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Chapter Prologue
Volume 2
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Prologue Hello . I am Mira, the daughter of a farmer from the Ilga Village in Fimeria Kingdom . Right now, I am six year old! One day, my head was hit by a ball that was kicked by my childhood friend, Gai, and I ended up remembering parts of my previous life . Tehe .  ……I can’t do this . Rejected . It is impossible to continue writing with this kind of tone!I put a big cross mark on the sentence that I had thought of in my mind and began thinking of a new sentence .

I want to leave something like a message to act as a guide, if by any chance, there is another Japanese ── doesn’t matter if they are reincarnated or transported ── in this world . Of course, if I’m still alive, then there is a possibility of meeting with them . However, this is quite hard for me to do . If I use the sentence the way I had thought of before, then it will be hard for me to maintain such way of talking from the beginning to the end, and also, now that I thinkit, won’t it make the reader cringe? Yeah, maybe I need to stop doing this . Having saying that  ── The Fimeria Kingdom’s Magic Academy Selection Test that is conducted every 3 years came to Ilga Village . Maybe because I remember parts of my previous life’s memories just before the test, when I was tested, the result: “Huge Magic Power with Earth, Water, Fire and Wind Attribute” ── this sentence is too stiff . Then the first sentence will be ── Aren’t the three-head tall Spirits so indescribably cute . Rejected, rejected . Maybe I need to write it in diary style?But, since I don’t want it to be read by someone just out of curiosity, perhaps I should write something like 「You will be cursed, you know?」However, if due to my magic development I become an important and famous person whose name passed down through the history, then they might ended up believing that it is a real curse . *evil laugh*kusukusu*evil laugh*While I thinking half-jokingly and half-seriously, I am strutting in the middle of Fimeria Kingdom’s Royal Castle with Gai . After I was evaluated at the selection test with an affinity to all attribute and a relatively high magic power, I received the country’s subsidy and a support before enrolling into the Magic Academy at the capital . Together with Gai, who also passed the same requirements, I travelled to the Capital accompanied by the Knights . When we arrived, who would’ve imagined that our supporter was the Royal Family? Furthermore, we wouldn’t be staying in the student dormitories but in the Royal Castle . We were then immediately greeted and permitted to have audience with the His Majesty the King, but His Majesty, who is a dandy grandpa . The first heir to the throne, the Crown Prince, is of the same age as my parents . Of course, he already has children . A 14 years old Prince and 6 years old Princess . The Prince is a template silky blonde hair blue eyed prince . Although he has a smile as beautiful as flowers, he is actually a black-hearted schemer . I was really surprised by the sudden marriage proposal when we first meet . However, I quickly realized that he was after a political marriage for my magic power, so I refused . Since I’ve been a commoner even since my previous life, becoming the wife of the second heir to the throne is absolutely impossible . Do you want to make a hole in my stomach from stress?The Princess, who is of the same age as me, has a fluffy platinum blond hair and  pair of blue eyes . Princess is extremely cute . She is a bit of a tsundere-brocon and shy of strangers . However, in her own domain, the castle, she isn’t that shy . The first time I realized that Princess is shy was when we went to the Academy . Since she was completely different from when she guided me through the castle, it was really surprising . Although, Princess took the trouble of showing me around in the castle, thanks to how awesome my memory power is, I completely didn’t remember the way around the place . *sarcasm*That isn’t a problem . At least, I wouldn’t get lost within my minimal habitat . If I got lost, then I could ask the people to show me the directions, otherwise they personally took me to the destination . However, when they brought me through a place that people seldom pass by, they would ask, 「Is it true that the Prince proposed to you?」Since it was obvious they wouldn’t be satisfied if I tell them lies, I answered,「I have declined it, since it was too much for someone with my position . 」── or rather, they wouldn’t believe it if I answered, 「No」 . Since I am grateful that I received benefit of Royal Family’s support due to my magic cheat, but it also a troublesome thing . So the sum of plus and minus is zero? No-no, of course the troublesome things are more numerous . There is a high possibility that the cheat will be the seeds of trouble . Although I had decided that I will use the cheat effectively since it couldn’t be helped that I possess it, a troublesome thing is still “No Thank You Very Much” . If I hold a cheat ability, I wish that it also come with an ability to evade trouble . Back to the topic . Fortunately, there is no need for me to ask anyone to show me the way to place that I’m going to now . Since it is a place that is like a mountain of treasure to me, I perfectly remembered it . After all, Humans are a creature that will demonstrate high memory capacity for the things they hold great interest in . My feet stop when I arrive in front of a large gate . It was the place of my destination . The Library inside the Royal Castle of Fimeria kingdom . This world doesn’t have any printing technology, so book aren’t cheap; however, this place is the center of the country . The necessary books are purchased or donated from the nobles .  In addition, the royal magicians presented their research papers to this place . In other words, this library is a place where knowledge gathered . The academy also have library, but the collection in the Castle’s library is overwhelmingly larger . Perhaps, if I didn’t receive the Royal Family’s patronage, then I wouldn’t be able to enter this place . Yeah, I am honestly thankful for this . Gai opened the door to the library .  「Thank you . 」(Mira)「Yeah . 」(Gai) 
