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Published at 9th of April 2019 11:14:55 AM

Chapter 1

"You're here . "

Yan Qing Shan greeted her murderer who entered the hospital room . Her back was turned at the door but she knew, by the sound of the footsteps approaching, who it was . Qing Shan coldly glanced at the woman who sat at the visitor's chair .

"Seems like you were expecting me? How surprising . "

The woman answered . Her tone laced with ridicule .

Qing Shan turned her back to her and faced the window, a sneer in her lips .

"I knew you were coming . You're here to finish me off . After all, you didn't expect for the poison to be intercepted . You've been waiting for this for a long time now, stepmother . Or should I say, aunt Ming Hua . "

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Qing Shan replied in her usual cold, detached voice . Yes . Her usual voice . The voice which had pushed everyone away . The voice which had her father and brother to worry for her leading to their loss . The voice which had intrigued the devil who imprisoned her . The voice that had now driven her to death .

No . Wrong . It wasn't her voice . It was her, herself . Her passivity . Her detachment to all things . That is what led her to this point .

"Oh? So you knew? I see that you're not that stupid after all . " was the reply Ming Hua gave her .

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Aunt Ming Hua was her mother's twin sister . Qing Shan's mother, Ming Yue, died in a vehicular accident when she was five . Her father, whose world was her mother, was devastated . Zhao Ming Hua, who was secretly in love with her brother-in-law took it as an opportunity to get close to him . With their identical looks and temperament, it was inevitable that her father succumbed to her . But she knew . Yan Qing Shan knew that it was only in looks that Zhao Ming Hua was identical to Zhao Ming Yue . Where her mother was sweet, kind, and gentle; Ming Hua was malicious, envious, and harsh . Her sweet temperament was merely an act to bait her father in . This was a fact that she had confirmed since she was seven . A fact that was magnified even more when her half sister, Yan Xiaoyi was born . At that time, she wanted to tell her father . But she saw that he was happy with her . Qing Shan couldn't bear to shatter the smile her father had regained . So she kept it from everyone . But the image of a harmonious family that they had projected made her heart grow cold . Even when she had tried to bridge the distance and get close to them, she couldn't even take a step closer .

Qing Shan tilted her head to face the woman who has her mother's face but was twisted with hate towards her . Her own blood aunt . She smiled ruefully .

"I knew . I have known since the start that you have been trying to put me out of commission . Not just that . I also knew you were behind my brother's divorce . I knew that you plan to trick father into giving the entire company to Xiaoyi . I'm going to die . And you have made sure that my brother is too out of it to properly function and interfere with your plans . You can't kill him because he's the only son but as for me, you're very much free . In the end, you just wanted everything mother has . It's a pity though, you'll never be Zhao Ming Yue . You'll never surpass her even if you take everything that is meant to be hers . "

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She matter-of-factly said . A trace of astonishment flashed within Ming Hua's eyes but was instantly changed with fuming rage .

"Bitch! So what if you knew? You didn't do anything about it anyway . You're useless . You're just a coward, Yan Qing Shan . But thanks to that, everything will be my Xiaoyi's . Even your husband . I may not surpass Ming Yue but she's dead . The same goes for you . Both of you lost . "

Zhao Ming Hua laughed at her mockingly . She stared at the woman with her usual detached look . As if what she was saying did not involve her . But deep within her heart was a raging turmoil . Her heart constricted painfully at those words . Regret was pouring in every vein in her body . Even more so when the woman in the visitor's chair brought out a little bottle .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!