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The Nine Cauldrons - Chapter 153

Published at 20th of March 2019 04:54:36 PM

Chapter 153
Chapter 153: Flying Knife

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“Yes, Master . ” Teng Qingshan did not continue further . He bowed and left .
Zhuge Yuanhong saw Teng Qingshan leave before he smiled and picked up his book . He reclined on the chair and started reading again .
Walking on the road, Teng Qingshan became a little excited . “Based on what master had shared, being in control of one’s inner strength after it leaves one’s body and being able to control one’s inner strength would mean that the ‘Spirit’ has already broken through the barrier of the Niwan Palace . One would already be one step closer to reaching the Innate Master Realm! Isn’t my Saddened Throwing Knives like this? Could it be I had long achieved the first step of achieving the Innate Master Realm?”
He had initially thought that this would be very difficult to achieve, but now he realised that he was almost there unwittingly .
Teng Qingshan was able to reach the ‘Grandmaster’ level in his previous life . Although the ‘Grandmaster’ from his previous life could only be comparable to the experts in the Postliminary Realm of the Nine Prefectures .
But in terms of battle strength, a Grandmaster of Internal Martial Arts could probably kill a bunch of First Rated Warriors . Although a Grandmaster of the Internal Martial Arts only had a strength of ten thousand Jin, that was his body’s strength, and he could sustain it for a very long time . Furthermore, a Grandmaster of Internal Martial Arts could completely allow the extremely delicate control of the muscles of the body .
There was too big of a difference between the realms .
If it weren’t for the lack of Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth, the achievements of the Grandmasters in his previous life would have probably been much higher .
Teng Qingshan had already achieved a high level in his ‘Spirit’ of the essence, energy and spirit . Furthermore, Internal Martial Arts was good for maintaining one’s health and for the nurturing of the ‘Spirit’ . Teng Qingshan’s ‘Spirit’ was naturally strong .
“But, why is it that my inner strength is merely at the Postliminary Realm and has not stepped into the Innate Realm?” Teng Qingshan did not understand . “Forget it, there is no need to hurry . I will be officially accepted as a disciple on 21st September . By then, I would be able to have access to the detailed description in the secret manual on how to achieve the Innate Realm . ” Teng Qingshan was well aware .
The consummate skill of his Saddened Knife meant that he was already one step closer to achieving the Innate Realm!
“After my Spirit and Qi harmonize and turn into Innate True Origin, by then, with the combination of my Innate True Origin and the strength of my body……” Teng Qingshan was full of expectation . “Furthermore, my inner strength is no longer able to strengthen my body . I wonder……if the Innate True Origin will be able to strengthen my body once again!”
After eating the Black Fire Spirit Root, Teng Qingshan’s body could continue to elevate further .

But there was always an end to how much it could elevate .
The Innate True Origin was obviously of a higher level as compared to ‘inner strength’ . It might have a miraculous effect .