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After having such exchange of words in low voice, we enter the room . Inside the vast interior, large bookshelves are lined in rows with books neatly arranged inside it . Just by seeing the bindings of the books, I felt so moved inside my chest .  (Ah, there are so many book) When I took a step into the room, the other people inside the room turned their attention to me, but I didn’t mind them . While being enraptured by the scent peculiar to old books, I headed towards my usual seat . To satisfy my greed for reading, I am finally able to fluently read this world’s aphabets through untiring endeavors, so of course this is the place that I want to go to by all means . The reason is that the Academy’s Library doesn’t permit books to be read other than the fundamental books needed by the elementary students . Well, this place is also the Academy’s Library, they don’t really welcome small children from coming and going . After all, all the books in this place are handwritten and a child could unintentionally treat these books roughly . It will be a disaster if the books get damaged ── But that doesn’t means that it is okay to damage mass produced books . Everyone, please treat the books politely . That’s why it’s difficult for a child like me to enter this place . However, I want to read books no matter what . Magic books, reference books, and many other books . Then it came to me, I can just ask my supporter . Since the Academy is a place where social status held no merit, even if my supporter is the Royal Family itself, I won’t receive any special treatment . However, if it’s Castle’s Library, then……But, can a commoner make a request to His Majesty the King?Although he is my supporter, the hurdle is too high . It is as high as the hurdle for pole vaulting . Then His Majesty the Crown Prince is also impossible for the same reason . However, I still haven’t given up since I remembered something . Didn’t the Prince said that he would give Gai and me a birthday present?My birthday has already passed, since it was on the tenth day of the First Month, and so did the New Year . As Gai’s birthday draw near, although for me, it was just a day for me to become one year older, the Prince said this to me .  「It is regrettable that I couldn’t celebrate Mira-san’s birthday last year . If you didn’t meet with the Mana Eater on your way here, then we might have been able to . That’s right, let me give you both a present including the present for Mira-san’s last year share . Please inform me if you have decided what do you want for the last year’s present . 」 Afterward, Gai told the Prince his wish, and Prince presented him a set of sculptures for Gai’s birthday . Gai, who received it just like he wanted, was really delighted . Seeing this, then there’s a large possibility for my wish to be granted . As a person who he proposed to, I may just over thinking it, like, it might his plan to court me . That’s why, I decided to not make any request for myself . Well, what happened next was kind of fuzzy for me, but in the end, I asked the Prince to mediate between me with the Library’s Supervisor . It’s the first time I begged for something .  I was given the following terms to enter the library: 【Don’t make any noise, don’t eat or drink, and don’t take a book without permission from the Library】, but I immediately replied, 「I even will swear in the name of Spirit Kings」, so that I would be granted permission to enter the library .  「Do you really wanted to enter the library?」(Ainseld) Although Prince was a bit disappointed that my first request was to get permission to use the Library, for me this worth more than anything else . Even more than gems . That’s why when he answered 「Alright」, I clenched my fist in satisfaction . I am really thankful for him . Henceforth, immediately after returning from the Academy or after finishing breakfast on a day without school, I will right away head towards the library and read a large numbers of picture books, magic research documents, or other books describing the other races such as the dragons . Although most of the books were written on papers, but there are also books made from parchment or Magic Beast’s hide . There even a rare book which use dragon scales for some of its binding and, even just by picking it up, I’m really immersed in the mood that this is a Fantasy World . The only one who follows me from behind is my childhood friend, Gai . Guno and my other contracted Spirits are not here . The mischievous Spirits are prohibited from entering the library . I’m wondering a bit what are they doing right now . Inside the crystal ball used for the Academy’s Entrance Selection Test, there were four small Spirits . They, who could manipulate earth, water, fire, and wind, requested me to give them names . Even since that time, they are contracted to me and calls me Master . But rather than master and servant relationship it is more like a relationship between friends . I am suddenly reminded the incident happened during the meal . When I said I will going to the library tomorrow’s morning, Dine the Water Spirit sulked with tears in her small eyes .  ✦✧✦ *Flashback* 『Recently Master is so engrossed with books, that you don’t play with me anymore . 