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Published at 22nd of February 2019 10:45:17 PM

Chapter 114: 114

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Within the empty Formation Hall, Liang Meng simply stared towards Ao Li, who in turn was looking towards the ground and sometimes the sky .

After a long time passed by, Ao Li finally spoke .

"You are interested in my Dao of talismans and formations, correct?"

To which Liang Meng simply answered with a simple "Yes . "

"Then be prepared, because I am only going to tell you once, whether you can get anything or not, completely depends on you and your talent . "

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This was something Liang Meng wasn't worried . Even though she might not be considered a genius that only appears once in a thousand years, she would definitely be a genius that rarely appears once in a generation .

After a brief pause he continued .

"Talismans are writings, even if you need blood and nore materials to inscribe them, so what? I use the Dao and Heaven and Earth as my materials . Formations are essentially the same . More materials are needed to make them, and they last as long as the catalysts and its master are still around . So I decided that I am the catalyst, as well as the master of those formations . So as long as I exist no formation that I make is allowed the disappear . "

Hearing Ao Li's Dao, Liang Meng went into deep thought . It was shocking to say the least . It certainly was one of a kind . Not many in the long, long years would be able to come up with something similar .

This proved how much he loved formations and believed them to be the correct path of cultivation .

To be able to use Heaven and Earth as materials to create formations and talismans, was incredibly ambitious . The Heavens had definitely tried to stop him from doing so, and since he was able to continue using it, it meant that he had won such a struggle .

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It meant that he had stepped onto the path that very few could step into, the path that led to the objective that all cultivators struggle in life and death battles and dive into danger, to become strong enough, to one day go against the Heavens, and, win .

Liang Meng could not help but to realize that her Dao, although good, was not perfect . It had revolved around Death and the Underworld, but now she understood that that was not enough to be able to win against all powerful opponents, that even if she had won that battle against Xiao Hai, she would one day fall like she did, and perhaps that fall would have been even greater than this one . At least now she had a chance to rise up again .

"Do you want to know how this Formation Hall came to be?"

Hearing his question, Liang Meng immediately nooded .

"This was recorded personally be the Dragon King that his master had once gathered all of their enemies in one place, and then trapped them inside, sealed them, and refined that place . He wrote that his master had once tried to do the same thing, and had failed . Not because he was missing something, but because his enemies were just of the first level of the God Realm . "

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With that he just finished and began to walk towards the very center of the Formation Hall .

After slowly turning towards Liang Chen, Ao Li spoke again .

"This formation works using the refined Ki from the various strong practitioners that are within the seal . That Ki has long since separated frpm their bodies, meaning dissipated . So this formation simply collected it and by using it, not allowing it to disperse . This formation represents the hopes of the older generation towards us, the younger generation . "

As he said that, his face flashed with disappointment and melancholy .

"We have failed our ancestors . We continue to decline instead of becoming stronger . Even the sects and clans outside that were supposed to come and help with the seal either don't remember that promise, or aimply ignore it . " His voice and face were filled with deep, deep sadness .

"I don't want the clan to fall in my generation, at least not in my hands . "

Liang Meng who had been quiet all this time finally spoke .

"All sects and clans eventually fall . That is the order of events . Only possessing absolute power, would one be able to truly be able to deal with everything . "

Then she continued .

"Like a formation . Without a strong enough base, even if the formation can withstand the long years and numerous tribulations, it would eventually fall after a certain point . "

"Yes . You are correct . I just need to become even more powerful . "

As he said that his eyes glimmered and he looked into the distance, towards Liang Chen who was now talking a drinking away with a spear always gripped firmly on his right hand .

Seeing this, Ao Li smiled, his smile full of kindness and gratitude .

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