I can be sure that the Federation will never allow another independent authority to exist anymore . When even an institution as formidable as Shrek Academy was destroyed, could it be that you still think this twenty-year-old young man can do something about it? Nevermind the future, do you think he can support the process of rebuilding? It's impossible even with the complete support of the Tang Sect . "

Blood One spoke indifferently, "There has been no lack of miracles in this world . I also believe that there is a possibility that this child will bring something phenomenal . Let me ask you, if there comes a day when the abyssal passage's issue can be completely resolved and there would be no need to worry about abyssal plane anymore, are you willing to support the revival of Shrek Academy?"

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