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Published at 3rd of January 2019 07:58:45 PM

Chapter 9

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"Mister Chen, are you sure ypu want to do this?" inquired the golden robed old man .

""Do what?" said Liang Chen in a condescending tone . Continuing immediately "I have already given my ultinatum . Either destruction or give the stolen goods back . " his voice was piercingly cold and made them feel as if a spear was about to be drawn and pointed at them .

The old men hesitated . They couldn't just give the techniques back . There were many mysteries they haven't solved in there .

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"Oh right . There was another girl . Which clan was she from again? Well whatever . I'll just do it my way . Attention to everyone I want to know which clan it was that gave a girl to play with a few years back if I don't have an awnser in 3 seconds I'll give the capital a new bloody makeover . "

Immediately after a few old men came up "Lord Liang please don't make us lose face . We- . . . . "

"Yeah, yeah, yeah . I don't care . Give everything back or die . " His voice was even colder now . Suddenly he felt like he was enlightened and said "I'm attacking . " And immediately atacked the new group of old men .

That was a group of experts in the 8th layer of cultivation just like he was, in fact all these old men were . But they knew he had already killed dozens if not hundreds of people as strong as them . So they immediately drew their weapons, got in formation and attacked . Seing this developement the people from the palace no longer hesitated and attacked as well .

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Liang Chen's spear was ferocious not giving them any way to attack if they attacked from the side with their swords the back of his spear was already there to parry the and at the same time he hacked with the tip of his spear towards the closest person .

That person immediately parried with his sword but was flinged back a couple meters . All of them surrounded Liang Chen and atacked many at a time . Sometimes they attacked from all directions but Liang Chen simply made his spear rotate whit his body and parried their attacks, and using that motion threw himself at the closest person that was preparing to use a spell . That old man reacted almost instantaneously and forced himself to the side while sliding backwards . But he didn't expect that that spear was as if it had already seen the future and was already there pointing at his heart and it immediately pierced him, but did not kill him since at the last second he was able to twist his body and his companions attacked again .

Liang Chen immediately retreated his attack and ussed the back of his spear to "collect"all swords and sabers from his ooponents while using the front of his spear to fling his ooponents weapons out of their hands . But they were all people with much experience so they immediately drew back their weapons and retreated backwards .

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And while the people at the back were struck with the back of his spear . While it only hit one of them all of them went flying back so . e coughing blood while others had to bend a little because of the pain .

Liang Chen took opportunity of this and pounced on the closest person to him and made a stab motion . That person felt as if that spear was what he was yearning all of his life, as if it was his saviour that came down from the heavens to get him . Those close to him yelled at him but it was as if he couldn't hear them and the spear pierced through his neck . Liang Chen immediately threw that corpse with a swinging motion of his spear and deflected the sword which tip was almost touching the back of his clothes where his heart was .

While this was happening there was a little girl by the side extending her hand while her little mouth was slightly open as if she wanted to speak but no words came out . She was awestruck . That spear . Only that spear existed in front of her eyes now . This was the second time ahe felt like this . While the first time was when she saw the sword, but it wasn't as strong as this feeling just now . After all she now had seen many many things .

That spear just now, although those were just normal movements to her they seemed to be the most beautiful things in the world . It was as if the Dao was dancing with that spear . That spear represented the world . It was at this moment it was as if she heard his words resounding at the back of her mind .

"Just the normal practice of the spear is absolute it matters not whether it is a sword, a saber, a mallet, an axe or even a bow . ALL of them are just failures to recreate and improve the spear . "

Suddenly she remembered something . The tale of the "Spear God" . He appearred out of nowhere and defeated all gods of the ancient time . Those gods were incredibly strong . It did not matter wheter it was the sword or the saber of their gods none of them were as elegant and domineering as that spear . Poison could not touch the person either . Even if he was poisoned by the most incredible of poisons it would just be destroyed by his Spear Ki . Even the "Archer God" 's arrows were insufficient . His spear was everywhere it mattered not if they were close to him or in another world . His spear was there to take his opponents lives .

The spear was basically a dying weapon there were many strong experts of it but there was only one 'Spear God' and that was at the begining of the rising of the cultivation period until this very same day

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