』(Dine) Even if you say it like that…… The texts are calling for me, after all!By the way, the Spirits don’t understand what being book junkie is about . However, it isn’t like I don’t feel any guilt . Then I joined my hand and apologized . [1] 「I’m sorry . Although I think practicing magic is fun, but reading the books to know what kind of magics are devised by other magicians is also amusing as I might happen to find a good idea . 」(Mira) Since I want to develop many magic and magic tools, I was pondering what kind of approaches should I use from the books, and thinking about how to arrange the magic was also interesting . If I registered magic with the Spirit Society and received the remuneration from it, then I can send remittance to my family . Although as a child, I also not forgetting to play . In my case, play = reading, though .  「I plan to practice flying magic in the afternoon . Also, since it’s become warmer lately, I want to cool myself with water before practice . Okay? Dine, can you lend me your power?」(Mira) 
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Dine’s face immediately became brightened, but maybe because out of consideration of the other children’s feeling, she quickly mended her expression . Seeing her like this, Guno, the Earth Spirit, slipped out a chuckle .  『Even if only Dine gets to use the magic, I won’t envy Dine . Furthermore, since it won’t be good for Spirits to enter the Library, I think it will be better to not follow Master to the Library . 』(Guno)『I don’t like this one a bit . Even so, Master will use Wind Magic, right? Right?』(Rufi) Me too, me too . Rufi, the Wind Spirit, emphasized, so I replied her with a smile .  「Un, of course I will . 」(Mira) I want to see if I can sprinkling water over me like a sprinkler by generating wind and creating mist spray of fine water particles . Since I only use water magic Mist for repairing my bed hair . When I look at the last one, Sala the Fire Spirit, he said 『Since it hot, you won’t use Fire Magic, right?』 and turn his face away in a bad mood .  「Hey Sala, tomorrow might be impossible, but next time, don’t you want to see if it’s possible to cool water using heat manipulation?」(Mira) Not only about the application of heat, but if we can manipulate the heat itself, then I can make ice with Water Magic, it might be also convenient if I can invent a Water Magic Stone with a refrigerating effect . By the way, a magic stone is a core of magic beast or demon that is obtained after defeating them and is packed with magic power .  『What is that, sound interesting!』(Sala) A child’s emotion changes easily ―― a bit different… even so, he is a simple child .  ✦✧✦✧ I was remembering the promise I exchanged with the spirits while talking to myself with uneasiness .  「Since I will practice flying magic, but except for the Wind Attribute Magic Knight Blum-san, I don’t have anyone else who can support me…… For practicing fire magic, since I will only be manipulating the water that I created, then even Blum-san alone should be okay, right?」(Mira) As expected since Fire Magic could be dangerous, I’ll try to request Captain Kenan’s support . I will relay it to Sala, I have promised after all . While I am shaking my head as if to deny my worries, I concentrate on the thing in front of me . I browsed the bookshelf and pulled out a book about dragon that I recently read . Since it is big, I hug it so it won’t fall and pass through the rows of bookshelves . In the Library there are several reading spaces . Since magic researchers would hate if someone stole a glance at their research, the tables in the Library are installed a bit far from each other . As a means to prevent book theft, when leaving the area, there would be male and female staffers performing body checks . I arrived at the unpopular reading area that I had always used and place the books on the table . I took a bundle of papers, a pen, and ink from the handbag . Gai also came here while I was prepping with a picture book about plants that he chosen and place it on the table . While putting his elbow at the table, he riffles through the pages . [2]After a while passed, the sound of pages being turned over suddenly stopped, and instead the sound of pen scribbling on the paper, as I’m writing down an excerpt of the book, is mixed with the sound of a sleeping breath . I take a quick glance and see Gai asleep on top of the table with the picture book half-opened beside him . 「Gai?」 Even when I call out to him, there is no response . Even when I pick up the plants picture books and confirming if there is any drool on it, Gai doesn’t wake up .  「Hey, before sleeping you need to put this away . 」(Mira) If he damaged the book, then I might be prohibited to enter the Library as a collective responsibility . That’s why, if I can be honest, I want Gai to play outside, but since he said he wants to learn, I couldn’t drive him away . Really, Gai real aim might be to find something that can help me with my acrophobia . About one month ago, every first year students from the Academy’s Elementary School section to High School section participated in a training camp . In this camp some idiot nobles forced an unreasonable demand on Gai .  「Jump off from the cliff and land using Fire Attribute Physical Enhancement . If you are someone who receive the Royal Family’s Patronage, then at least, you can do this . 」(Idiot Nobles) I witnessed the moment when Gai was being cornered to the cliff, slip and fell down, from Princess’ divining magic . Gai and his good rival, the Young Master from the Ducal family, had a promised a match, but even so Gai never went, so he came to me to search for him . If he never came, then I might have lost my childhood friend .
