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The RavenHill Vampires - Chapter 24

Published at 5th of May 2019 11:06:13 AM

Chapter 24

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Angel yawned, she smiled as she rubbed her bleary eyes . The crisp scent of morning air filled her nostrils, the wind whipped through the cave and Angel shuddered . She snuggled closer to the warm thing next to her, WAIT warm thing!? Angel pulled away to look at what she was cuddling and froze, lying next to her peacefully was the boy who had rescued her . "He's cute," she thought to herself blushing, then he snuffled in sleep and stretched out his arms . Looking for her warm body, Angel's eyes widened "OMG that's adorable!" she thought . She sighed and decided that she might as well use the warmth while it was there, so she slid back next to him and let him wrap his arms around her .

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He chuckled quietly when she fell asleep, she had fallen for his sleep act . His gaze softened when he saw her lightly snoring, she clung tightly to him as if afraid he would leave . He smiled and kissed her cheek "Don't worry I'm not going anywhere" he muttered quietly to her .

Angel squirmed against his big body, his grip suffocating her to the point that she was having trouble breathing . Angel screamed into his chest but it came out muffled, suddenly her emotions surged and she felt like something was spilling over . Then the harsh grip on her lessened and the boy's eyes flew open, an animal like scream tore from his throat and he jumped away from Angel . A look of pure shock and betrayal was written all over his handsome face "what did you do to me?!" he lifted up his shirt, Angel's eyes widened at the sight of black words etched across his honey olive colored skin .

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The words were written in a language she could not understand, but they were written in a circle and the words in the center of the circle were glowing blue . Angel rushed over to him and before he could move away she grabbed his arm and put her fingers over the marked skin, he flinched when she touched the marking and stared at her .

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She rubbed her hand across the skin and felt him shudder "is this causing you any pain?" she asked, he furrowed his eyebrows and shook his head in confusion "it was stinging a lot a couple of seconds ago" he said . Angel ran her hand against the mark again, he gasped and his eyes clouded over "are you okay?" Angel asked worriedly . He grabbed at the hand that was touching his skin "j-just don't touch a-anymore okay" he looked at her with an unclear expression in his eyes . Angel looked at him "please tell me what's wrong" she said with pleading eyes . He smirked "I think I know what kind of mark this is," he said, Angel grabbed at him again "what is it?" she said desperately .

He sighed and ran his fingers through his silky hair "your not going to like this" he muttered smiling, Angel was sick of the suspense "Tell me already!" She yelled . "okay," he said looking into her eyes . He took a deep breath "you used a binding spell on me, meaning that from now on I have to follow you everywhere or I die" he said in one breath . Angel sat there, the shock of it consumed her and when she had recovered an angry look took over her face "NO WAY YOU MEAN TO SAY IM STUCK WITH YOU FOR EVEN LONGER??" she shouted angrily, the boy threw up his hand in defense "its not my fault" he said .

Angel sighed and put her face in her hands, then she looked at him "well I guess if I'm gonna spend a long time with you I need to know your name" she said . He glanced up at her and smiled "I'm Donovan" he said, Angel giggled "what?" he said . "Sorry, I just thought that someone with wings would have a cooler name" she smirked . He huffed and glared at her "okay what's your name then!" he said irritatedly . Angel lifted her chin up mockingly "my name is Angel" she said, his eyes went wide "not fair how come you have such a cool name!" Angel smiled and turned away to grab a blanket "Goodnight Don" she said, Donovan curled up next to her "I like how you say my name" he muttered . Angel yawned "well don't get used to it okay," she said before closing her eyes .

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