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Published at 13th of January 2020 10:41:09 AM

Chapter 20

Gigille was summoned to Bernard’s room for a talk .

There was a heavy atmosphere in the room .


“--And so, Master, what do you want to talk about?”

“You already know it!”


Despite him shouting at the top of his lungs, Gigille didn’t move an inch . Bernard was displeased at her attitude .


“Don’t play dumb . ”

“Are you perhaps referring about Agnes-san?”

“Is there anything else besides that? This is different from what you said!”


Bernard should be introducing his fiance to his mother, Oceanne, and she will go back to her territory with ease . That was the original plan .

And yet, the matter is developing into an unexpected turn .

Oceanne took a liking towards Agnes, and she even taking care of her wedding dress .

He complained to Gigille how this meeting was advancing too fast .


“In that regard, I didn’t expect it too . ”

“What do you mean?”

“The Mistress is a careful person . So I never thought she would like Agnes-san this early . ”


”Damn it . . . ”


Bernard leaned his elbows on his working desk and held his head .

Seeing that, Gigille tried to talk .


“Master, how about you might as well marry Agnes-san?”


“Rather, I think both of you suits each other . ”

“Who suits who!?”

“Master and, Agnes-san . ”


“Somehow . ”

“Somehow is not an answer!”


Gigille tilted her head and thought on how both of them would make a good couple .


“Well, first of all, Master is impatient, while Agnes-san is laid-back . I think those opposite characters are compatible for each other . ”

“What’s with that? That’s an absurd theory . ”

“It is the same case for me and my husband . ”


He didn’t trust Gigille’s opinion, but after hearing the example he was somewhat convinced .


“Before talking about compatibility, if we decide it ourselves, won’t the other party find it troublesome?”

“Yes, the feelings of both parties are the most important . If by chance Master seriously thought about getting married, I will gladly lend some wisdom . ”

“It must not be a good wisdom . ”

“Whatever it is . If Master wished for it . ”


Bernard gave a deep sigh and ordered Gigille to withdraw .




Oceanne, his mother, asked him if there was something she can do to kill some time, but there is little to none entertainment in Bernard’s house .

Inside his study, there were only some historical war books or adventure novels which was given by his senior .

There was no good old board games such as chess .

The ones he had was not something he could show to his mother, like bandit robbing some treasures game, or monster invading the royal capital game .


Oceanne had been talking a lot before, but because Agnes was taking a bath, she had some free time now .


“Even so, this house has become really old too . ”

“Because it’s already 100 years old . ”

“Oh, it is that old already?”


The roof tile was replaced yesterday . Next one would be repairing the attic, but he had requested it to be done after Oceanne’s stay was over .


“Now you said it, the wall outside seems to be a bit yellowish . ”

“ . . . . . ”

“When did you repaint it?”

“I wonder when . . . :”


To tell the truth, he never painted the house ever since his father gave it . His father had told him to repaint it once every five years, but he was so busy that a few years passed without him noticing it .

Dominic frequently maintained the wall within the house, but maybe it’s about time to repaint it .


“Bernard, you have wrinkles on your forehead . Is something wrong?”



He was in the middle of thinking the cost for repainting his house and it’s giving him a headache, but he couldn’t possibly say that to his mother .

He sloppily evaded the question by saying he was thinking about work tomorrow .


As he thought the conversation was over with that, his mother continued to mention another thing .


“Speaking of which, how much money do you save for the marriage?”

“Marriage? Money?”

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“Yes . You need at least--”


Bernard’s eyes were wide open after he heard the amount from his mother . The breakdown of the costs were marriage certificate, clothes for the bride and groom, wedding reception, honeymoon, and other expenses .


After hearing the shocking truth, Bernard became more hesitant to marry .




After dinner, Bernard told Gigille to call for Agnes . Of course, he had sworn to God that he won’t do anything while they were alone in the room .

Surprisingly, Gigille pardoned this .


Towards Agnes who sat on the opposite side, he told her he will hold a review meeting daily from now on .


