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Published at 21st of February 2020 07:17:15 AM

Chapter 31

Nurturing love in the middle of cold, “The Great Snow Festival Strategy” .

It was a strategy that could make Bernard get chills if he heard it .

“Do you think there is any progress?”

Gigille asked Allen with a serious look . He coldly shook his head .
She thought so, she whispered and looked at the scenery outside the window with a sad look .
The snow is piling up and the leaves were scattered . The north wind was strong today, the sky was gloomy, and the weather was so rough, no one would dare to go into the garden .
Gigille thought this scenery could represent Bernard’s situation now .

“The spring, won’t come… . . ”
“No, spring won’t come that fast right . ”

Allen pointed out the fact calmly to his mother who looked like she was in despair .
After that, he advised that it wouldn’t be good if she pushed it too much .

“That is true . It will slowly become warmer and spring will come . If the season changed quickly, the heart and body can’t keep up with it . ”
“Right, right . You only need to interfere moderately . ”
“I’ll leave it as it is for now . ”

Allen was relieved that his peaceful days were back, even if it’s just for now .


One week after the festival .
They received an approval from Gigille that they were somehow not awkward anymore .
Bernard and Agnes decided to visit the optician located downtown of the royal capital .
They rode a private carriage to avoid people’s attention .
Dominic was the one who held the handle, Bernard ordered him to wait at the parking area in the royal capital so they could get back early .
The parking fee was draining his wallet, but since it couldn’t be helped he could only held back his tears .

Inside the quiet carriage, Agnes was nervous .

“Oi . ”
“Ye, yes?”
“Your face looks stiff . ”
“Wh, what should I do?”

Even when she asked what to do, he didn’t know how to ease others' nervousness .

“ . . . . . Mast-, I mean, Bernard-sama, what will you do when you are nervous?”

Speaking of the situation that made him nervous, he remembered when he was waiting before he got interviewed for the promotion test .
At that time, he chewed on the candy Gigille gave him to overtake his anxiety . Once he did that, he would be distracted .

“Chewing, a candy?”
“That’s right . ”

When she asked how to do it, he simply said just chewed it normally with the back teeth .
Agnes looked confused because she couldn’t imagine it .

“Somehow, I want to see how to do it . ”
“There’s no candy now . ”
“I bring some . ”

Agnes brought candies and chocolates in her bag so she could hand them over anytime if Bernard said he was hungry . She gave Bernard a honey flavored candy wrapped in a silver paper .
He took the candy and put it in his mouth . There were crunching sounds as he chewed it .
He chewed the candy without changing his expression and swallowed it .

Agnes eyes widened and looked at him in disbelief .

“That, can I do it too?”
“Don’t do it, you will lose your teeth . Candy is normally eaten by licking it . ”
“ . . . . . So it’s not something anyone can do . What a wonderful talent . ”

He never thought anyone would be impressed by something like a strong jaw, so he was surprised by her reaction .
He said to Agnes, whose eyes were shining, that it was not something to boast about .

“I understand . ”
“Also, don’t tell anyone about this . ”
“It will be our secret . ”

Agnes laughed when he said it was a strange secret .
When she noticed it, her stern face had long gone .

The carriage stopped at the roundabout on the central street . There was a popular performance today at the theater so it was crowded .

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Since it seemed to be not moving because of the traffic, Bernard called out to Dominic from the small window and decided to get off there .
First, he got off first and checked if it was safe . He then offered his hand to Agnes .

“Thank you very much . ”
“Get off slowly, you don’t have to hurry . ”

Besides Bernard, there were a lot of nobles who stopped midway too .
It seemed the performance was starting soon, so they were hurried .
Agnes hid her face using the brim of her hat .

“It will take a short walk from here . ”
“Alright . ”
“Let’s go . ”
“Yes . ”

Bernard knocked the carriage wall using the cane on his hand . After that, the carriage that Dominic rode moved away . .

Even as they walked, their hands were still holding each other .

“Tell me if I walked too fast . ”
“Yes, thank you . ”

Because there were so many people, they must not be separated, he said without looking at her .

“ . . . . . There’s no other meaning behind it . ” (t/l: there’s no other meaning behind him holding her hand)
“I understand . ”

That sounded just like an excuse but Agnes nodded obediently .

When they finally got out of the crowds, suddenly they heard a voice calling from their back .

“Huh, Bernard?”

That voice sounded familiar .
He pretended not to hear it, but unfortunately the said person came closer .
He tried to hide her with the hat and said to her they should speed up but the person caught up with them .

“O~i, Bernard! So it really is you, Bernard!”

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He clicked his tongue unconsciously .
The one who appeared and blocked the way was a knight from the same division as Bernard, Gibril Noir .

“Why are you pretending not to know me~”
“ . . . . . What do you want . ”
“Well, there’s no reason . ”

Agnes quickly hid behind Bernard .
Gibril noticed that he was with someone and happily teased him .

“Huh, a girlfriend? Uwah, since when?”

He was found out by the person he didn’t want to the most after Ernest . Sweats were gradually forming on his forehead .
Gibril tried to look at Agnes, but got blocked by Bernard's hand .

“I just want to look a little, isn’t it fine . ”

Bernard grabbed his shoulder and pushed him away without saying any words .
Gibril looked dumbfounded at Bernard and noticed he was different from usual .
He hit his palm with his other fist as he guessed what was happening .

“Ah, my bad, my bad . ”

Saying that, he came closer and whispered, “It must be a secret mission, right . ” .
He interpreted Bernard’s frightened face as something else .

“I’m really bothering you . Well then, I’ll leave the young ones . ”

Gibril waved his hand and left .
Bernard exhaled deeply, relieved .

Agnes who was behind him, was trembling while holding onto his jacket .

“Oi, it’s alright now . ”
“Yes… . ah!”
“What is it?”
“So, sorry . ”

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“That’s why, what is it about . ”

She looked down and came to the front sadly .
She held his jacket too strong and now it had wrinkles, she said as if she was confessing to God .

“Gigille will fix it later . Don’t mind it . ”
“T, thank you, so much . ”
“There might be some other acquaintances around here . Let’s hurry . ”
“Yes . ”

Bernard held Agnes’s hand once again, and this time they paced faster .

They walked through the dazzling shopping street for nobility, crossed the market where commoners gathered, and entered the narrow street of the downtown .

There were many old shops in the downtown area . Clock stores and shoe stores, cutlery stores and musical instrument stores .
Each shop had a professional craftsman, they sold high quality products which were made carefully .
You could find almost anything here .
It’s not unusual for nobles to visit those stores to make special orders .
That was why the residents didn’t seem to mind Bernard and Agnes who were wearing expensive looking clothes .

Soon after, they arrived at the optical store .

As they stood in front of the store, both of them stroked their chest and sighed .

“That’s nerve-racking . ”
“I’m glad, we arrived safely . ”

Agnes breathed out deeply .
She made him do the hard work, and felt guilty about it .

“Are you alright?”
“Yes, somehow . ”
“Then that’s good . How’s your feet?”
“I wore low heel shoes today, so it’s fine . ”

The other day, Gigille told Bernard, “Women can’t walk fast . ” .

In any case, they reached their destination safely . They felt satisfied with this achievement .

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