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Published at 4th of May 2020 03:45:04 PM

Chapter 101: 101
"Oh, this place is really nice . It's a good thing you were able to get it before it was found out by others . That would be a big loss . " Yan Qing Shan flopped down on the mat that Zi Jue has laid down beneath the grass . She was currently overlooking a field of brightly colores wildflowers . The breeze that gently brushed her cheek felt refreshing . She leaned on the big tree behind her and admired the view .

"Yes . I did hit big on this one . It put me in your good books once more . "Zi Jue replied matter-of-factly . Yan Qing Shan watched him set down the picnic basket, took out the water flask and poured her a cup . She took it without reservations for her throat felt dry looking at him underneath the sunlight flickering through the branches of the tree .

'Ah, a sun-kissed beauty isn't good for my heart . '

Yan Qing Shan chuckled at the thought, earning her a puzzled look from the beauty himself .

"You're always in my good books . " She answered teasingly and flashed him a vibrant smile . Zi Jue paused for a while at her statement . He then returned an equally dazzling smile right back at her .

"It's not yet lunch time but we barely had anything for breakfast . Why don't we have brunch?" Zi Jue suggested and then promptly opened the food boxes they brought with them .

Yan Qing Shan nodded in assent . "En . That will be great, actually . "

The two ate while enjoying the cool shade and the billows of wind passing by . Neither of them talked but the silence didn't feel stifling . On the contrary, it felt comforting .


Hades Headquarters .

"That's strange . Why isn't Master here yet, Thanatos? Didn't you say we have an important meeting today?" A burly man clad in dark blue tracksuit and sporting a crew cut asked the man in front of him . Donning a casual cream-colored polo and a crisply ironed slacks, the man called Thanatos shrugged his shoulders .

"I don't know . Let's wait for Tartarus . He would know . " Thanatos answered flippantly . They may have been Hades' generals but amongst them, it was Tartarus who was the closest . In fact, he was his right hand man . Though he may be acting as a butler and secretary rolled into one, he is still the strongest after their master . Hades was known to have five generals: Tartarus, Elysium, Asphodel, Cerberus and him, Thanatos .

They have been with Hades the longest, and founded the organization with him . In one way or another, however, Hades was their savior and family . He was the one they swore their loyalty too and the one they swore to protect . Except that most of the time the man they were serving decline their protection . Not that they could blame him, he was stronger than them after all . Still, they won't allow him that luxury of a choice . They, his generals, won't let him take all the burden to himself anymore .

"By the way Cerberus, is it just me or is it that you have gained weight these past few days?" Cerberus' eye twitched at this off-handed comment from the cool guy lounging about in their boss' room .

"Your eye must have been strained with all the ogling of girls that you do . " He retorted . Thanatos was about to talk back when they heard another voice interjecting their banter .

"You two are at it again . You're even more childish than my looks . " A petite boy with fragile features entered the room and stared at them with a used-to-it expression .

"Yo! Asphodel . My cute lil' bro . " Thanatos greeted affectionately and ran towards the boy in an attempt to hug him . However, the boy merely brushed him off by avoiding his tackle leading Thanatos to embrace the floor instead .

"Asphodel, you're cruelty far exceeds your cuteness . How mean of you to avoid your brother . " Thanatos whined as he got up back on his feet . The boy merely gave him a stink eye in response . Cerberus laughed heartily at this scene .

"Thanatos, you are well aware that Asphodel hates skinship . You're being too clingy that it's revolting . " Cerberus mocked with laugh . Thanatos harrumphed and sat back onto the sofa .

"I thought that the meeting will start at noon . Where are Tartarus and Master?" Asphodel asked the two men . It was strange since their Master was known for his punctuality . Tartarus being with him enforced this rule even more . Those two hated being late . In return, they hated people who were late as well .

Cerberus shook his head lightly before replying . "They're not here yet . Maybe some emergency happened in Master's company . "

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"No, if that was the case then Tartarus would have called by now . " Thanatos refuted this claim . Even Asphodel nodded in agreement . They knew their Master and companion well enough to assume that .

The door, as if in assent to their claim, opened revealing the darkened face of Tartarus .

"Oi, why do look like your wife has left you?" Thanatos greeted the newcomer but he regretted it as soon as the words left his mouth . The other two looked at him like he was a despicable idiot . At this point in time, Thanatos couldn't disagree with them . He forgot that it was Tartarus' taboo to joke about his wife . She was his reverse scale .

In contrast to most people's beliefs, Hades' generals weren't all male . There was a single female among them, Elysium . It was just mostly assumed that she was a man considering the fact that she was almost on par with Tartarus in fighting prowess . In fact, she was even more aggressive than a man . Elysium constantly sought to prove herself and challenged them almost everyday . And since she can't ask the Master for a competition anytime she wants, she pesters his right hand man instead . Thanatos found it a wonder how the two even got married in the first place .