“--We made it somehow . ”

“I’m glad to hear that . ”


Although, it turned into a serious thing .


“But the problem is my mother seems too enthusiastic with this marriage talk . ”

“It seems that way . ”

“ . . . . . Well, I will do something . ”

“Yes . ”


Though he said it’s a review meeting, their talk didn’t differ much from what they talked about during the day .


Bernard cleared his throat and apologized .


“I’m, sorry . ”


“For asking you doing this without much thought . ”


Agnes shook her head and said that it was not a problem .


“Oceanne-sama is very kind, and she reminds me of my mother a little bit . ”

“Is that, so”

“And so, to me it has become a precious memory . ”


Agnes’s expression was bright while she said it, there was no trace of gloominess or dark atmosphere like when they met before .

Bernard wondered if the lively servants there had lighten up her mood .

At the same time, he realized he needed to introspect himself .


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Just as he asked Agnes to go back to her room, she tried to speak something .


“Um . . ”


“Today, I embroidered a handkerchief while talking to Oceanne-sama . ”


Agnes took a handkerchief from her pocket and opened it up .

There was an ivy pattern adorned there .

Seeing the pattern for the first time, Bernard turned a quizzical look at the handkerchief .


“What is it?”

“It is a good luck charm called Merlan tree . ”


Agnes, who was explaining about Merlan tree, noticed  something unusual on Bernard who was leaning his head towards the handkerchief on the table .  

Looking closely, the doubt on her eyes turned into conviction .


“Um, there is something red on your neck . ”



Bernard touched the place where Agnes pointed . He felt that it was swollen .


“Is it a bug bite?”

“I guess so . I helped Dominic’s work in the morning, maybe I was bitten during that . ”

“Do you have some ointment for bug bite?”

“No, it will heal by itself . ”

“Does it not hurt?”

“Now you said it, it might sting a little . ”

“Then, I will bring some . ”


Agnes went to the servant’s area and brought back a box of medicine from Gigille .


“Please excuse me . ”


Saying so, Agnes sat besides Bernard .

Inside the medicine box, it was packed with some bottles and little boxes .

She searched the bottle for insect’s bite, and scooped up some of the ointment using her finger .

Seeing that, Bernard said her to wait .


“Wait, I can do it myself…”

“I already have it on my hand . ”

“ . . . A, aa . Then, please . ”

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He never thought about it when sitting face-to-face, but now they are side by side, he was somewhat conscious about her .

There was a sweet scent coming from his side, it must be because they sat so close now . It made him felt restless .

He directed his gaze away, so he didn’t see Agnes .


As he desperately trying to control his mind, he felt a cold sensation touch his neck .

He unconsciously shook his shoulder in surprise .

He only noticed that the cold thing was the medicine when Agnes asked, “Does it hurt?” . He immediately shook his head .


As her voice was so close, when he took a glance to the side, there was Agnes’s face right beside him . He almost let out a shriek .

Bernard knew that she needed to be close since her eyesight was bad .

But, it just made him more restless .

He could get out of this troublesome situation by shouting “Too close!” just like before, but now she was applying some medicine out of kindness .

No matter how much he was embarrassed, he can’t yell at her .


He kept enduring it for a while, but Agnes still applying it very carefully .

The sensation of her fingertip crawling slowly over his neck was something indescribable for him .


“ . . . Still not finish?”

“Pardon me . I can’t see very well . ”


He could feel there was sweat forming on his forehead .

He also clenched his fist that was sitting on top of his lap .


“It’s done . ”

“ . . . yeah . ”


The moment he said that, he immediately lean his body against the couch .


“It will heal more quickly if it is applied three times a day . ”

“Understood . ”

“If I may, would you like me to apply it again later?”


“Because it is on a place you can hardly reach, then I--”

“No, I will do it myself!”


He grabbed the bottle from her hand and shouted .

Agnes blinked her eyes before apologizing for being meddlesome with a sad face .

Then, saying it was already late at night, she bowed and retreat herself from the room .


As Bernard regretted what he said at the very end, he thought that she really needs glasses .

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