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After Teng Qingshan returned to his quarters, washed up and changed his clothes, he was pulled by Teng Qinghu, Zhuge Yun, Little Yu and Zhuge Qing to go have a good meal . The few of them went to the Canvass Lunar Restaurant and chatted over their food, spending almost three hours there . Only when the sky had turned completely dark did they head back to the Gui Yuan Sect in the company of their laughter .
“Brother Qingshan, after the 21st, we will be Martial Brothers . ” Zhuge Yun grinned as he said, “Mmm, let me address you in advance, Fourth Martial Brother!”
“Martial Brother . ” Teng Qingshan smiled as he replied .
“Fourth Martial Brother . ” Lady Qing also called out in amusement .
“In Gui Yuan Sect, the recognition of their seniority amongst Martial Brothers were based on their age . That was because most of them had entered Gui Yuan Sect before they turned ten years old, and there were not many who joined when they were older . In addition, even if they were to have exceptions and take in disciples who were older, it was more for those who had shown great talent or capability .
“It is no longer early, Little Yun, the two of you better head back and rest . ” Teng Qingshan smiled as he said .
Lady Qing nodded . “Mmm mmm, Litte Yu, come to my place tomorrow morning . We will have our sword practice together . ”
“Okay . ” Qingyu also nodded happily . ’
The two groups went on their separate ways . Teng Qingshan, Teng Qinghu and Qingyu went back to their quarters . The sky was already dark and a crescent moon moon hung high up in the sky .
“Brother, previously I was the only one left here . It was so quiet with both you and cousin Qinghu away . ” Qingyu smiled and said, “Now that the matters are settled, brother won’t be leaving again, right?”
“Not in the short term . ” Teng Qingshan replied as he headed back to his quarters . “Qingyu, cousin, both of you follow me . ”
Qingyu and Teng Qinghu were a bit baffled, but they still followed behind . Teng Qingshan’s room was on the second floor at the back of the mansion . After entering Teng Qingshan’s room, they saw a big cloth bag . The big cloth bag held all the stuff that Teng Qingshan had brought back all the way from the Blazing Mountain .
It opened with ease!
“Little Yu, take a look . ” Teng Qingshan brought out a soft golden vest from inside .
“What is this?” Qingyu stared with her eyes wide open .
Teng Qinghu who was beside them quickly introduced, “Qingyu, this was what Qingshan had snatched from the captive leader of the mounted bandits the other time when we were faced with thousands of mounted bandits . It is called the Gold Silk Vest! After wearing it, most experts in the Postliminary Realm would not be able to pierce through this Gold Silk Vest! Furthermore, it is extremely light, unlike the heavy armor worn by our Black Armored Army .
“Wow!” Qinghu received it happily . “Wow, how soft! It’s very cool and comfortable to the touch! And it isn’t very heavy . ”
With a weight close to one Jin, it was not considered heavy .

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Compared to the inner armor of some heavy armor, this was much lighter . Furthermore, some inner armor such as the Coldsteel Inner Armor and the Darksteel Inner Armor were very hard and could not be compared to the comfort of this Gold Silk Vest .
“Brother, you’re not wearing this?” Qingyu said . “I know that when warriors wear heavy inner armor, it affects their abilities . ”
“Brother has no need for this . ” Teng Qingshan smiled as he shook his head .
With his amazing strength of two hundred and ten thousand Jin, why would it matter for him to put on heavy armor weighing tens of Jin? For Teng Qingshan to wear inner armor weighing tens of Jin would be comparable to those who can lift weights of two thousand Jin wearing practice gowns which weighed a few Liang .
“Cousin . ” Teng Qingshan also took out that Millennium Coldsteel Bow . “You also practiced the bow when you were in the village . This Millennium Coldsteel Bow can withstand a strength of tens of thousands of Jin and is more than enough for your use . When you are sick of practicing the spear, you can also practice your bow! It wouldn’t be bad for one to gain an additional skill . ”
“Hehe, I won’t stand on ceremony with you then . ”
Teng Qinghu received this Millennium Coldsteel Bow with one grab . Such weapons were extremely pricey . Just the amount of ‘Millennium Coldsteel’ in the bow alone was scary enough .
“Cousin, there are sixty thousand taels of silver here, take it!” Teng Qingshan handed him a stack of silver notes . “Now that you are already a centurion, you’ll need money for getting a wife, treating people to wine and food as well as for the purchase of weapons . Take it!” Teng Qingshan earned over ten thousand taels of silver from the bandits previously .
Of course, Teng Qingshan did not care about such little money .
“Sixty thousand taels . ” Teng Qinghu looked at Teng Qingshan . “Qingshan, what about yourself?”
“I have my own money!” Teng Qingshan looked towards his sister . “Little Yu, this is fifty thousand taels of silver! Keep it with you, you can use it whenever you like!” Teng Qingshan was well aware that be many disciples would secretly compare themselves within those in Gui Yuan Sect . If one was poor and did not have money, people would look down on them as well .
Humans were very realistic creatures .
“Mmm mmm . ” Qingyu was very excited . These days when she had been out with Lady Qing for boat rides and shopping and such, Lady Qing had been the one paying . She felt embarrassed by this .
“Brother, you don’t need any?” Qingyu looked towards Teng Qingshan .
“Brother has loads and loads of it . ” Teng Qingshan pinched Qingyu’s small face as he smiled .
In fact, Teng Qingshan did not think of taking out the huge wealth which he had received from the ‘Ghostly Fox’ Sima Qing . Regardless if it was a centurion or a disciple of the Gui Yuan Sect, it would not be strange for them to have a couple of tens of thousands taels of silver . With so many notes of silver, Teng Qingshan only kept them as reserves . In the future he could also use them for the village .
As for himself?
Teng Qingshan had little desire for gold and silver .

