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Published at 8th of May 2020 05:55:06 PM

Chapter 104
Zi Jue's eyes were round as saucers as he gazed at Yan Qing Shan, his face held an outraged expression . Yet even with that there was a spectacular shade of red blooming in his cheeks, coloring even his ears . Yan Qing Shan raised an eyebrow at this and found his reaction a tad bit hilarious . Zi Jue stared at her for a long time as she fumbled around with the buttons of her dress . Yan Qing Shan observed him through the side of her eyes .

"Yan Qing Shan, you do realized that I am a man . And that it is quite possible that my control is not exactly that impeccable?" Zi Jue said with a think, strained voice . His dark eyes intensified as he took in her frame .

'Oh hoh . It seems I'm pushing my luck here, aren't I?' Yan Qing Shan self-reflected and then flashed a sheepish smile at the agitated man . Nope . She did not feel for sorry for him at all . Besides, it was true that he had been ogling her legs like a ravenous wolf since a while ago . She just pointed it out . And Yan Qing Shan was very much aware of the extent of his self-control as well as how she was tap dancing on it's very last vestiges .

'It's too much fun too tease him, that I can't possibly stop . His expressions were a novel for her . It was a far cry from that pretentious ones he used to give her in the past . These ones, these were more genuine . That or she was merely oblivious to the truth back then . But no matter, it was the present that was important .

"Geez . Alright, turn around . I'll be changing into my shirt . I obviously don't want you to ravish me here . We'll be having guests in a little while after all . We won't have enough time . " Yan Qing Shan airily said . She heard Zi Jue suck in huge mouthfuls of frustrated breaths . She bowed low so that her hair could create a screen hiding the smile in her lips .

"Yan Qing Shan!" Zi Jue growled which broke all of Yan Qing Shan's efforts to keep her emotions . She burst out in loud, pealing laughter which reverberated in the meadow . Zi Jue palmed his face and sighed in defeat .

'This woman will be the death of me . Sigh . ' He lamented in his mind .

"I'm done . Shall we head to the forest now?" Yan Qing Shan announced to the sulking Zi Jue . He looked up at her and simply nodded . Yan Qing Shan smirked at his actions .

"Are you sulking?" She asked with stifled giggle . Ah, this side of Zi Jue was quite cute . She had an abnormal urge to pinch his cheeks and pat his head .

"Don't mind me . We'll leave the other things here . What will you do with the note?" Zi Jue diverted around her question . Yan Qing Shan decided to let it go . . . for now . She pouted in thought of his statement as she held the note in her hand . This note was the key to this little game of theirs . The participants obviously need to see it before anything else hence, it needs to be put somewhere conspicuous . Yan Qing Shan's eyes bore on the huge tree she was facing . As if coming to a conclusion, she the laid the paper against the tree and held it there by unceremoniously stabbing into it one of her small daggers .

Zi Jue watched all of this in due rapture and admired the skillful and graceful handle of Yan Qing Shan over such seemingly delicate weapons .

With that done, they proceeded to walk arm in arm into the dense greenery of their hunt's arena .

"Who would be coming from your side, by the way? Will Housekeeper Liu come?" Yan Qing Shan inquired a little while later after the two of them had settled a few elaborate, albeit rushed, array of traps . Yan Qing Shan felt that it was really a good thing that she chose to keep a few handy weapons on her for this picnic . They were currently lounging about in a tree branch just a few yards away from the entrance of the forest .

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"Hmm . I have five direct subordinates, Liu Ying included . It would probably him and the other three men coming . " Zi Jue answered truthfully . Yan Qing Shan narrowed her eyes as she dissected his answer .

"So the fifth one is a woman . " She said in a tone resembling more of a statement than a question . Zi Jue nodded in assent .

"I see . " Yan Qing Shan's tone hardened instantly . She knew it was a petty reaction except as much as she wanted not to put it that way, Yan Qing Shan couldn't seem to help it . Of course, Zi Jue being a sharp man that he is moreso when it involves a certain lady, didn't miss the edginess on her voice . He was afraid that if he tease her and put off a proper explanation, he would only dig himself an early grave of boundless regret .

