The Magnolia Beauty

The Magnolia Beauty
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The lady had something special that no one else had. A Pediatric Doctor being thrown into the past was something that Han Suyin would never ask for and a sad way for the heroine time-travel by a lightning strike!

Not to mention, being a woman and a doctor was highly looked down upon in the past. But will that stop Suyin? No way!

Two Princes, two kingdoms that are the total opposite of each other.

Qin Fuhua, the Prince of Qin known to be the devil of misfortune encounters Suyin, but wait, a little riddle causes Qin Fuhua to be drawn to her:
"Flowers of magnolia will guide for a better future."

So why is it that she emits the scent of Magnolia flowers?
Synopsis 2

A modern pediatric doctor time travels back into the past when lightning struck her in the middle of an open field. As a lady who believes in the right and fights against the wrong, she falls into a path of a dilemma when she enters the body of a noble family who educates the royal family of the Long clan. Being the only daughter in the family, she is controlled and forced by her parents to do everything that they command so she wouldn't lose face due to their fame and fortune. Wanting to get away from oppression and negligence of her parents, she runs away to the other side of the territory seized by the Qin clan who is in a current war with the Long clan. When she runs away from home to the other side of their homeland (which is part of the Qin clan) she meets the devil of misfortune, Qin Fuhua, who holds her hostage in his home after she helps his younger sister. Although the Qin clan is well-known for their ruthless and merciless attitude, can she survive in this world where there is no such thing as technology and freedom?

Author's note: Please excuse any grammar, historical, any sorts of error in this novel. I've personally enjoyed reading Chinese novels and wanted to have a try at it. This is pure FICTIONAL, so please do keep in mind that this is written with FICTIONAL traditions, taboos, and etc (although some may be coincidentally true). Any characters, storyline, and historical remarks are fictional in this novel and thank you for reading!

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