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Chapter 162

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Ian kept his promise to Louise even though he was suffering from more intense study than ever.

The promises about the kisses, of course.

“I had a hard time today.”

After they finished studying together and headed back towards the dormitories, he gave his promised kiss in the deserted hallway.

Today it was the ring finger of her left hand. It took Ian ten whole days for Ian to leave a kiss on each of Louise’s fingers. He showed the same amount of affection for each one.

‘When he said he would kiss a different place every day…’

Of course, she wasn’t disappointed. Ever! She was simply surprised by his commitment to it. His lips lingered for a long time on her finger, as if to memorize the texture as shape. 

After pressing a warm kiss, he slowly opened his eyes and smiled softly. It was kind of embarrassing for Louise to see him look so happy, so she attempted to divert the subject.

“Oh, you’ve finished the fingers today.”


He tipped his head and kissed her palm.

“Oh, that’s weird.”

“You don’t like it?”

He looked up at her, and Louise replied honestly.

“I-it feels good.”

“Of course.”

His lips descended down the palm of her hand, before lightly pressing over her wrist. His hot breath grazed her sensitive pulse, causing her heart to thud faster. Louise withdrew her hand in surprise, and fortunately he let her go.

“Y-you can’t kiss too many places at once.”


Louise felt a little nervous as he gave a grin that said, “That’s not a problem at all.”

“Are you sure?”

He spent ten days kissing each finger. And there was another body part similar to fingers, but no matter how much he wanted it, she wouldn’t let him kiss her toes. That was a little too much.

“Uh, nothing.”


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Louise laughed and returned to her room. Fortunately he did not kiss her feet, but in the days after, he moved on to her forehead, her crown, and her hair. Sometimes he murmured in a low voice as he nuzzled into her blonde locks, but Louise couldn’t understand his words. She asked if he was speaking in a foreign language, but he didn’t answer.

Louise tried to guess herself what he was saying. Given that his breath was hotter and his heart beat faster than usual, perhaps he was speaking pretty words that only lovers shared? Her heart tickled at the thought of it.




Not long after, however, Louise’s heart felt as heavy as a rock. The exams were over, and the hell race that were the wrong answer reports began. It was also the student council’s job to prepare the graduation ceremony, and Louise had no time for joy or pleasure other than the occasional jelly candies when she turned in her reports. 

However, Louise finally heard some great news that would alleviate some of the heaviness in her heart. The resolutions regarding Professor Lassen and Professor Hill had been announced.

Professor Hill was not allowed to teach at the Academy for the next five years. He was allowed, however, to conduct research quietly inside the Academy. It was inevitable given his achievements and research funds that were already dedicated to him. In any case, Louise was thrilled that he would remain at the Academy as a researcher. 

Professor Lassen had been formally dismissed from her teaching position, and could not influence the Academy in any way. The professor accepted the decision without reserve. When the ruling was announced, her classroom was already empty. Perhaps that scary Countess Lassen was waiting for Louise to graduate from the Academy now.

Another day passed. Louise opened her eyes to the morning light, feeling comfortably warm under the covers. She suddenly marveled at the view before her. It was snowing. It was the first time it had done so since she arrived at the Academy. For it to snow on such an important day gave Louise the feeling that everything would work out. 

Louise swiftly dressed herself and walked towards the hallway. She took in the satisfying sound of her shoes clicking on the floor. When she entered the hallway, she found Ian and Simon were already waiting for her there.

“Did you check already?”

Louise looked at them urgently, and Ian shook his head.

“The rankings haven’t been posted yet. Besides, it’s better to check it together, isn’t it?”

“That’s true.”

As the three of them talked, the first floor corridor gradually began to crowd with people. Everyone seemed to be looking forward to the test results this year.

Finally, the Academy staff members arrived with large sheets of paper. Louise’s eyes flicked between Ian and Simon on either side of her, sensing their nervousness in the air. The test results would determine their long-standing relationships and feelings.

‘It’ll be all right.’

Louise spoke the thought in her mind, but she couldn’t send the message to the other two. She gathered up her courage and took their hands. Simon and Ian held her hands warmly. 

Yes, it would be fine.

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