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“Alright, both of you should go back and rest . There is still going to be morning practice tomorrow . ” Teng Qingshan said .
“Yes, brother . ” Qingyu happily replied .
After the two of them had left, Teng Qingshan turned and took out a large number of flying daggers and leapt out into the backyard from the window .
In the backyard .
In the night breeze, Teng Qingshan first took out over ten blades of flying dagger and put them to the side . At the same time, he picked up some stones, and with a deep breath, he immediately went into the Saddened Knife state as he tossed out a small stone!
The speed of the stone was not very fast, and it exploded with a ‘bang’ in midair .
“Mmm! I can control the explosion of the inner strength from a distance . Under the state of the Saddened Knife, my ‘Spirit’ can definitely control inner strength . Then……would it be possible to be like master, and control the rotation of my inner strength?” Teng Qingshan tossed out another small stone and concurrently tried to control the turning of the stone!
But when Teng Qingshan’s ‘spirit’ had just received inner strength and was about to turn —-
The stone smashed into bits!
“No, once I attempt to control my Spirit, the inner strength disrupts the balance, resulting in an explosion . ” Teng Qingshan shook his head . Inner strength was like a porcupine with spikes all over . Once you touched it, the reaction would be very big .
The rock was small in size and contained little inner strength .
It should be easy to control . If someone couldn’t even control the turning of a small rock, he could forget about controlling the flying dagger .
Swoosh! Bang!
Swoosh! Bang!
Experimenting with one try after another, the noise even caught on the attention of his sister Qingyu and his cousin, but they were sent off by Teng Qingshan . Teng Qingshan continued to dwell in his studies to allow the ‘Spirit’ to have better control of the inner strength so as to allow the stone to turn!
Eventually, Teng Qingshan realised that the ‘Spirit’ should not control the inner strength only at the latest stage where the turn was supposed to be .
The ‘Spirit’ should come into contact with the inner strength just when inner strength was transferred into the stone . In the process of the flight, the Spirit would attempt to fuse with the ‘inner strength’ . Of course, the flight of the stone would be over in the blink of an eye . It was extremely difficult to fuse one’s ‘Spirit’ and ‘inner strength’ within such a short timespan .
He continued his experiments again and again, each time determining the reason for the failure as he made improvements .
“Swoosh!” Another rock shot out .
When it reached the fake mountain in the distance, it suddenly turned, smashing into a protruding rock on the fake mountain as it curved . With a ‘bang’, it exploded .
“It’s complete!”
A smile broke out on Teng Qingshan’s face .
“While the explosion of the flying dagger of the Saddened Knife is able to have the element of surprise, the impact of the shattered flying dagger would also weaken . But the turning of this flying dagger did not reduce its impact at all . ” Teng Qingshan was elated . “Now, I have better control over the fusion of Spirit and inner strength! Of course, it is still too difficult to be like Master, who can let the True Innate Origin circle his body for two rounds before it returns into his body . ”
Teng Qingshan was already happy to see improvements .
With just the consummate skill of the flying dagger alone, Teng Qingshan already has the confidence to kill the weaker innate masters such as ‘Sima Qing’ .
“Hmm hmm, if most innate masters wish to channel inner strength in the flying dagger…… with the materials the flying daggers are made from, if too much inner strength are channeled in, it will probably explode!” Teng Qingshan was well aware of this point . The amount of inner strength that weapons could take in was limited . That was also the reason why godly weapons were so precious .
But it was different for Teng Qingshan when he tossed his flying daggers .
His strength was not channeled into the inside of the flying dagger . It was just that some inner strength was channeled inside, while the strength of the body was used on the flying dagger’s exterior .
It was just like tossing rocks; even if one was to throw a rock with a strength of a hundred thousand Jin, the rock would only explode after it comes contact with another object . However, if one were to channel an explosive strength of a hundred thousand Jin of ‘inner strength’ into a rock, the rock would probably explode from the inside and turned into dust even before it flew out .
“This is the biggest advantage of the body’s strength!” Teng Qingshan said to himself .


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