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Published at 15th of April 2016 02:27:06 PM

Chapter 15

* * *

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“I have weapons, but I want to MAKE weapons . Enough to build my own weapon shop, but I don’t have enough money for it you see, so I’m training as a merchant by helping my dad sell his weapons for now . Oh, my name’s Lydia by the way . ” 

“I see… market price…”


As I was in deep thought Lydia started talking again .


“Ugh, I don’t even know the market price . How could I sell these…”

“I know them . Reasonable prices for your items that is . ”


Really?! I showed Lydia a surprised face .


“This isn’t the first time I’ve seen these . These are the equivalent to an adventurer’s scraps . ”


I knew they weren’t uncommon but…


“Oh, but isn’t it amazing? Having all these at your age . ”


This woman named Lydia may be talking friendly, but she’s picked me out as a target…

She’s probably going to buy my items for cheap since I don’t know the market price .

But I’m out of time .

This might not be too bad of an ordeal if at I can get some profit, even if only a little .


“Lydia, I don’t like it when things are too roundabout, so I don’t mind skipping the pleasantries . That said, I need a large quantity of magic recovery items, and I want them in a magic bag . In exchange I have some high-grade mediums needed for casting ‘Soul’ magic, how’s that sound?


Magic bags are small bags that were enchanted with a spell, so they can hold a large number of items despite their size .

It’s one of the Mage Associations greatest inventions, the storage space inside can grow in accordance with its owner’s magic power .

By its nature, it’s impossible for anyone to only own one of these .

Even if the user’s magic lines haven’t been opened and they have no magic power, a certain amount of space can still be secured, so for an adventurer it’s a must have item .


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“Ahhaha, you’re good for a kid . You say some interesting things you know~”

“I’m in a hurry . ”

“Hey, that’s poor negotiating . Wouldn’t you feel bad if I said something like that?”

“I can say it because I’m a kid . ”

“Ahhaha, it’s rare finding someone as honest as you . ”


As she said so Lydia stood up and started rummaging through her cart . *Gosogoso*


“I have a bag with a small space, but it holds a decent amount of magic recovery items . ”


Hmm… I pondered it for a second, then I turned towards Milly who was making a funny expression as she slept .

I need to get as much as possible before I’m defeated .


“That ring and a magic bag full of recovery items, I’ll give you a set for 50 mediums . ”


That ring has a enchant that increases the wearer’s physical strength .

It’s expensive, but for the bag and recovery items, it’s not a bad exchange for 50 mediums a set .

The mediums aren’t needed for someone with my magic power .


“That sounds good . ”

“Negotiations complete . ”


The bags and the recovery items were removed from the cart, after taking out the mediums, I packed 50 of them into a bag and handed it back to her .

Yup, they’re there .

Lydia also passed the ring over to me .


“Thanks, you saved me . ”

“You know you were just an easy target right?”

“I didn’t mind it though . ”

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While grinning, Lydia started laughing in response to my answer .

She made a face that had a poisonous feeling to it, and reached out for a handshake .


“Same here, that was a good negotiation . Here’s my business card, because it says the location of my dad’s weapon shop, come over to visit sometime . ”

“Yeah, okay . ”


I took her hand as I said so .


While pulling her cart with a rattle, Lydia left .

There’s no reason to pull a cart if you could just put everything in a magic bag .

I often wonder why items are handled like so .


Well soon, we’ll be going out of business .

I’ll try to sell the rest of the accessories with the next one .

When I shook Milly to wake her up, she made a grumpy face while she rubbed her eyes .

Just like this morning, she’s probably really bad at waking up .


In order to understand the market better,we walked around for a bit, and compared to the prices of the future overall everything was pretty much cheaper .


Just like the previous negotiation, there were a lot of people like Lydia who were willing to trade . Even though I suffered a little loss I didn’t feel bad, in fact the people who I made deals with felt bad instead .

They showed me the locations of their stores, maybe with a little intent of advertising though .

It’s probably a good time to leave the mall now .


After I fulfilled all my goals for the day, it was already evening .

I need to be home before it gets dark .


“Let’s go home Milly . ”


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When I looked back and said so, her eyes were glued to a shop window displaying some dolls .

Really, she’s still a kid…

Sighing, I pulled Milly’s hand, and we walked outside the city .

This time we’ll go at our own paces, since Milly can cast teleport on her own now that she’s awake…


-On our way back, only a little bit away from Nanami .

A Bluzel was reflected in my field of view .


Hmm, I want to try something…


When I stopped teleporting Milly also stopped .


“What’s wrong Zeph?”

“I want to experiment with something, you can head back first . ”

“I’m going to feel anxious if you say something like that, I want to see too!”

“Have it your way . ”


When I said experiment, I meant I want to experiment how much magic power would be needed with the King of Death as the opponent .

For instance, if you remember my time travel spell ‘Time Leap’, I made many experiments testing how much magic power it would need from me .

No, it’s more like time regression rather than travel .


Time Leap itself, even when it wasn’t complete it took all the magic power of a fully trained me to use, consuming an enormous amount .


My suspicion is whether the me of now can use it or not, if I can it’ll dramatically increase our success rate in boss-hunting .


I meditated until my magic made a full recovery, and then targeted the Bluezel .


Time Square!


“” Red Blaster!'”


I penetrated the Bluezel with a light extending from my hand, but it didn’t end there…

The lines multiplied, all of them aiming towards the Bluezel, penetrating it, extinguishing it .


The shine from the lines died off as the Bluezel disappeared, leaving a chill in front of my hand, the air became cold too .

All that was remaining was a thread of smoke .


“That… That was amazing! Zeph! What is that?! How did you do that?!”



“To think you were hiding this kind of spell, why haven’t you ever used it before?!”





Flump .

My magic had been used to its limits, and I grandly fell .




Milly came running to the fallen me .


…my consciousness gradually became distant .

Time Square was a spell that I devised as an old man to use .

Even then I could quite feel the magic consumption of it .

Unexpectedly, I seem to have grown a bit, being able to use it now .

Milly carried me the rest of the way home from there .

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