"Yeah . She's Liu Ying's wife . I'm pretty sure she can't come to this particular mischief of the others even if she wants to because she's on her third trimester . " Zi Jue continued while capturing every minute change and reaction on Yan Qing Shan .

The latter stiffened in surprise, her head snapping to face Zi Jue's so quickly that he was afraid she could have strained her neck . Zi Jue noted the delightfully amusing expression Yan Qing Shan currently sported . She covered her pretty mouth which morphed to wide O . But she couldn't hide the traces of a blush which crept up on her adorable cheeks . That aside, there was also that barely perceptible twitching of ear seeming eager for these kinds of amusing knowledge .

"Housekeeper Liu has a wife?! And she's pregnant? Oh my . That's quite unexpected . I didn't know Liu Ying was quite the family man . I assumed he would be the same as his clueless of a master . Not to mention, he is quite stoic most of the time . I think it'll be fun to see what kind of wife this fifth subordinate of yours is . " Yan Qing Shan babbled with surprise and excitement . The sombre tone she had before vanished without a trace . Zi Jue chuckled at this spectacle .

"Truthfully, even I was surprised when that two suddenly announced to me they were getting married . Almost of us actually . Those two, they were always fighting and competing as to who was stronger . Yet they ended up as man and wife instead . " Zi Jue decided to satisfy the lady's thirst for gossip since she got all excited about it .

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"How romance novel like that is . Make sure to introduce her to me soon . She sounds like an awfully interesting person . " Yan Qing Shan voiced out . Zi Jue merely shrugged in agreement .

"For our first guests, you are only aware Liu Ying for the others aren't involved in the company . They're characters are most suited to just the organization . In Hades, Liu Ying is better known as Tartarus . Then there is Elysium, his wife . Followed by Asphodel, Thanatos, and Cerberus . " Zi Jue further elaborated . He planned to introduce them to her in their next trip since Yan Qing Shan has agreed to visit their abode . Yet the idiots ruined his prior plans showing up uninvited like this .

"Their names are very fitting . " Yan Qing Shan remarked with a smile . It seems that Zi Jue's naming sense is quite excellent . Though she couldn't really be sure if he was the one who gave the men their code names . Still, it was appropriately congruent to that of their master .

Rustle . Rustle .

Step . Step . Step .

"What the hell, Cerberus?! Can't you be more silent in your steps? You're giving away our position? Don't forget our purpose here . " Tartarus reprimanded the hulking man following in on his side .

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Yan Qing Shan grinned when she heard them . They have come . She perched cheerily on the branch, contemplating the skill set of Zi Jue's people . For sure they won't be too shabby considering their powerful master .

She eyed the man beside her . His complexion certainly darkened when he heard them . Yan Qing Shan giggled at this .

The men's steps were getting closer and closer . Yan Qing Shan's curiosity was also brimming with every step they took . Will they be able to detect her and Zi Jue's presence right of the bat? Will they be able to put up more resistance compared to her guardians? In truth as much as it was a game, to Yan Qing Shan this is a great help in her being able to gauge their capabilities accurately .

And yet . . . Yan Qing Shan's was thrown off with a wet blanket . The men certainly exceeded her expectations . They exceeded them downwards . It was undeniable, their physiques and prowess that is . But their hunting skills were truly horrendous . Their bickerings along with their heavy footsteps gave their presence away too easily .

And they weren't able to detect Yan Qing Shan and Zi Jue despite them following their tracks the entire time . There were few moments where they seem to be able to but then they'd refute it . Yan Qing Shan almost tore her hair off in frustration .

Yan Qing Shan's eyes narrowed dangerously as she gave a stink eye to Zi Jue who sighed helplessly at the sight . It looks like he was well aware of it too . Admittedly, if they were to be graded only two of his men were up to par in hunting and espionage . Zi Jue couldn't blame them much . Most of their battles were purely overpowering head-on ones . They seldom engaged in situations such as these . Yan Qing Shan knew more or less why they were this bad . Therefore, she decided .

That was it . She's going to have them learn it the hard way .

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