The Love That Remains - Chapter 94

Published at 12th of June 2019 10:50:04 PM
Chapter 94: 94

"Jar'Golen . " Lord Wrath whispers his name, barely hiding his fear . The demon Orana has seen the Jar'Golen's return . Lord Wrath has been worried since that time . Later, he received a message from Dabria, Jar'Golen's only living child, that Jar'Golen is hiding inside this girl's soul . He is planning to kill Lord Wrath .

"My dear father . " Fang Aisa grins widely, showing her white teeth . Her eyes turn red like Lord Wrath . She is bleeding from the bites of the snakes, but she doesn't show any pain . Rather, the demon inside her is enjoying this pain . "It's been a long time . "

"Don't call me that . " Lord Wrath sneers at him . "You killed your own brothers and sisters . You ate your own blood . Now, you want to do the same to me . "

She licks her lips . "If you had stepped aside when I asked politely, that wouldn't have happened . "

"You!!!" Lord Wrath has decided . "You will go where you belong . "

"The unbreakable prison?" Fang Aisa pretends to be surprised . "The same old tactic? Ah, Lord Wrath, you should be creative . I thought that you would eat my core and become powerful . You could even defeat other lords and become one ruler of hell . "

"Shut up . " Lord Treachery shouts in anger . "We don't eat our own . "

"Humans are better than us . " Fang Aisa's lips curl upward . "Some of them eat other humans . Predators are always predators . "

"Don't compare us with them . " Lord Violence nearly loses it . "Your place is at the Unbreakable Prison . Others will finally know what happens to the one who becomes like you . "

Fang Aisa ignores him and looks up at the shattering sky . Her eyes become bright when she sees the dimension separators breaking into smithereens . The blank space between the circles has been destroyed . All the circles are merging into one . The contestants are randomly appearing at different places . The demons are baffled and scared . A puzzled expression appears on the faces of the lords .

"Something that can break Hell itself . . . . ," Fang Aisa murmurs to herself . "It must be the weapon of a god . "

"What did you say?" Lord Wrath asks in horror . "A God is in hell?"

Incoming of gods is never a piece of good news for the lords .

"I wonder . " Jor'Golen is waiting . Whoever it is, that person can help him get out of this situation .


"That person is here . " Min Ho has a faraway look in his eyes . He just felt the same presence that he felt when he entered the domain of greed . That man who called his name . . . he is here .

"Who?" Orana asks curiously . Then, she hears a loud ear-shattering sound . The inter-dimension walls are breaking down . This is horrible . It will bring chaos .

"Never mind . " Min Ho shakes his head . "By the way, can you see my future?"

"Hell is breaking and you are worried about your future?" Orana yells . Her heart is panicking .

"I am looking for someone, Pretty Noona . " Min Ho looks at her with his big round shiny eyes . Orana, the chatty oracle demon, melts when she hears him calling her pretty . She finds it hard to resist them .

"Okay . " She temporarily forgets about the shattering hell and chaos . She bends down a bit and holds his shoulders . "I will look into your future . "

Orana looks into his eyes . Her eyes turn white, looking something at the distant . Min Ho delves into her mind to see the visions of the future .

He sees himself standing at the roof . The sky is bleeding red . A female ghost is standing in front of him . Her hair is long and brown . She is looking back at him sadly, but she doesn't acknowledge him . The rays of the sun dance around her, making her shine like an angel . The edges of her white dress flutters with the wind . It seems that the wind is her friend .

He is back in hell . He sees his brother standing in front of him . His brother smiles at him sadly . He is crying .

Min Ho takes a deep breath as he pulls himself out of Orana's head .

"Why?" Orana rubs her eyes . "There is more . Your life will be interesting . "

"I just wanted to know where my brother is . " Min Ho knows how risky it is to know the future . "Thank you, Pretty Noona . "

"Your brother is paying for his sins in the purgatory . " Orana looks at him with interest . "His time is going to be over soon . He will reincarnate in one of the new worlds . He won't remember anything about his past life . "

"'Is that so?" Min Ho decides that it is time to distract this Noona away . "By the way, why is the sky breaking?"

"Oh no!"


Sung Jun runs as fast as he can . He can feel Fang Aisa coming closer to her . The circles are merging together . The demons are running everywhere in fear . He cuts everything that comes in his way with the scythe . Soon, he can see the figure of Fang Aisa, wrapped with the snake demons sucking her soul energy .

He doesn't see or hear anything else . In a few moments, he lands in front of her within the circle .

"Fang Aisa . . . " His heart clenches when he sees her pale face . Her energy is diminishing with time . Who could do this to her?

"Get out," Someone yells . "Hyung, don't get close to her . "

"Sung Jun," Fang Aisa cries his name in pain . "It hurts a lot . "

He raises his scythe and chops those snakes into pieces . With another wave, he breaks the trapping circle . He bends down on his one knee and catches her before she falls to the ground .

"I am here . Nothing can hurt you now . "

"Seventh scythe of death . " Fang Aisa eyes the scythe wistfully . "Great-grandson in law, you are amazing . "

What is she calling him? "Fang Aisa, hold on . We will get out of this place together . "

"What have you done, human!" Lord Wrath hollers in anger . "You have wasted all our efforts . "

"Dear Father," Fang Aisa is no longer pale or weak . She straightens her back . "We can finally play the last game . "

She puts her head back and opens her mouth widely . Sung Jun notices the change in the aura around her . A shrill scream echoes in the wind . Fang Aisa's body twists in an unnatural way when the dark smoke surges out of her body . Her bone cracks . Blood pours out of her eyes, nose, and the ears .

Sung Jun widens his eyes . "Demon . "