"My wife is perfectly happy with me, thank you very much . And the reason why I'm like this would probably lead to a similar fate as well . " Tartarus ignored his remark which sueprised Thanatos as well as Cerberus and Asphodel . The fact that he didn't unleash his bloodlust on him means that something serious was up . And the things that could faze Tartarus were those that involved their master .

"Master went for a picnic date . " Tartarus stated as he met their questioning gaze . The three of them showed apparent surprise at this but not to the point of dread . So, Master went for a date . What was wrong with that?

Wait, what?

Their master was on a date . But their master wasn't someone to indulge in those sort of things . They knew he was sheltering a woman in his home . But that was it . He was merely returning a debt of gratitude . Who was the woman with him then?

"He went for a picnic somewhere with Miss Yan, which would have been alright . Except he concealed his location and didn't bring any of his guards . " Tartarus continued with his face getting darker by the minute . Yes, Hades was strong . But if his enemies sent a huge number of forces against him, even he would be in danger . They could understand the sense of predicament that Tartarus was having .

"Let's put off the subject of Master on a date with a certain Miss Yan some other time . For now, master's safety is on the line . " Asphodel responded calmly but his eyes betrayed his exterior .

"Then let's track him and send some people to his side . Just make sure he doesn't know of their presence . " Cerberus suggested . They all agreed on this course of action except, Tartarus pointed out a crucial factor they have missed due to their anxiety .

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"We can track him . That bit is still possible . But sending ordinary members and expecting him not to notice is too big of a feat for the members and too much of am underestimation of Master's skills . " He said in bland tone .

Ah, right . There was that issue . Thanatos scrunched up his brows as he mulled over this . Suddenly, an idea came to him .

"Why don't the four of us go? Though, it is a loss that Elysium can't join us . But considering her current condition, then wouldn't the four of us be enough? At some point we can hide our presence better than the others . " Thanatos' met his companions' eyes who held unspoken incredulity . Seriously, how much were they undermining him? He didn't have women in his head all day long, alright .

"Let's do that, then . Thanatos, you track Master's whereabouts . We'll move out the moment you do . " Tartarus ordered .

"Roger . Let's call this operation, the Picnic Hunt . " Thanatos jokingly remarked as he went to do his task .


Yan Qing Shan stared in wonder at Zi Jue's face . His features which usually evoked dread even with the smile on his face was currently plastered with a blissful smile softening his overall aura . His eyes were closed as he laid down on her lap .

"Hey Ah Jue, is this really how a picnic goes?" Yan Qing Shan asked as she absentmindedly brushed Zi Jue's hair . She was amazed at how silky it was . It felt good on her hand .

"Hmm . I don't really know since this is the first time I've been in one . " Zi Jue answered honestly . Yan Qing Shan didn't reply for a long while .

"I see . It's my first time as well . But it is fun . Being laid back like this is also good . " Zi Jue opened his eyes and met her amber ones .

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"You're right . If I knew how relaxing this was, I would have done it years ago . "

Yan Qing Shan paused when she felt a distinct vibration coming from her phone which was nestled at the side of her calf . She grinned at him . "Then let's do this again sometime soon . When you're free . We could talk about a lot of things . I realized that I don't much about you . "

Zi Jue's eyes widened at this before he laughed in delight . "You're right . Let's do that . "

He was about to say more when a beep sounded out from the phone in his pocket . He smirked when he saw the notification flashing at the screen . It seems those guys were really bored .

"That aside, Ah Jue did you say that there was a forest nearby?" Yan Qing Shan asked him out of the blue . He saw the look of mischief on her face and figured something was up on her side as well .

"En . Do you want to go check it out?" Zi Jue replied dotingly .

"Yeah . You usually play games on picnics if I'm not mistaken . I suddenly thought of a perfect one . " Zi Jue raised his brow at this . He already had an inkling on what she was thinking about .

"Let's go for a hunt . Preys will be arriving in a little while . " Yan Qing Shan smiled lopsidedly at him . Zi Jue held his breath . Even being devious as this, his beloved was still as adorable as ever .

"What a coincidence, my love . I have the same thing in mind . A few "preys" are coming from my side too . We might as well entertain them . " He remarked with a cold voice . Those people needed to be punished . It was a rare chance for him to have Yan Qing Shan to himself and they dared rain on his parade . Yan Qing Shan laughed at his answer and gave him a peck on the cheek .

Oh . That wasn't so bad . Zi Jue decided to lessen their sentence from death to mere bodily harm .

"This picnic, we're shifting it from normal style to underworld style . "

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