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I am really glad that Young Master was searching for him . I am really glad that Princess used her divining magic . In order to save Gai, I borrowed Rufi’s wings, who had grown into an adult, and soared to the air . I don’t regret this; however, because of the unthinkable altitude and my phobia of high speeds, I ended up gaining a fear of heights . Because of this, flying magic that is possible with the Unification with a Wind Spirit, had been sealed away since that day .  Ever since that incident, Gai stayed beside me as much as possible . Since in the Academy, Gai is in a different Course from me, Princess, who is in the same class with me, or Keina from the neighboring class, who I befriended in the camp, is looking after me . Then Keina’s underlings…… or rather, childhood friends, A-kun or Arthur-kun and B-kun or Bertha-kun, oftentimes helped me . I am really thankful for them . They will offer their hand when I want to descend the stairs without a handrail or they will grabs things placed in high places for me . Even until now, Gai’s following me to the library while insisting that he was studying for himself…… 「If you always fall asleep when you just start reading, then it isn’t that persuasive, you know?」(Mira) Even when I lightly poked his cheek, Gai didn’t wake up . I placed the picture book back at the table and set up a new piece of paper before once again moving the pen . However what am I writing right now, isn’t an excerpt from the book . The words that I’m writing isn’t the overly ornamentally pseudo-alphabet of this world, but Japanese . In this case, Japanese sentences will become a cipher that will be difficult to be deciphered . [3] I use that Japanese advantage to write the events that happened to me since my memories of my past life returned . If there is someone who can deciphered this, then so be it . I will give up .  I write how I remembered parts of my previous life after my head was struck by a ball that Gai threw and the arrival of the Examination team to my village for the Magic Academy Entrance Selection Exam . It was the first time I met with Royal Magician Swyn-san, Magic Knight Captain Kenan and his subordinates Blum-san, Panama-san and Guze-san . There were also Guno and others inside the large crystal ball . Right now, Guno and Rufi are High Ranked Spirits and had grown up with their outward appearance resembling a 17-18 years old human . But at that time, the four of them were still cute three heads tall midgets . They were so cute . When Gai put his hand on the crystal, Sala waved his tiny hand around . Then when I put my hand, everyone was in high spirit . Well, it was the moment my Cheat got known . Well, basically, every human’s magic power had an affinity with one attribute . However, I have an affinity for all four attributes . Furthermore, on the identification paper ―― called a Status Card ―― that the Spirit Society made, my Magic Power amount is 30,000, even though the average value for an adult is only 200 . It is too much, right?In exchange, my Physical Power is only 30 . The average value for a child around my age is 50 . …… It is too low that it is pathetic . In addition, I possess Spirit Sight . It’s an Unique Ability, but there are other people who also possess this ability . Spirit Sight is an ability that enables me to see Mana and Spirits . By the way, Swyn-san can’t see both but he does have an Ability called Perception Power that allow him to sense them . Most magician including Captain Kenan and his subordinates can’t perceive Spirits and it’s normal for people to not sense them at all . That’s why when they use magic, they offer their mana to the Spirits . Well, leaving that aside, Swyn-san’s group received order to escort me, who possesses a rare affinity for all 4 attributes, to the capital and cover our travel expense . Taking advantage of this, Gai and I boarded a carriage and headed out to the capital on the third day after the examination . En route, we were attacked by a terrible Magic beast called Mana Eater . The Knights battled it so that we can escape, but the Magic Beast has a body that is resilient to magic power effect and it will just eat any magic attack that it receive, so it was a hard fight . At the end, it fell into a trap hole that I made . However, since the carriage was broken, we couldn’t use it . There were no adult that weren’t injured, so no one could ride a horse and call for help, but I’m glad that they weren’t injured any more than they were . Well, in the end Guno, who had grown into adult due to the magic I used that time, came approaching while riding a horse, so I returned with him and returned to the village and get some help .  After I wrote the details about my first departure, I stopped my hand at that point . I stretch my body to the limit and my shoulders were creaking . Uumyu[4],   maybe I should do a full-scale stretch exercise . I put both of my palm on the top of my head and then I bend down my body to the left and the right to stretch the muscle . Next I arched my back to the rear and then I suddenly stopped . I don’t feel anyone looking at me, but if someone saw me from the beginning, they might think I was doing some strange poses . I brought my hand down from the top and looked at my surrounding . After that, I putting up the order of what I written .  