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Chapter 93

After the Gale couple had breakfast, under the guidance of Old Hank, they walked to the cemetery area to the west . Since Spell was temporarily living in the Grande Funeral Home, there was no need to give Papa Midnight the opportunity to use the walking dead in the cemetery .

To the south of Benjamin’s warehouse, there was a new real warehouse, where the stones transported from the Ford Funeral Home were stacked . Of course, in addition to the stones, the things originally transferred from Grande’s Western District cemetery were also cleared by the werewolf from his warehouse and piled here .

Benjamin lifted the dark green dust cover, chose a big truck that suited his taste, and drove out of the Grande Funeral Home, turned into Highway 27, and drove to Sam’s farm .

The sun rose slowly in the east . When it reached directly above the city of Barton, Benjamin drove a large truck and pulled a group of ‘cargo’ back from Highway 27 . The werewolf’s arm stretched out of the truck’s window, responding to the drum beat on the radio, patting the truck’s door .

At the back of the truck, a dozen sheep huddled together nervously in a cargo box without a roof . In the little brains of this group of sheep, no one knew whether they were afraid of the high-speed moving platform (truck) or the ‘wolf’ driving this truck .

In fact, they were worrying too much . This is just a story of a wolf transporting a group of sheep to feed a vampire .

There is one more member with special dietary needs in the Grande family now, and these sheep were prepared for him .

When turning from Highway 27 into the small road where Grande was located, Benjamin turned the steering wheel and glanced at a car parked on the side of the road .

A hollowed-out “Hermann” logo stands on the front of the black car . As the mayor of Barton, it was natural to support local enterprises . Anthony sat in the driver’s seat blankly . A long strip of gray ash had accumulated in front of the cigarette butts on his lips .

“Do you want to go in or not?” Benjamin stopped next to the car, stretched out his thick arm, and knocked directly on the roof of the car .

The cigarette ash in front of Anthony’s lips broke, and he leaned sideways and looked out of the front passenger seat’s window .

The werewolf looked down at Anthony, and the mayor, who had begun to gain weight, seemed to be well dressed . A straight black suit, a dark blue tie buried under the collar of a pure white shirt, and a golden tie clip on his chest .

The attire was just too ‘dressy’, and the tightly tied neckline and tie made a deep mark on his somewhat fat neck . After middle age, the face that began to develop horizontally was also a little flushed .

Benjamin tilted his head, looked at Anthony, and grinned, “Great tie . ”

Anthony became inexplicably annoyed . He threw away the cigarette butt between his lips and sat upright . The leather seat squeaked under him . Anthony patted off the ashes that fell on his body, and the gray smoke smeared gray marks on his clothes .

Anthony was irritated, his brows frowned into a straight line, grabbing the hem of his clothes and rubbing quickly, but the scope of the stains became larger and larger . His hands slapped angrily towards the steering wheel, and suddenly the car horn sounded on the dirt road, which alarmed the birds resting on the roadside trees .

Anthony’s chest was undulating, and he wanted to take a deep breath, but the restraint of his neckline prevented him from breathing smoothly . He violently pulled off the dark blue tie and threw it aside . He pulled off the button of the collar, closed his eyes, took a deep breath, put his hands on the steering wheel again, and released the brake under his feet .

Watching the car continue forward, Benjamin shrugged . The two brothers looked alike in some way .

The truck also moved forward again, and Anthony parked outside the front porch of the Grande Funeral Home . After getting out of the car, he seemed to give up on his appearance, so he opened the door of the Grande Funeral Home with an open jacket .

Benjamin didn’t turn to Grande’s backyard, but went straight ahead, bypassing the front yard . On the west side of the Grande Funeral Home, there is a pasture separated by small woods . Like most residents in the Southern District, the Grande Funeral Home has its own barn . As for the fields, Grande doesn’t have any, they only have cemeteries . No wonder the citizens of the Northern District think that the Southern District is the countryside .

Benjamin parked the truck and lowered the guardrail of the trunk . The werewolf jumped on the front of the truck and clapped his hands . No need to force them, the frightened sheep rushed into the sheep pen in a cluster as if they were fleeing for their lives . No one knows how much time it would take for the new sheep to discover that their fate would much ‘happier’ than staying at Sam’s Farm .

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Benjamin walked to the back of the barn, took out the blood storage tank that had been filled, loosened a few listless sheep, added some forage to them, and returned to the truck with the blood tank .

Yesterday afternoon’s ‘blood exchange’ almost emptied Zach’s blood bank . When Zach was chatting with Ian, Benjamin was already caringly stocking up new food for his ‘elder brother’…

When getting in the truck, he happened to see Hank and the Gale couple coming back from the west cemetery to have lunch . He called the three people to get on the truck, and then drove to the backyard of the Grande Funeral Home .

“Your cemetery is just like the wasteland . ” Spell sitting in the truck suddenly said . She looked a little tired, and the continuous spell casting in the whole morning made her mentally exhausted a little . Coord wrapped his strong arms around his wife and looked distressed .

