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Published at 12th of May 2017 03:31:06 AM

Chapter 8

8 . Chapter 8

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Zhu Yun felt like she was going to explode . She’d been the recipient of lots of news recently, and she really needed some time to digest it all .

During her brief exchange with Li Xun that day, Zhu Yun gave her ordinary and courteous response—”I’ll think it over . Thank you for your invitation . ” After Top Score Li heard her, he snorted and headed into the teacher’s office .

The stuffy feeling inside of Zhu Yun started to grow .

But, people’s minds were strange things . Over the next few days, Zhu Yun constantly went over the events in her head . Although Li Xun’s laughter was cause enough for a beating, all in all, this situation left her with more positive feelings than negative feelings . Especially his final, “If you come, I’ll welcome you . ” In comparison to his previous “You’re too fucking fake,” she felt rather victorious .

This, here, is the joy of being a person .

After several days of feeling radiant, Zhu Yun finally calmed down . She started to genuinely consider her options .

Li Xun’s seminar… Did she want to participate?

As she thought over the question, Fang Shumiao’s words slipped into her mind . “Although the number of students in the seminar is settling at a few more than ten, the core team only consists of a few people . Li Xun and Gao Jianhong are at the center . ”

Core team…

Zhu Yun’s chin hung over the library desk, swaying back and forth, as she tried to come to a decision .

During Old Mr Lin’s class, Li Xun sat next to Zhu Yun as always . From the moment class started, he’d be messing around on his own laptop . He only raised his head for a few minutes when there was a class assignment .

He didn’t mention the seminar to Zhu Yun again . She understood though . For Top Score Li to invite someone even once was already a humbling event . To expect him to ask again was like waiting for an iron tree to bloom .

While Old Mr Li was going over some basics, Zhu Yun whispered, “About that…”

“Mmh,” Li Xun replied, his eyes still glued to his laptop screen, his fingers typing nonstop .

Zhu Yun, “About that matter from before…”

Li Xun’s eyes were a bit crossed . Zhu Yun realized that every time Li Xun was deep in thought, his expression looked extraordinarily cold .

“Say what you have to say,” he told her .

Zhu Yun got straight to the point . “I’ve thought it over and I’d like to join your seminar group . Since your project won’t be easy, I’d like to practice and improve my abilities . ” Before she’d even finished speaking, he’d already turned back to his laptop . When she was done, he gave an “Mmh” to express that he understood her .

With regards to this future boss, Zhu Yun had already decided to endure his treatment . She asked him, “When does the seminar meet?”

“There’s no set time . When you’re free, come by . ” Li Xun continued tapping on his keyboard as he added, “I’ll always be there . ”

Zhu Yun looked at him for a moment, and then she finally said, “Okay . ”

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When she returned to her dorm room, Zhu Yun saw Fang Shumiao, and then she remembered that she hadn’t told her roommate about this ordeal . After she finished her story, Fang Shumiao looked at her .

“Why do you suddenly want to join the seminar?”

Zhu Yun didn’t tell her about Li Xun’s invitation, just her conversation with Old Mr Li .

“Teacher Li said I should join for practice . ”

Fang Shumiao said, “Oh…” before quickly adding, “So, did you tell Li Xun that you helped write that function for me?”

“No . ”

Zhu Yun knew what her concerns were, so she assured her, “Don’t worry . I won’t tell him . When I go, I’ll choose something else to do . ”

Fang Shumiao nodded .

She didn’t have class that afternoon, so after eating lunch, Zhu Yun carried two library books on web development with her and headed to the seminar classroom .

Li Xun’s practice base was located on the first floor of Laboratory A . Although Zhu Yun had passed through the building several times before, it was the first time that this was her destination . The corridors were a bit dark, but she found it . The door to the base . Without knocking, she leaned in and pressed her ear against the door . She heard some muffled sounds .

Zhu Yun’s heart pounded . She was a bit nervous .

As she took a deep breath in preparation, the door opened .

Wu Mengxing held a small broom in one hand and a trash bag in the other . His face was covered in sweat . Seeing Zhu Yun in front of him, he nearly jumped back .

“Aiya, what are you doing here?”

Zhu Yun, “… . ”

So you’re here too . You weren’t tortured enough by Li Xun yet?

After they greeted each other, Zhu Yun moved aside to let Wu Mengxing toss out the trash . And then she slipped inside the room . It was the size of an ordinary classroom, with 20 something computers inside . They were grouped up into fours around a table .

When Zhu Yun entered, there were five people present, herself included . Oh, wait, that’s not right . Six people, since Wu Mengxing had just returned . Inside the room, one person was cleaning, one was eating, a pair of lovers were flirting, and one person was working in front of a computer—this was obviously not Li Xun, for he was part of the flirting pair .

Zhu Yun stood at the door and looked over at the plastic Barbie, Liu Sisi, draped over Li Xun . The two were feeding each other ice cream . Some for you, some for me, and everyone’s all happy .

How was she supposed to greet anyone .

As Zhu Yun stood there in thought, Gao Jianhong, sitting in front of the computer, spotted her . He waved to her . “Zhu Yun!”

Li Xun turned and saw her . “You’re here?”

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Zhu Yun could only nod .

Li Xun pointed to the computers casually . “You can sit wherever . ”

Backpack on her shoulder, Zhu Yun was about to head over to a spot by the wall when Gao Jianhong called out, “Come here . Zhu Yun, over here . ” He pointed to the seat beside him .

No, no, no . Too close . Hard to manage .

“I’ll just sit over here . ” She put down her bag on a table by Li Xun . After a moment, Wu Mengxing, having finished cleaning, walked over . He sat down beside her and said, “I sit here . ”

Zhu Yun nodded to him .