「Umm, after this, I was immersed with the studies after returning to the village and I ended up giving the Spirits names . After that, I need to write about the calendar that Guno and others made for me for my birthday, and about how surprised I was when I visited the Castle in the Capital for the first time . 」(Mira) The time when I received my society card is also left a deep impression on me . After all, a card floated out from a crystal ball, after all . I also won’t forget about the New Year Festival’s Party . Since I was talked into wearing a dress adorned with expensive gems to maintain the Royal Family’s pride, I was nervous, but the food was delicious and I enjoyed it .  「Now that I think about it, there was transported story where the protagonist triggered a cuisine revolution in another world, but I am glad that although the cuisine in this world uses spoons, it doesn’t taste so bad that there needs a revolution . 」(Mira) That’s right, I wanted to eat rice . I miss the miso and soy sauce . If I search, then I might find something similar to it, but if they don’t exist then I can just develop it . However, miso and soy sauce are both fermented foods . It isn’t something that I can develop easily . One wrong step and it could easily cause food poisoning . Even without crossing that dangerous bridge, I am satisfied with the food in this country as it is already quite delicious . The salads are crispy, the potatoes are soft and sweet, the fruits are juicy, and the meat is also amply delicious . I might develop mayonnaise for the salad, but since I am actually belonged to salad dressing faction, rather than mayonnaise, if there is no dressing then even only salt is nice .  「But I want to eat Karaage . 」(Mira) I’ve never seen any deep-fried food in Ilga Village or the Capital .  「Since spices, eggs, and wheat flour already exists, then it is possible to make it, right? Ah, that’s right, I also want to eat tempura . Potato chips would also be nice . 」(Mira) I wonder how delicious it would be if I use the vegetables that grew in this world . Just by imagining it, my mouth is wet with  drool . Ah, not-good, not-good . I quickly cover my mouth . There isn’t any drool on my face though, but I can’t let my gaping mouth appearance be seen by others . After confirming that there isn’t anyone around me, I let out a sigh of relief . However, how embarrassing, I’ve been reborn but my appetite hasn’t lessen at all . Tonkatsu, croquette, fried prawns, donuts, and sweet potato . I could recalled their taste even now .  「No, you can’t . Calm down, me . Since when was gluttony is part of my character?」(Mira) Just as I am telling this to myself, my stomach began growling, so I unconsciously became embarrassed .  「……Perhaps it i will be lunchtime soon?」(Mira) Looking at Gai, he still isn’t awake . I’ve planned to practice magic in the afternoon ―― or rather it’s a training to conquer my phobia . I promised I will call the Spirits after I’ve finished with lunch .  I tidied up the pen and ink and left my seat holding the diary that I had written . Then I head towards a bookshelf located a bit further back in the room . My secondary objective in the Library is on a bookshelf surrounded by rolled up parchments . Perhaps because people hardly ever touch them, they are covered by a thin layer of dust . I nimbly hide the papers behind the books at the bottom row and immediately returned . Since the diary is not written in this world language, even if I hide it in my room and someone found it, they wouldn’t be able to read it . However, the biggest problem is that I don’t know what to say if the maid-san found them . But if I hide it here, then as long as they didn’t investigate my actionsm and they didn’t specifically looking for it, then it wouldn’t be discovered .  「Also if I hide it in my room, even if someone from Japan also appeared in this world, they would never find it . After I graduate from the Academy, I need to return the room t the Royal Family, and the diary might get taken out and thrown into incinerator . 」(Mira) Since the Library is used by Royal Magicians or people who worked in the Castle, it’s not a public area with restriction to entry . Furthermore, since there is dust accumulated inside it, it is not frequently cleaned . As long as they didn’t sort their literature collection, then the diary won’t got found and dumped away . Even when I returned to my seat, Gai is still in the dream world .  「Gai, wake up . Let’s go to meet with Blum-san . 」(Mira) I shake Gai’s shoulder and called out to him . He frowned and mumbled something .  「Gai?」(Mira)「Ngh… absolutely, fly… mumble-mumble」(Gai) I call his name once more, but this time he says relatively clear words .  「………Fly?」(Mira) If he mention fly then it must means the Flight Magic . But Gai can’t use it . Even, I still can’t freely use it .  「Everything is those twin’s fault . Alright, I also need to write about the incident in the training camp . 」(Mira) As a guide, I will need to offer an advice ―― be careful of idiot nobles .  ☾☽☾☽☾☽☾☽☾☽☾☽☾☽☾☽☾☽☾☽