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The RavenHill Vampires - Chapter 30

Published at 5th of May 2019 11:06:07 AM

Chapter 30

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Angel felt nervous flutters in her stomach, she had a funny feeling about this place . The booth was dark, with a single red candle emitting a faint glow . Don had a huge smile on his face and he was leaning back in the couch like seat on his side, Angel looked cautiously around "sooo . . . what are we doing in here?" she asked . Don chuckled "just you wait," he said winking . Angel scoffed "yeah whatever," she said . They sat in silence for a couple of minutes before the chime of a small bell made its self known, Don brought a finger to his lips . Angel nodded in understanding, after a short while a small girl with blue hail in a waitress uniform emerged from behind the curtain they had drawn over the booth earlier . She timidly made her way over to them "hello sir, madam" she bowed at Angel and Don, Angel was confused while Don just waved his hand "hurry up, she hasn't fed in quite a few days" he said . Angel looked at him questioningly, the girl nodded her head so hard it looked like it would roll off her shoulders "Y-yes sir!" she said .

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Then she turned to Angel "would madam wish to have the first bite?" she asked politely with a smile on her face, Angel frowned "bite of what? You didn't bring us any food!" Angel didn't want to be rude but she was getting really hungry . The waitress burst out laughing, Angel started to get angry "WHAT'S SO FUNNY?!" she said loudly . The waitress gasped for air "f-forgive me madam its just . . . -" she started laughing again, Don took one look at Angel's face and clicked his fingers .

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The waitress snapped to attention in an instant "sorry sir!!" she said, Don huffed and clicked his fingers again . She rushed to sit down next to him, he turned to Angel "I'll have the first bite" he said . Angel shook her head, beyond confused "okay . . . ?" she muttered, he smiled and reached for the girl's neck . He bit down on the soft flesh in lighting speed, Angel had barely registered what he was doing before her eyes clouded over at the smell "NO" she shouted when she felt something else fighting to take control over her mind .

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Don came around the small table and grabbed her arm, he smeared blood on her face as he touched her cheek "don't fight it" he muttered as his voice started to get deeper, small horns grew out from his head and a long speared tail appeared from his back . Angel stared at him in horror, but before she could protest she felt a pair of soft lips on hers . Blood and sweat mingled between them, soon Angel could taste the coppery tint on his tongue, once they broke apart Angel had no control over herself .

Long dark red wings sprouted from her back and her eyes turned to black pools of endless gloom, her hair was an ivory black . She jumped across the table, cutting it in half in the process . She grabbed the dazed girl and ripped into her neck, Don latched onto the other side and before long they had drained her of all blood . After feeding Angel completely blacked out, Don lay down on the seat with Angel's body curled up on him . He grinned "perfect" . . .

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