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Chapter 74: 74

Elder Li whipped towards the ground and a boom was heard, and then her white tiger rushed at the Queen Ant . It extended its claws as Ki circulated ferociously around it, making even the poisonous gas that was released by the Queen Ant previously before it transformes part ways and then be shredded into nothing as the white tiger passed by .

"Whity tear it appart slowly, I want to see its power, later you will get a new toy for you to play with . "

Those words said by a kingdom toppling beauty that appeared to be in her early 20's coupled with her cold and ferocious eyes were at the same time quite charming in a way, as well as quite frightening .

She was also a person who always wore beautiful dresses and coupled with her face and body it was enough to make all living beings love her, but her ferocious personality it made all of them afraid to get close to her .

Ever since her parents gave her a baby white tiger before going to fulfil their duty, she always took good care of it and developed her dao together with that white tiger .

Hearing her words the white tiger that was as white as snow with a few black strips in its body, immediately reduced its speed and its Ki became a little gentler and it merely raised one of its paws to smack to Queen Ant .

The Queen Ant responded in kind and smacked it and a loud boom was heard .

The white tiger did not expect such power from the previously weak and insignificant little ant, so it took quite a few steps back .

"ROAR!" It became infuriated by that smack and it raised its paw, but now its claws came out, and the moment they came out, cuts appeared in the space of the illusion and it began to tremble slightly, right after a huge chunk of the disappeared, now only existing a few kilometres where they were fighting .

"Whity we really have to take care of your temper . If you underestimate your opponent it's only obvious for you to be smacked, let it be a lesson for next time . "

Hearing her words the white tiger let a few submissive growls as helplessness appeared all over its face over the unreasobleness of its master .

"Your idiotic little cat almost destroyed the formation, teach it better or I will . " Elder Xi said in an arrogant and provocative voice .

Elder Li immediately glared at him and he scoffed and began to fiddle with his saber .

"Whity, the moment he said that you should have cut off his head . You really need a lesson when we get back . "

Hearing the unreasonable words it could never become accustomed to, it trembled slightly and glared at the Queen Ant which it decided to slowly cut into shreds to take out its anger .

Elder Xi suddenly drew his saber and also chopped at the Queen Ant, making a clear line in space as time even seemes to slow . The white tiger seemed not to move and even the whip of Elder Li who was whipping towards the ground seemed to have stopped .

Time had not stopped, instead it was Elder Xi's strike that was incredibly fast, even faster than his previous strike .

He since young followed the words he had once heard from one of the previous elders "Only speed is trully unmatchable in the universe . If you can strike first and with absolute speed your enemy will be dead before it knows how . But speed alone is useless withouth deadliness, precision and have the strength to destroy all defences . "

He had comited those words to mind making all his strikes fast, deadly, precise and destroying everything in his path .

He was an handsome man with sharp features that seemed to have been carved out by a saber, but opposite to his disciple who was arrogant, he was calm and calculative as to aim every strike to kill, and always provoked his opponents as well as a few fellow elders .

He always wore the same clothes, a white robe, with his dark saber scabbard hanging by his dark belt .

Suddenly Elder Xi changed his strike, aiming it at Elder He at the last moment .

Elder He had long since anticipated his cheap and crude theatrics .

With his usual calm and gentle demeanour that only changed when he fought against Elder Xi to a ferocious and arrogant one ever since they were young, coupled with his scholarly looks and his usual long white robes with a golden belt he simply looked to be harmless .

He raised his hands at a speed that was simply unbelievable and clasped that saber, making it impossible to be moved in the slightest .

That saber seemed to melt into space when it was betweem his hands . He was simply too familiar to catching this saber, since he had been catching since the two of them were younger .

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