The Legendary Thief - Volume 1 - Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

A Quiet Village – Chapter 10 (Xin Yu’s Talent)

Everyone had sat on the couch in the living room when I walked in showing a happy expression on my face . Xu Lin laughed and said, “Xiao Lin, so how does it feels, how was your play?”

“The game is wonderful!” I gave a thumb up and continued, “I got several small missions to do just in the forest outside of the beginner village . Otherwise, there aren’t anything special . ”

“What? You already got a mission? Where did you find it? According to several of my pervert-followers, it is difficult to acquire a mission . Most of them has already been snatched by game veterans . Hats off to you . ” said Xin Yu leaning charmingly on a sofa while she threw a coquettish look at me . She was still wearing her nightgown . The silhouette of her erecting nipples could be vividly seen bouncing .

Xu Lin was also surprised and said with amazement, “You have received a mission already? That’s really good . Did you get any equipment we can use?”

I calmly said, “I got one green sword and one green leg protector I’m equipping myself . Well, and there’s also a magic robe that adds 4 Intelligence points . You and Lu Xue Han should discuss on your own to decide who will get it . ”

“What? A robe with +4 Intelligence?!” Lu Xue Han’s small mouth was wide open . Such a beautiful yet alluring appearance .

“What’s wrong?”

“You know, in my beginner village, someone purchased equipment with +3 Intelligence for 500RMB! And you have even gotten 3 equipment, OMG! Are you somehow related with the game administrator?”

Intelligence +4 was so superb? If I told them that my two equipment would give me a +6 Stamina, I really didn’t know what they would think .

After thinking for a moment, Xu Lin said, “About the equipment, we’ll discuss it later when we have left the beginner village . Anyway, the dropping rate for equipment is very low . I have seen no one in my beginner village that got a hold on a green equipment . There’s no need to sell equipment at the moment . It’s better to use it for our own leveling first . Ah, Xiao Lin, which beginner village are you at?”

“Wild Dog Village . One of the eight beginner villages in the right district of Ju Feng Capital City . ”

Lu Xue Han smiled and said, “What a coincidence! I’m at the Wild Wolf Village which is very close to Wild Dog Village . ”

Xu Lin nodded, “This is for the best then . The rest of us are in remote villages separated quite far from each other . Xiao Lin should go to Lu Xue Han’s village and give her the magical robe to her, so it would make her life as a Cleric safer . ”

“Em, right, what Talent did you get?”

Lu Xue Han answered with her eyes wide open, “Talent? I think mine was +1% of regeneration speed . ”

En… A weak one, but it was better than nothing .

Xu Lin said enviously, “My Talent is +1% hitting chance . God, I’m not even sure whether this 1% would be useful or not . ”

I tried to comfort them, “You shouldn’t say something like that with accumulated attributes . Although now this 1% doesn’t seem a lot but added with bonuses from equipment and skills, the effect would show quickly . ”

Xin Yu gave a supporting nod, then said, “My Talent is Perception . It increased the chance to sense hidden creatures within 8 yards . ”

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Damn! Her Talent was the perfect counter for my ‘Ambush’ .

“Xiao Lin, what is your Talent?” Xin Yu shook my arm and rubbed her full chest gently on my shoulder when she asked that .

“No sexual harassment! My Talent is Ambush, which is hiding in darkness…”

Xin Yu burst out a laughter . A pair of white ** could be seen jiggling, really giving a torture to the seeing eyes . After a while she calmed down, wiped her tears and said, “I must say, fate really bind the two of us together, that even our Talents would subdue each other’s . How about you come to me tonight? This big sister has suppressed herself for the last two days…”

“Screw you! Just pick up ducks from the street, there are many of them!” (TL Note: Duck here refers to a Gigolo)

“I would have to spend some money if I looked for a duck?!”

“Then I’m even more expensive!”

“But I like…”


I was dumbfounded . Xu Lin then said to me, “Xiao Lin, what level are you at now?”

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“Level 5 . How about you girls?”

“OMG, Level 5? How were you practicing? I’m just at Level 3!”

“It’s probably because of the missions . There is a lot of missions that are for the masses . You all should walk around and talk to all the NPCs in the village; you should get some missions that way . Anyway, everyone should level up quickly to pick a class . Afterward, the leveling speed would raise a lot . Right, sister Lin, how are you training as a Mage? You couldn’t be using a rod to hit, right?”

Xu Lin blinked and said, “No, before the class changing, our physical attacks and health are all the same . So, of course, I use a damaged sword to kill monsters . ”

I was enlightened, “Right, I forgot that . ”

Then I said to Lu Xue Han, “Wait for me at the village entrance, I’ll meet you there . Then we’ll go to the mountain where the Wolf Valley is for leveling . Basically, there are currently no other players there . ”

Lu Xue Han nodded . Her snow-white face unexpectedly was blushing . She was really a shy girl!

Xu Lin pointed at the bread and milk on the table and said, “Well, let’s hurry to eat breakfast . When you are finished, get back online to continue leveling up . Nobody should sleep . The next meal is at 7 o’clock in the evening . If you are hungry, just get something to eat from the refrigerator . ”

“Got it!”

After a quick breakfast, everyone exchanged their game ID before hurriedly back to play . Lu Xue Han and I also went into our room .

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After putting the game helmet on, I appeared back at Wolf Valley near the hillside . The gray wolves I had killed earlier were re-spawned already . Lu Xue Han was waiting for me at Wolf Village . That moment, the in-game communicator rang . As I opened it, I saw it was Qing Cai Keke, “Lin Fan, I’m waiting for you in the village . ”

I immediately replied, “Ok, I’ll be there in ten minutes!”

I chuckled . Even when she called, she looked so gentle and lovely!

“Di~” another sound was heard, someone with the name ‘Qing Cai You Huo’ (Green Veggies Temptation) sent me a text message: “Little lover, how is it going with the beautiful Xue Han? When will you come here to play with this big sister?”

I swore in the name of God! Such a vulgar and coquettish tone could only be Xin Yu’s .

“Big sister, I beg you, please stop harassing me! I’m going to pick up Lu Xue Han!”

Xin Yu didn’t seem to care, said, “No problem, how about after dinner tonight you accompany me for a walk? I’m so bored…”

It was a surprised that she could feel bored . I thought she wouldn’t feel bored playing with her own little Kitty?

After some thought, I replied: “Ok!”

There came a smiling face: “:)” with no further message .

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