Old Hank snorted . Obviously, the owner of Grande’s previous generation was not very satisfied with the management of this generation .

Benjamin was a little embarrassed; old Hank, which side are you on? Most of the guests who came to the Grande Funeral Home were scolded away by this old man! In the past ten years, many people were scared away by Hank in the coffin display area before they could enter Zach’s office . This guy didn’t like anyone expressing any opinions about the coffins he made!

“You should start from the north section first . In terms of other places, they are basically rotten and have little mobility . ” Benjamin looked at Spell and responded .

Spell nodded, “You live in a more isolated life than we imagined . ”

Benjamin frowned . He didn’t understand Spell’s words very well . It was not far from the grass field to the Grande Funeral Home Benjamin . Benjamin couldn’t continue the topic . He stopped the truck and everyone went to the dining room .

It was a silent lunch, and the Grand’s dining table was rarely filled with people . It’s not the scene where they had to pretend like what they did when there were some outsiders here a while ago . At this time everyone here knew the nature of Grande . It was supposed to be a time to know every parties’ bottom line and open your heart . , but everyone seemed to be separated by an invisible wall, and no one spoke .

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After an inharmonious lunch, everyone dispersed . The Gale couple was still heading towards the cemetery . Old Hank seemed to be very familiar with them and left with them . Zach and Benjamin were sitting in the office . The vampire was okay, it didn’t count as eavesdropping . After all, a layer of concrete can’t stop his hearing . But Benjamin deliberately pricked up one of his sharp ears, listening to the conversation between the two Anthony brothers in the basement .

The werewolf nodded sometimes and glanced at the vampire with a contemptuous smile . Sometimes, he shook his head regretfully, criticizing the vampire seemingly on behalf of someone . Sometimes, he pretended to be concerned and asked the vampire: “They seem to be fighting, don’t you want to stop them?”

Zach glared at Benjamin . “You got nothing else to do?”

Benjamin shook his head: “I don’t…” But immediately, he seemed to remember something, “Spell said that we are very isolated . ”

Zach frowned, temporarily ignoring the middle-aged younger brother and young elder brother in the basement, and withdrew his attention: “Avoiding the world is the rule of survival for nonhumans . ”

Benjamin’s partially transformed ear returned back to normal with thoughts on his face, “‘Isolated’, I think she is talking about other things . ”

Zach thought for a while, smiled, and shook his head: “This woman is hard to please . When I visited her last time, she said that Grande was seeking for attention, but now it is isolated again . ”

Benjamin also chuckled, seemingly having an answer, then his eyes shifted, “So, does she mean we isolate ourselves from nonhumans?”

Yeah, that’s exactly right .

When the vampire received permission to enter the Gale family’s home for the first time, the Gale couple seemed to have great opinions about the sudden fame of ‘Grande’ . Nonhumans should follow the principle of avoiding the world and live in the shadow of human society, not in the sunlight . Between humans and nonhumans, there should be a clear boundary separating them . Crossing the boundary, that’s how the low-level nonhumans came into being .

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But after discovering the barrenness of the cemetery area, Spell said that it was isolated again, which represented the isolation of Grande from the nonhuman society . In Spell’s perception, a cemetery controlled by a vampire and a werewolf should not be so deserted . Below that layer of soil, there should be a ‘sign’ belonging to the nonhumans . Spell was ready to ‘see’ the broken human corpses . This is the humans’ prejudice against alien races .

But the reality is that the cemetery is really barren . These two nonhumans seem to have lost the ‘sign’ of nonhumans, and they were living like ordinary people .

“This is what we want . ” Zach looked at Benjamin: “I, you, Anthony . Hopefully, there will be James’ help in the future as well . We have established Barton as a city that isolates the nonhumans’ interference from the outside world . We should be proud . ”

Benjamin was silent for a while and said, “Do you remember what Papa Midnight said at the Western District cemetery?”

“‘Why should I waste time in Massa’ . ” Zach leaned back in his chair and repeated Papa Midnight’s words, seemingly to be immersed in memory, “If I, ‘Toreador’ still exists in ‘the Camarilla’, I will also leave Massa and even leave the federation . ”

Benjamin smiled and seemed to have entered the reminiscing mode . Now that the vampire has used the word ‘if’ to start a sentence, then he should also say something: “If I still have my wolves, I will too . ”

Nonhumans hate cremation .

“Maybe we have been separated from the society we used to be for too long . ” Zach looked at Benjamin and thanked the werewolf for using his experience to keep him from being sad in his memories . Zach thought of another member of Grande, who was once the lowest member of the nonhuman society, “Where is Jim?”

“Jim! !” The werewolf shouted at the top of his throat, and his voice rushed out of the office and flew far away .

In the woods far away from the Grande Funeral Home, the ears of the Great Dane that went out for a walk after the meal pricked up its ear instantly, and then began to run back to the Grande Funeral Home .