It was quiet all around, but for the occasional sounds of lips smacking in the corner . Zhu Yun sat for a bit . Seeing that Li Xun and Liu Sisi had yet to finish their ice cream, she quietly asked Wu Mengxing, “When do we get started?”

“With what?”

“Activities . ”

Wu Mengxing opened his mouth and said, “It’s already started . This is how it is around here . He doesn’t assign tasks, so you can work on whatever whenever . The computers are connected to the net, so you can go online and play games for a bit . There are a lot of games on the computers . ”


Why would I come here to play computer games?

Zhu Yun opened her bag and pulled out her web development book . She started flipping through it and became entranced . When she finally lifted her head, more than an hour had passed . The room had filled up with a few more people, but it was still very quiet .

She turned to see that Liu Sisi had already left . Li Xun was sitting in a chair, tapping on the keys of his laptop . Then she turned to Wu Mengxing, whose face was serious as he coded . Zhu Yun glanced over it, and he seemed to be refining a search function .

Zhu Yun licked her teeth . Suddenly, she felt quite lonely .

She lowered her head and continued to read . This time, she was going to finish reading in one go . While she was immersed in this sea of knowledge, a long and slender finger suddenly tapped on the page . When she looked up, she saw an impatient face .

Li Xun said, “Come on, work on something . ”

Was he finally giving me a task?

Zhu Yun closed her book and waited for his orders .

Li Xun tossed a practice book in front of her . Zhu Yun looked down, and then she lifted her head, her face expressionless . “What’s this?”

Liu Sisi’s tiny head appeared from behind Li Xun and she giggled .

Zhu Yun, “… . ”

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Li Xun looked to have lost his patience with Liu Sisi . He said to Zhu Yun, “Help out . Just complete it however . ”

Liu Sisi nudged Li Xun . “What do you mean ‘however’? It can’t be ‘however’ . ”

Li Xun’s brows tightened as he pulled on Liu Sisi’s collar .

“Hey, hey, hey! Be gentle, my clothes will rip!”

Li Xun dragged her over to beside Zhu Yun . “Stay here . ” Liu Sisi pouted and sat down unhappily .

After dropping her off, Li Xun left, leaving Liu Sisi behind . With her face resting in her hands, she watched Zhu Yun .

“What’s your name?”

“Zhu Yun . ”

“School junior, I’ll leave it to you . ”

So you’re a school senior…

“Okay . ” Zhu Yun smiled and opened the English workbook . “What are you supposed to write?”

“We’re translating art dissertations . We can pick any we want . ”

“So, did you pick one out?”

“I did! Let me show you!”

Liu Sisi squeezed over and excitedly searched on the computer .

She typed into the search, “Youth painter Tian Xiuzhu . ”

Many pages quickly popped up . Liu Sisi clicked on a link and said, “This one!”

Zhu Yun looked at it and said, “This isn’t an art paper . It’s a profile . ”

Liu Sisi, “Aiyo, whatever . ”

Fine . It’s your homework, so whatever you say .

Zhu Yun took over the mouse and skimmed through the page . The article described the young painter’s academic experiences as well as his present achievements .

“Handsome and good…”

Zhu Yun’s eyes narrowed as she saw Liu Sisi’s eyes stuck to the screen . There was a photo beside the article . The young man had delicate features and was smiling bashfully .

Zhu Yun continued to scroll down, and then she saw one of his art pieces . Her heart jumped .

It was a charcoal sketch titled “Rugged Hills . ” The sketch showed a withered mountain range . The strokes were mature but unrestrained . It was an image that could be described as “toppling mountains and overturning the seas . ” It looked effortless but magical .

Somewhat surprisingly, Zhu Yun felt that, at a glance, the explosive aura in this image was reminiscent of some “hills” in her home .

Someone poked her arm . Liu Sisi looked to her with an unsatisfied look .

“Scroll up to his photo!”

Zhu Yun, “… . ”

She scrolled back up and started translating . The article was very short, so she only needed ten minutes . After cleaning it up, she’d completed the assignment in 15 minutes .

“Thank you . ” Liu Sisi had stood up and started walking around when Zhu Yun started translating . Seeing that she’d finished, she grabbed Zhu Yun for a hug from behind .

Senior, your chest… Liu Sisi’s chest was firm, more like two ** pressed against her .

A thought suddenly piqued Zhu Yun’s interest . She turned around and asked Liu Sisi, “Between Tian Xiuzhu and Li Xun, who do you like more?”

Liu Sisi giggled and nudged her . “Aiyo, why are you asking such a pointed question . It’s too unfriendly . ” Pointed? Unfriendly?

Liu Sisi hugged Zhu Yun and whispered into her ear, “Whoever you like more is who I like more . ” After she finished, she happily packed her bags and went to find Li Xun . Still sitting in her seat, Zhu Yun was speechless .

When evening came, Zhu Yun packed up her things and was about to leave . Before she left, she went to say goodbye to Li Xun . He glanced up at her from his busy activities and quietly praised, “No wonder you’re the class rep . You finish homework really fast . ”

“… . ”

Zhu Yun felt she ought to make it clear to him before she left .

“I didn’t come here to do other people’s homework . ”

Liu Sisi turned to look at her .

Li Xun was still busy working as he said, “It was just helping out a friend . ” His fingers flew around on the keyboard . Zhu Yun was very curious about what he was doing, what kind of program he was writing, what kind of thought process he was following . But she couldn’t see .

After her homework was complete, Liu Sisi was completely at ease . Draped over Li Xun, she sat steadily, like a mannequin .

Zhu Yun felt her lungs swell with air . She couldn’t just let things go . After standing a few seconds, she finally said to Li Xun, “Hey . ” She hadn’t called his name, but Li Xun still looked up .

Zhu Yun bitingly reminded him, “Don’t forget that I came at your invitation . ”

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