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The Power of the Saint is All Around - Volume 4 - Chapter ss4

Published at 20th of November 2019 02:48:04 PM

Chapter ss4

Short Story 04: Avoiding the Summer Heat・Head Magician-sama

“I want to eat shaved ice . ”

“Shaved ice?”

I was in the middle of training at the Court Mage Division’s training grounds .

I couldn’t help but say that because it was so hot .

Shaved ice is popular in Japan, but it doesn’t exist in Slantania Kingdom .

Head Magician-sama tilted his head in confusion when he heard my mutter .

“I ate it a lot in my hometown . ”

“What kind of food is it?”

“It’s made from shaved ice, and then you put fruit syrup on top . ”

“Shaved ice…”

Ice was precious in this world, so they didn’t make sweets out of ice .

Hence, it seemed like he couldn’t imagine what it looked like, and thoroughly asked me about shaved ice .

Still, I couldn’t remember what shaved ice machines looked like, so I could only explain what I knew .

Nevertheless, he seemed to understand it to a certain degree .

After he thought for a while, he cast ice magic .

As a result, an ice pillar towered over the training grounds .

I looked at the ice pillar that was taller than me and thought, what the heck is he trying to do? I looked at him, and this time, he cast wind magic .

The ice was scraped off by the magic before my eyes .  

“Like this?”

“Yes, well…”

I saw stunned by the mountain of shaved ice in the training grounds .  

Cold air drifted through the area thanks to the ice mountain .

“You can make it if you have syrup, right?”

“Yes . ”

“Then, shall we go?”

“Excuse me?”

I tilted my head at his surprising words .

Shall we go? Where?

He said syrup so are we going to the research institute’s dining hall? 

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I followed the smiling Head Magician-sama without knowing where we were going, and we ended up at the Royal Palace’s dining hall .

The chefs all looked as if they were questioning why he’d come .  

Amongst the chefs, I found a chef who comes to the research institute dining hall .

“Can I help you with something?”

“Could we borrow some space? We’d like to make something . ”

“You want to make something?”

“Yes . Also, do you have any fruit syrup? We want to use that . ”

Head Magician-sama answered the timid chef .  

Even though the request was abrupt, the chef showed us to a corner of the kitchen probably because he’d cooked with me before .

“Is here fine?”

“Yes, thanks . ”

Another chef brought us some fruit syrup and jam .  

They also brought us other things we needed, such as plates as instructed by Head Magician and I .

The preparations were done, and he recast the magic he’d cast at the training ground .

He made a small ice pillar on top of the big plate and shaved it to create a mountain of shaved ice on the plate .

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I put some shaved ice into a small bowl, and put syrup on top before carrying it into my mouth with a spoon .

Oh yes . This is exactly what I wanted!

I absolutely love this coldness and sweetness!

After tasting it, I made another bowl for Head Magician-sama and gave it to him .

He looked at the shaved ice in anticipation . Not waiting any longer, he scooped a mouthful and put it in his mouth .

He looked surprised, and the corners of his mouth went up .

“Ooh… This is nice on hot days . ”

“Yes . It’s something that you want to eat in summer . ”

“I can tell . ”

After that, we ate our shaved ice in silence .  

I received permission from Head Magician, so I served some for the chefs to eat since they were looking at us in curiosity .

I heard them raise their voice in surprise .

“Aah, that was good . ”

I couldn’t help but sigh because I hadn’t eaten shaved ice in so long .  

It’ll probably still be hot for a while, so I want to eat it again .

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But it’s hard to make this much ice .  

Head Magician-sama made some for me this time because he was interested in shaved ice .

“Thank you for making the ice . ”

“You’re welcome . I was also able to try a new type of sweets . ”

“I’m so happy that I got to eat shaved ice again . ”

“If you want to eat it, then I’ll make as much ice as you want . ”

“REALLY?!” I replied quickly because I was happy with his offer .

Head Magician-sama put his hand to his mouth when he saw this and turned to the side .

Huh? Don’t tell me he’s laughing?

His shoulders were shaking a bit .

I feel like our positions have changed .  

Whatever .

I really wanted to eat shaved ice, you know!

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam

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