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Published at 5th of May 2019 11:06:38 AM

Chapter 7

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Dave drove his car down the busy road, he laughed at other drivers who slowed as he passed . Of course that was to be expected since he was in a police car, the hospital wasn't very far up ahead . The chief of police gave him the lousy job of questioning a girl that had come in on Wednesday night with a severe neck wounds .

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Dave didn't think much of the task but he was at least getting paid for it so he kept his grumpy thoughts to himself, the hospital parking lot was derelict as ever with pot holes and cracked concrete . He parked in between the faded white lines and switched off the engine, he decided to put his police vest on as well . It usually made people talk quicker and Dave didn't want to miss out on his lunch break . In the hospital the bright florescent lights made Dave blink, nurses and doctors rushed up and down the bleak white corridors like cars on a motorway . Dave never liked hospitals, the reminded him of sickness and death, so the quicker he could get out of there the better .

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The girl was in room 462, Dave opened the door and was startled to see a boy looking very grim and holding her hand . Dave coughed and the boy looked up at him, there were dark circles under his eyes and his mouth was drawn in a thin line . His hair was messy and unkempt, Dave felt sorry for the lad . "Hello, I'm Constable Dave" he said in a professional manner and extended his hand, the boy reached out stiffly to shake his hand "Hey, my names Finn" he said in a croaky voice . Dave dropped his hand and looked over at the girl, her face was like smooth caramel and she had dark black hair like a ravens wings, it fanned out on the hospital pillow . Her eyes were the most interesting thing though, Dave couldn't seem to look away . They were a deep amber, like a mountain lions or the dying light of a fire, her eyes made you feel in danger and safe at the same time, like a mouse caught in a cats gaze .

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After a couple of minutes Dave heard footsteps down the hall, he snapped out of his gaze and turned to sit in the plastic hospital chair next to the girl . "Hello young lady, I'm here to talk to you about those wounds on your neck" he said in a authoritative tone, the girl nodded at him and spoke in a smooth voice "my name is Aadina, I do not mind answering any of your questions" she looked at him and smiled, Dave swallowed "uh well then" he rubbed his hands together and took out his notebook . The girl sat up in the hospital bed and stared at him, waiting for her first question .

Dave started with an easy one "how did you get here" he asked, the girl who looked very confident a second ago suddenly had an uncertain look in her eyes "I do not know" she said . Dave looked at her eyes, she did not seem to be lying except she seemed to be not telling the whole truth either . He could only sigh and continue on "wheres your family" he asked, the girls eyes lit up "they live in Seattle" she said . Dave's eyes widened "that's very far away" he said in a surprised voice, the girl nodded "I know" Dave wrote something in his note book .

He looked up at the girl again "okay well how do you think you got those neck wounds" the girls face went uncertain and blank again "I really don't remember at all" she said . Dave sighed again and suddenly remembered the boy Finn was in the room, he turned and faced him "you must be her boyfriend then" he said . Finn felt color rising to his cheeks "uhh no sir, I just found her on the road on my way home so I brought her here and stayed with her last night" he said nervously, Dave nodded and turned back to the girl "I will be going now but if you remember anything or you need anything come by the police station, also do you think you can remember your parents phone number? I will contact them so we can sent you home when your better" he gave the girl the notebook and she wrote down her parents number, then Dave got up and shook her hand . Then he went over to Finn and patted him on the back "your a good kid son, we need more people like you around" then he smiled and walked away . Finn would have thought everything was fine except he happened to look at the notebook the officer was holding and he saw the words VAMPIRE ATTACK .

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